SEO Course -2 What is SEO in Digital Marketing for Beginners

 What is SEO in Digital Marketing for Beginners


What is SEO in Digital Marketing
What is SEO in Digital Marketing

What is seo in digital marketing : Friends, if you do not know about seo, what is seo (search engine optimization)? And if you want to do a full course of seo, then you have come to the right post. Because today we have brought for you Part-2 of SEO course in which you will know closely what SEO means in search marketing optimization digital marketing?

Peers seo course previous post SEO part 1 We have learned about the introduction of seo. In which we talked about what we are going to study next. Keeping this in mind today, what is SEO i.e. search engine optimization in Part 2 of SEO course? Learn about

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But before all this, it is very important to know about digital marketing because SEO course comes only in digital marketing.

I welcome you to this blog If you know Hindi language and want to understand SEO through video, you can also learn seo by visiting our YouTube channel. You YouTube. But you have to search Tec India Sandeep SEO course“, a full series of seo will be opened in front of you. So without losing time, let’s first know what is digital marketing ?

What is seo in Digital marketing

If we talk about the present, we are seeing many changes due to the Internet. Where we used to take hours to do one thing, today it takes a few minutes to pinch. To be fair, in today’s era, the Internet has made our work much easier than before. But do you know how all this happens in the Internet? The answer is Digital Yes through Digital. Today you have to be digital to do any work in the Internet. Now you must be wondering how we will be digital?

Just think a lot of big companies get their work done through internet. So how would she get it done. They have to hire many people to get their work done. Those people are involved in digital marketing.

The person who gives or gets the work done by that company gets into digital marketing, so everyone learns digital marketing nowadays or wants to work through his course. If we talk about digital equipment, then digital equipment includes things like computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles.

What is seo in Digital Marketing

SEO Course -2 What is SEO in Digital Marketing for Beginners

When a digital marketer works or gets someone done through the Internet through digital devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, mobiles etc., it is called digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, we can do any work very quickly and easily through the Internet.

But also note that digital marketing and marketing is the same. There is a great difference between these two. Some people refer to marketing as digital marketing, whereas this is not the case at all. Now notice that there is a difference between the two.

 Digital marketing

We can do digital marketing through the Internet via computer, laptop, mobile or tablet etc. We can do any work digitally, make our product, and send it anywhere. This is done online work. whereas


There is nothing like this in marketing, we cannot do any work online within marketing. Marketing is always done offline.

Whereas in digital marketing, it is very easy to increase your business by sharing your product on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. In marketing, product or business is enhanced by news papers, shops, advertising. is . Let us know what are the types of digital marketing.

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Types of Digital Marketing

The types of digital marketing are as follows:

1. SEO (Search engine optimization) free

2. SEM (Search engine marketing)

3. SMM (social media marketing)

4. SMO (Social media optimization)

5. affiliate marketing
6. content marketing

6. Click Pay

7. affiliate marketing

8. Email Marketing

9. Marketing Automation

   SEO(Search engine optimization) Free

SEO Course -2 What is SEO in Digital Marketing for Beginners

Search engine optimization is absolutely free, there is no need to spend any money for this from Google.

Through SEO, we can get our website ranked on the first page of Google, in this way, the more traffic comes to our website, the more benefit we get. We are going to learn about this in this course.

If we look at the example of this, it is as follows-
When you search any keyword on Google like – ‘what is SEO in Digital Marketing’ then you will show a lot of posts related to Google seo, which contains the top 10 posts on the first page which is very well SEO. Some of these posts also have ads. We will read about this below. All the posts that rank on the top 10 list of Google, except posts containing these ads, are all ranked by seo i.e. search engine optimization.

But the question of seo does not end here, SEO is divided into different parts like

1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO
3. Keywords research
5. Keywords density
6. Tittle lanth and discription lanth
7. Meta tag
8. SEO friendly post
9. sitemapXML file
10. Robots.txt
11. Domain name

You will get to read all about them one by one later. There are many more factors that help optimize your web page. In the upcoming post SEO course part-3, we will tell you how Search Engine works? Will explain about it. You must read that post. If you have not read Part 1 of our SEO course, then also read it.

SEM (search engine marketing) paid

This is the post we were talking about with ads. It is called SEM (search engine marketing). With the help of SEM, we can make our web page in the # 1 rank of Google. But this is the pad. For this, we have to pay money to Google. When we pay money to Google, Google ranks the first page of Google through search engine marketing by placing ads in our posts.

(SMM) Social Media Marketing

Now we talk about social media marketing, you must have known about social media. In today’s time, social media marketing is being used very much because through this we can send information of our product to our customers very easily through internet and customers can also easily take us through social media information. Can.

Social media marketing is also a pad, for this you also have to spend money. But for this you need to have a page in social media like Facebook. Here you have to create your Facebook page. If you do not know about Facebook page and want to create Facebook page then you must read our post How to create Facebook page.

Here you have to pay money to promote your page. In return, Facebook advertises your page and your page is popular. With this you get a very good benefit. This is great for affiliate marketing.

SMO (Social media optimization)

Now this question must have come in you that both SMM and SMO are same. But it is not so, these two are different. Both of these have SMM pads for which you have to pay. As we read about SEM. And talk about SMO (social media optimization), it is absolutely free, there is no need to spend any money for it.

Actually Facebook is also a search engine like Google and Bing. The way we optimize our blog posts to rank in Google. Similarly, to rank in Facebook one has to optimize the posts on their Facebook page.

Content Marketing

When we write or give content to our customer to set up or start a business, then it is called content marketing.

Click on Pay

Pay per click is used to bring traffic to the website whenever the traffic comes from the pay clip on the website and the more traffic comes, the more profit we get because of the click due to Google ad, we get money. Earning takes place.

Affiliate Marketing

Within affiliate marketing, we make the products of any company sell their products through the online e-commerce website through their affiliate link, then we get commission through it, the more product sales we get, the higher our commission will be. This is called affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Through email marketing, we send information about our product or business to our customer through email, which helps our business to grow, this is called email marketing.


So friends, this was our post today in which we have told you about What is seo in digital marketing. Hope you have liked our post SEO Course -2 What is SEO in Digital Marketing for Beginners and learned something from it. In the next post you will learn how the search engine works. You must read that post.

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