What is NRC Full Form-21

what is NRC full form.

What is NRC
What is NRC

What is NRC and what is nrc full form? You will get to know about this in today’s post. For this, you must read our post from beginning to end.

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What is NRC

NRC means National Citizen Register. The NRC is a list designed to identify Indian citizens residing in Assam.

The aim is to identify illegal immigrants living in the state, especially Bangladeshi infiltrators.

For this process, a special provision was made in Assam by amending the Citizenship Act in 1986. Under this, the names of those people who are citizens of Assam before March 25, 1971, or their ancestors have been living in the state have been included in the register.

Assam is the only state in the country where NRC is applicable. The first National Citizen Register was created in the year 1951. Every person included in the census conducted at that time was considered a citizen of the state.

After this there was a demand to update it once again in the state for the last few years. In fact, for the past several decades, the illegal balance of infiltration from neighboring countries, especially Bangladesh, has deteriorated the balance of population there.

Due to which people there were demanding NRC update.

What is NRC Full form

The NRC has a full form National Register of Citizens, through the NRC, the government gets to know who is an Indian citizen, and who is not. Those whose names are not included in it are considered illegal citizens. According to the NRC, people living in Assam before 25 March 1971 have been considered as Indian citizens.


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