1 Story for kids Elephant of story in English

Story for kids Elephant of story in English

Story for kids
Story for kids

Story for kids Elephant of story in English There used to be an elephant named ‘Lambodar’ in a forest. He was the head of his ivory. There had been no rain for many years, all the lakes, ponds, rivers, drains, ponds, and trees had dried up due to drought for many years. The entire elephant crew was upset over not getting water. All the elephants together told their chief Gajraj Lambodar that our children died of hunger and thirst, and those who are left are about to die. That is why a big pond should be discovered soon.

After thinking for a long time Lambodar said: I have missed a pond. He is in Patlachal. Water is always full in this pond. Come on, let’s go there. After a long journey of seven nights, the entire elephant team reaches there. The team of elephants came out in the evening after playing in the water in the pond all day. There were countless bills of rabbits around the pond. The land was polled by those bills. Elephants did not know that it is also a rabbit’s bill. All those bills were broken by the feet of elephants. Many rabbits were also crushed by elephants’ feet. Some have broken their neck, some have broken their leg, some have been injured and many have died.

Mitrata ki parakh kahani

After the elephants had gone back, the mutilated, blood-bitten rabbits living in those bills met together. In it, sorrow was expressed in the memory of the deceased rabbits and the future crisis was thought of as a remedy. He thought —- Due to no water anywhere else, these elephants would now come to this pond everyday and trample and crush their bills with their feet. In this way, all rabbits will be killed in two to four days. The touch of an elephant is just as fierce and dangerous as snake sniffing, king laughing and manini’s honor.

While thinking of ways to save from this crisis, a rabbit suggested that we should leave this place and go to another country. This abandonment is the best policy. One should abandon it for the family, the family for the village, the village for the city and the whole earth should be abandoned even if we have to abandon it for our protection.

But the other rabbits said: We will not go anywhere except our parents and grandparents’ land.

Some suggested a solution that a clever messenger from the rabbits be sent to the elephant chief. He should tell her that the rabbit sitting in the moon has forbidden elephants from entering this pond, otherwise they will be eligible for punishment. It is possible that he should listen to the matter of the moons of the moon.

After much consideration, a rabbit named Lambkarna was sent as an angel and sent to elephants. Lambakarna also sat on a high mound on the way to the pond; And when the herd of elephants came there in the evening, he said — This pond is the moon’s own lake. Do not come here.

Gajraj: Who are you?

Lambkarna: I am a rabbit living in the moon. Lord Chandra has sent me to you to say that you do not enter this pond.

Lambodar said: Where is the moon that you brought the message?

Lambkarna: Right now he is in the pond. Yesterday you had destroyed the bills of rabbits. Today they have come here after hearing the request of rabbits. He has sent me to you.

Lambodar: If it is so, then make me see him. I will salute them and go back.

Lambakarna took Gajraj Lambodar alone to the edge of the pond. There was a shadow of the moon in the pond. Gajraj bowed to him as the moon and returned. The elephant team never came to the banks of the pond after that day.


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