Part 2 What is Blog in English and How to Do Blogging For Free in 2020

 What is Blog in English and How to Do Blogging For Free in 2020

What is blog
What is Blog


What is Blog in English 

What is Blog: What is Blog in English and How to Do Blogging For Free in 2020. In this post you will get to read the same information.

In the previous post Blogging Introduction we introduced you to blogging. In which we talked a little bit about blogging. If you have not read that post Blogging Introduction then definitely read it.

In today’s article, you will learn closely about “What is a blog and how you can do it for free”.

You must know the diary very well. I am saying this to you because this is the best example to understand about a blog.

The meaning of the diary is that in which you write your routine.

It is not me whether you write a diary or not, but there are many people in the world who like to write a diary.

For your information, let me tell you that the best advantage of writing a diary is that, when we write in the day-to-day diary, then we know that today what have we done during the day?

For those who have a goal, writing a diary is very beneficial.

All these things used to happen a lot before, I mean in the olden days people used to use diaries very much.

Still people write diary but now that time there is something else because now people write not in diary but in blog. Now you might be thinking, “What is a blog?”

Blog that you can call a kind of online book or diary. The way we write a diary, offline, the blog is written online.

There is a lot of difference between these two –

Diary: A diary that you or your family members or friends, relatives can read.

Blog: There is nothing like this in the blog, the blog is a platform written online, the things written here are public.

If we say it in a big way, we can say website. Which anyone can read with the help of google

Here you can write a lot of different posts in different categories like diary pages.

In simple language – “Your psychology is called online writing blog with the help of internet like a diary.”

Now let’s talk a little bit about blogger and blogging which comes under this.

What is Blog related

  • Blogger
  • Blogging

What is Blog What is Blogger

The person who gives information through a blog on the Internet or, say, the blogger who writes his psychology with the help of a blog in the Internet, is called.

That is, the blogger is the one who writes the blog.

What is Blog post For Blogging

When a blogger creates a blog on the Internet, he has to customize the blog, designing the blog well. And every day one has to work in the blog, this whole process is called blogging.

You must have understood all these things, if you do not understand then you can comment me. Now you must be asking the question “How to do blogging?”

But there is nothing to worry, I will tell you very closely how you can do blogging.

But for your information before all this, it is very important for you to know that Ko is the platform to do blogging and if there is any platform then what is the best platform for blogging.

You will find many platforms for blogging on the internet but there are only 2 best and most used platforms and that is –

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

1. Blogger is a good and most used platform for all. If you are completely new to blogging, you want to learn blogging, or are thinking about blogging, then it would be best for you to start blogging on Blogger itself.

Most people use Blogger for learning initially and also gradually come to WordPress. Now this question must be arising in your mind. Why is Blogger so popular and why do people like it so much?

What is Blog Blogger So Popular

The best feature of Blogger is that it is absolutely free. For this you do not need to spend any money.

Secondly, it is a platform made by Google. And you must know Google very well. Google is a very popular and reliable search engine (company).

In which anyone can trust with closed eyes. is very easy to learn blogging so most people work in it.

As you may know, every free thing does not have as much quality as it should. Or rather, the quality that is in precious things is not in the free one. The same is true of Blogger.

In Blogger, you can create your blog for free, but here you will not get as many features as you can find on WordPress.

Here you may have some difficulty in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It can also take time for you to learn this and with this you neither get any plugins nor more good templates here.

You will need to download a free template on a blog and website from another website for a good template if you are confused about the template.

So you can read this post of our “Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates”. Tell us about the Best Free and Responsive for Blogger here. If you want, you can use any of them for your blog.

If you do not have money to spend in blogging right now, then you can make a blog for free today, or you are afraid that you will be able to succeed in blogging in the coming time or not, you will still be on Blogger.

You can make your own blog, it is not so easy to achieve success in blogging but not too difficult so you should not give up courage, you must try.

So this was a little information from Blogger which may prove helpful for you!


This is also the best and popular way to do blogging. If you have money, then you should start blogging in WordPress itself.

WordPress is great for blogging because here you get a lot of features that make your blogging world easier.

Not only this, you can also get success here very quickly if you do your work with complete honesty.

Here you will not have to face much trouble in search engine optimization, in addition to this, you will get lots of plugging and lots of themes, which is very good for the design of your blog.

That is, from here you can customize your blog as you want and make it more beautiful, which is beneficial for your reader’s attraction.

What is Blog? How To Do Blogging For Free2020

By now you must have understood very we “what is blog ” and how to work in it.

If you want to block for free, you will still have to spend a bit where you will need some money to buy a domain name, which is very important for your blog.

For every blog or website, I am of the same domain name or not as important as the name of a shop in the market.

By the way, you will get a domain from blogger for free, which will be a blog spot. This domain may take you a long time to achieve success.

If you want to do something good in a short time, then you must take a domain name for this and if you are doing according to learning, then it does not matter whether you buy or not buy the domain name.

On the go, I will give you an advice if you are blogging enthusiastically, then you should not blogging enthusiastically.

Because it is not a work of 1 day or 1 week or 1 month. This is a process lasting several days.

It is a platform from which you can earn a lot of money, create your new and different identity in the world, but it is not all that easy. Because here you have to work hard.

I am explaining all these things to you just because many new bloggers who do not know blogging at all. He inadvertently works on a subject he does not know much about.

After making a blog, he spends a few days blogging very well but in the coming time he does not know much about that subject, then he has to leave blogging without being compelled.

So do not make such a mistake at all if you are blogging, then take 1 day or take 1 week for yourself. But choose a topic about which you have very good knowledge.

Make your own blog about that subject, no matter how much you tell someone, you do not have the information related to that topic.

I mean to say directly if you are good in any field or you have mastered it, you have very deep knowledge, you can explain very well, make your own blog on such a subject or else you do some business.

Make your own blog related to that so that you do not have to think more for further information. When a new blogger works on a category that does not have much knowledge on that subject.

He gives up blogging very quickly and gives up his self-strength from blogging, as well as his hard work and time.

Last words of What is Blog

In today’s post, you must have understood very well about “What is Blog”. Along with this you will also have to decide where you should create a blog.

But I will ask you which topic of blogging? For this you must think for some time.

If you are making a blog of your own then at all you do not think that you can write anything on any subject.

But if you are blogging according to earning money then it means that you are doing professional blogging then for this you need to think in privacy.

If you are still unable to think, then you must read our next post, in this we have told you about some topics which are good for blogging.

And this will also give you an idea about which topics you should make a blog related to.

So I hope that this post “What is Blog in English 2020 || How To Do Blogging For Free” will be very helpful for you.

If you still have any question, then you must ask us in the comments, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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