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 Part-6 SEO Basic Settings Blogger Blog in english

SEO Settings in Blogger
SEO Settings in Blogger

SEO Settings in Blogger:  how to do basic SEO Settings in blogger blog is very important if you are a new blogger. Have you created a new blog?, Do you publish a new post every day in the blog ?, Does your post not appear in Google’s search engine?

If you have all these questions in your mind or you are looking for answers to all these questions or it has become your problem and you are looking for a solution to this problem, then this post today is very important for you.

Because in this post we have told you about the basic SEO Settings in Blogger Blog which is very important for your blog, so definitely read this post from beginning to end and understand the solution of your problems properly.

SEO Settings in Blogger Website

When a new blog is created, it takes time to enter Google’s search engine. Sometimes even the post appears in the search engine and it becomes a problem for new bloggers.

But maybe you would not know that to show any post in Google, he has to tell that we have created a blog. Unless you tell Google that you have created a blog, how will Google know?

That is why in the blog you have to do some settings of seo i.e. search engine optimization, through which Google comes to know that a new blog has been created, in this post today we will discuss this related and will tell you very closely that you How to do basic settings of seo (search engine optimization) within

You must have heard about Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. Or you may have created this blog for some other purpose.

Through which you can earn a lot of money. But how will you earn money if you do not have people.

What I mean to say is, if traffic is not present in your blog then how will you do affiliate marketing, where will you sell your products or how to make money through any ads network? Can not earn neither.

Best SEO Settings in Blogger Blog Step by Step

Without seo Settings in blogger, bringing traffic to your blog is a far-fetched thing, your blog will not even show up inside Google. Keeping all these things in mind, I have written this post for you and tried to explain it very closely.

So let’s start this post today and know how you can do basic seo Settings in blogger blog. So stay with us till the end of this post.

Step: 1 

First of all login your blog by email. With which you have created a new blog.

Step: 2

As soon as you open your blog, a menu bar option will appear in front of you. Here you also got to see the option of settings below, you have to click on this setting.

Step: 3 Title

Here you will first get to see the title where you have to enter the name of your blog. By which name you have created your blog.

Step: 4 Description

Description It helps a lot to show your blog in Google. First, know what it is?

When your blog is searched by someone in Google, it appears just below the title. So that the reader gets to know what has been told in this blog and what information they are going to get here.

This description is about 500 words. In these 500 words you should write about your blog, which you want to tell in your blog. After that save it.

Step: 5 blog language

Here you have to choose the language of your blog. Whichever language you like, you can choose your favorite language from here, in which language you will be blogging and save.

Step: 6 Adult content

Leave this option as is. If it is open, close it.

Step: 7 Google Analytics Property ID

Here you will submit your blog so that Google can analyze the traffic of your blog. When you submit your blog here, Google Analytics gives you a Google Analytics Property ID ID, you will copy that ID and enter it and save it.

To learn about how you can create a Google analytics property ID, you can post our post How to submit a blog to Google Analytics? Read

Step: 8 favicon

A favicon is a kind of small icon that identifies the identity of your blog. We have closely followed this postWhat is favicon? And how to submit it to a blog?” Told in

Step: 9 Privacy

Open it too if it is closed.

Step: 10 Publishing

We will write a post about it separately, in which you will get the complete information of publishing closely. Actually in this option you have to buy a new domain and add it. The one who ranks in Google as soon as possible increases the quality of your blog.

Step: 11 HTTPS

Open both the options of htpps.

Step: 12 Permissions

This option is for other bloggers. If you want to invite someone else to write a post in your blog, you can give them permission from here.

Step: 13 Posts

Here you have to enter some numbers as much as you want to show in the display of your blog.

For example, if you want to show 5 posts on the main page of your blog, here you can enter five numbers.

After that open both the image lightbox and the ideas panel.

Step: 14 Comments

Here you can choose according to your wish. You can add the kind of comments you like inside your blog. I mean who is to be given permission to comment and who is not to be given permission to comment in the blog. You can do all these settings from here like-

  • Comment location: Here you can choose full page if you want all the comments to be visible to the readers.
  • Who can comment ?: Who can comment on your blog posts?
  • Comment moderation: Here you can choose Always. it will be good.
  • Email moderation requests to: If you want to request someone to email your blog, you can request them from here.
  • Reader comment captcha: When a reader comments on your blog, he will have to fill the capcha. If you want to do this, then keep this option on.
  • Comment form message: If you want to give a message to the commenter, then write your message here and save it. For example, if you do not want any spamming link in your blog then you can write about it here like- Please do not enter any spam link in the comments

Step: 15 Email

Here also you can make your choice. By the way, it is not even more important.

Step: 16 Formatting

In this option you get the opportunity to choose the time format formatting of your country. Whichever country you are, select the timezone of your country from here and the date format will also be selected from you.

Step: 17 Meta tags

This is an important part of the blog’s seo Settings in Blogger You set it.

  • Enable search description: When you write and publish a post in a blog, you get a search description option to insert tags or keywords.
  • You get this option because of this. If your blog does not have a search description option, then turn it on. You will automatically get the option of search description in your blog.
  • Search description: This is search description. Here you will put your keywords related to your blog, your niche. You get 150 words for writing this description. You can write a nice meta description in 150 words.

Steps: 18 Errors and redirects

This option works when you have issues in your blog, such as 404 error.

Step: 19 Crawlers and indexing

These options are very important for the seo Settings in Blogger of your blog. This is the reason that Google’s bots get information about your blog.

  • Enable custom robots.txt: Turn this option on.
  • Custom robots.txt: Here you will have to generate a custom robots.txt file and add it. We related this information in this post How To Add Custom robots.txt file in your Blog?” I have given it closely, you can read it if you want.
  • Enable custom robots header tags: Turn this on as well.

Now after that you don’t have to tamper much. I have told you its setting below, you can set it by looking at it.

  • Home page tags

all – on

noindex – off


none – off

noarchive – off

nosnippet – off

noodp – on

notranslate – off

noimageinde – off

unavailable_after – off

  • Archive and search page tags

all – off

noindex – on

nofollow – off

none – off

noarchive – off

nosnippet – off

noodp – on

notranslate – off

noimageindex – off

unavailable_after – off

  • Post and page tags

all – on

noindex – off


none – off

noarchive – off

nosnippet – off

noodp – on

notranslate – off

noimageinde – off

unavailable_after – off

Step: 20 Google search console

When you create a new blog, Google has to tell about that new blog to show it in Google. That is, you will submit your new blog to Google. For this, Google has put Google search console.

You can submit your blog by visiting. We related this post How to add your Blog in Google search console.” Told in Read this post thoroughly and add your blog inside Google search console.

Step: 21 Monetization

This option is not for you if you have not yet approved any ads network. You can turn this setting on whenever you take approval to earn money from an ads network.

  • Enable custom ads.txt: You have to turn this setting on after receiving approval.
  • Custom ads.txt: And in this, you will get a code from the ads network through which you get approval. You have to copy that code and paste it and click on save.

Step: 22 Manage Blog

If you want to bring articles from another blog together in this blog. So you can import them here. And if you want to import all the material here on another blog, then from here you can export or backup and import it into that blog.

Step: 23 Site feed

If you want to subscribe to the email subscribe button inside your blog, you can give permission and set it up through this setting through the feed burner.

Congratulations, you successfully turned on the basic settings of SEO (search engine optimization) in your blog completely. I hope you have understood whatever SEO Settings in Blogger has been told in this article. And you must have successfully set up SEO.

Basic SEO Settings in Blogger English last words

In today’s post, we told you aboutHow to SEO Settings in Blogger BlogHopefully you will like this post and will prove to be important for you.

If you still have any question related to this post, then you can ask me in the comment. We will be happy to answer your questions. See you in the next post till I say goodbye to you.

Thank you!

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