What is code box? How To Add Code Box in Blogger Post -21

What is code box? How To Add Code Box in Blogger Post

What is code box
What is code box

What is code box and how to add a code box to a blogger blog post. If you are blogging, it is very important for you to know how to code box inside blogger blog post.

Because if you write a post related to blog widget on blogger blog, then it is very important to have knowledge of code box. This makes your readers easy to copy and understand code, so let’s know. Know about this closely but before that what is code box?

What is code box?

If you do not know about the code box, let me tell you that a code box is a kind of box. Within which either Html codes are placed or some other post is placed. All the posts present in it are kept by interlinking.

Or you can simply say that inside the code box your readers have the things you want to give them. This helps your readers a lot. There are many friends of mine who do not know about the code box. But you need to know about it if you want to blogging for a long time or if you want to make your career in the blogging world itself. Because you need it in every post in which you talk about any coding. Or it says something that your readers are less aware of or may not be aware of.

If you publish a blog post related to Coding in your blog, then you should use the HTML Code Box in Blog Post. Because if you add a code directly to the blog post, then your readers have a lot of trouble. Have to face. So that he does not understand what the code is and what to copy, and this also spoils the design of the blog post. This is why we should always share any Coding only after adding it to the Code Box.

Because this makes your Code different from your blog post. Which makes blog visitors easy to copy code as well. This gives the blog a professional look and the design of the blog is also good.

Now you must have understood what a code box is and how important it is for a blog post. In today’s post, I will tell you how you can use the code box in your blog post.

You must have seen in many WordPress Blogs that there is a very Stylish Code Box add to their blog posts. They use Plugin and HTML coding to put this type of code in box post. But if you are blogging in Blogspot, then this question will definitely arise in you that how to add code box in Blogger blog. Because you do not get any type of pluging in Blogger nor is it supported. But you do not have to be disappointed at all. You have absolutely no need to panic as long as I am with you.

I will give you a code through which you will be able to add the code box to your blogger’s post, without any hassle. You can also easily add code boxes to posts using Html Coding. I am giving you information about how to do this whole process.

How to Add Code Box to Blogger Blog post.

The code box I am talking about is a mixture of Stylish and Simple Design. Its texture is very good and it is also very easy to add it to the post.

Copy this code

Step: 1 blog login

Please login your blog first. After login, you need to edit the post on which you want to add the code box or if you want to add a new post, then open it.

Step: 2 Go to HTML

After coming to the post, you will see an Html option which is in front of the compos. You have to click on Html.

 How To Add Code Box in Blogger Post

Step: 3 Paste the code here

Now your post will open in Html format. Wherever you want to add the code box, paste the copied code there.

Step: 4 Type Your Text

What is code box? How To Add Code Box in Blogger Post

You will see the option of “Type Your Text” at the end of the code. Here is whatever code you have to give to your readers or that you want to show on your post. Paste it here.

Now we have to select the compose back. Now you can publish your post by making customized or seo friendly post.


So you have seen how you can add your blogger blog post code box.

In today’s post, we have given you blogger blog post how to add code box and what is code box? Has told about. Hope you have liked the post and you have learned to add a code box to your blog post.

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