Best 2 in 1 What is SEO. Ways How To SEO Setting in Blogger

Best 2 in 1 What is SEO. Ways How To SEO Setting in Blogger ?

What is SEO
What is SEO

What is SEO [Best trick] How to SEO setting in blogger? You are also wandering to get information about this. So today you have come to the perfect website. Because in today’s post what is seo? From how to seo setting in blogger? I will give full information about how you too can do seo setting very easily.

Hello friends, I welcome your friend to your website In today’s article, we will talk about seo. After all what is the meaning of seo and how to setiing seo in blogger. So let’s start our topic today What is SEO [Best trick] How to SEO setting in blogger?

Whenever a new blogger sets foot in the blogging world, he has to face many difficulties. Because he does not know much. After creating a blog, the most important thing is to know about seo and its setting. Because without this setting of seo, your blog is like a dead life. Your blog will never rank in Google until seo is established in the blog.

So it is very important to know about seo. Let’s know what is seo?

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what is seo?

The full name of seo is search engine optimization. You must have understood from its full form that seo post is a technique to rank in Google’s search engine.

You must have known exactly what the traffic on your blog or website means. If your blog is not getting traffic, then your blog is of no use. Unless the traffic starts coming to your blog, you are not going to benefit from the blog. For this, it is very important to do your blog.

I am not even telling you that the seo setting I am telling you will make your blog rank on Google. But without it, seo will not even begin. Friends, let me tell you that seo is the only process through which you can bring your blog to the top rank.

Hardly anyone knows the reality of friends seo. Because seo has no finite phase. Google keeps changing it from time to time.

If you want to know the complete information about seo, then for this you first need to know about the search engine. That what is search engine? 

what is search engine ?

The search engine is like a directory. In which you will see the result about whatever you search, you will get the answers related to it. There are only two such search engines all over the world and that is Google and Bing. Google is the most used in the whole world and Bing is second.

Whenever you search on any search engine like Google –
ex. what is search engine?
So related to this keyword, you will get to see the links of 8-10 such websites, these links are not from the same website but belong to different websites and belong to the top level whose seo has been done correctly. The links on these websites take us to the page which is called SERP ie search engine result page. Now people take a look at how search engine work.

how search engine work

You have already learned about the search engine. Hope you understand about search engine. But now we will talk about how search engine work?

Whenever we have to find the answer to a question, we open Google directly and ask Google. Google answers your question in seconds. Have you ever thought, during or after this process, how you get answers to these questions? Does Google itself answer your questions, does Google write your own answers? The answer is no!

Google does not answer your questions, but millions of people like us and you give their knowledge to Google. Business people create websites related to their business and write about their business and publish there and when someone searches for information related to it, they see the results according to their questions.

All these works are submitted by the blogger or website’s owner to the Google search console, Google’s created platform. So that Google knows about their blog or website.

If we talk today, about 1.8 million such websites are submitted to Google. All websites are made on different topics.

Actually Google has some crawlers, these crawlers work like robots in search engines. The job of these robots is to do research on all the different websites. These crawlers take information from different websites about which neche website is related, what is told on it, how is its content, how is the quality of the content, apart from that many things are researched in your blog or website. And when you do some search in Google, then the top 8 – 10 sites related to your question tell you. Whose seo is the best, the content is good, it is big as well as follows the policy of Google, such a site looks Google top.

Now you must have understood a lot about seo. Owner’s of any blog / website always try to get their posts in the first rank of Google and get maximum traffic. But for all this, seo [search engine optimization] has to be done.

This means that we have to use some special words on our blog posts that people always search on Google. Like – what is seo? Say it in the language of Google, then the keyword. When we what is seo? Will work on keywords, if someone writes an article on this keyword, Google’s crawlers will understand it easily so that they can rank your post on Google.

However, apart from all this, there are many other things for seo. Which you will get to read below.


why seo is important

You do not need to tell us how much importance the Internet has in human life today. People of all ages, from children to the Internet, are doing well today. Internet is used to promote their work in this technology related crowd. If someone wants to grow his business, he promotes his business on his website, for which he needs a lot of seo.

If someone is doing business online then it is necessary for him to get the first page of Google’s blog / website and this is possible only when his seo[search engine optimization]   has been done.

This means that seo plays an important role to further your online business. Do you know that seo has any other factors that can help us in doing seo [search engine optimization]. The answer is Yes there are other ways of seo which helps you to rank your blog posts on Google.

how to seo setting in blogger

What is SEO [Best trick] How to SEO setting in blogger?

Let me tell you about how to set up your blog seo. You have to follow these steps. Which will help your blog to rank.

First of all log in to the blog with your gmail id.

step 1

You have to come to the dashbord of your blog and come to the setting.

step 2

Now come to the basic.

step 3

Click on tittle: edit, here you have to enter the name of your blog. And save change press.

Click on discretion: edit here, prepare and insert a 500 words discription related to your blog. Now press save change.

Both HTTPS Availability and HTTPS Redirect have to yes.

step 4

language and formating: Choose your language as per your choice here.

time zone: Here you have to set the time of your country.

step 5

Now you have to come to the search preferences. Here you will see the options for meta description. You have to click on edit and enter keywords related to the blog and click on save change.

step 6

Google search console: You have to go to Google search console and submit your domain name. If you do not know how to submit a domain on the search console, then you can read our post ‘blogger blog ko Google search console me submit kaise kare’ padh.

step 7

Click yes on costom robots.txt: edit and generate robots.txt file and paste it and change the save here.

If you do not know how to generate robots.txt file, then you can read our post ‘robots.txt file generate kaise kare’.

step 8

Custom robots header tags: You have to follow very carefully here. click edit –
First yes
2- all, noodp
3- noindex, noodp
4- all noodp

Now click on save change.


In today’s post, we have given you What is SEO [Best trick] How to SEO setting in blogger?’have told you hope that our post What is SEO [Best trick] How to SEO setting in blogger? would have liked and would have got to learn something from this, such interesting posts are brought for you. Keep following us to stay connected with us. See you till then with a new post.

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