The Ultimate Guide To Seo Course For Beginners Free part -1

The Ultimate Guide To Seo Course For Beginners Free part -1

Seo Course For Beginners
Seo Course For Beginners

Ultimate Guide Seo Course For Beginners

SEO course-If you are also of beginning level to learn SEO course (search engine optimization) and you also want to learn seo course, then today’s post is specially for you.

As you would be aware, in today’s time, 15+ lakh blogs are being published every day in google.

So there is a lot of possibility that our blog may get lost in this crowd and no one should see it if we are at the beginners level.

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 SEO course for beginners in smart blogging

There was a time when hardly a few blogs were published so that any post was easily ranked on Google. But now that time is something else.

It is not that if there is much competition, then people will stop writing blogs or are not paying attention to blogging. Rather, blogging continues to grow very fast even today. If you do not know about blogging, then this is your post what is Blog? How to earn money with blog? Definitely read.

The way people work has changed over time as compared to before. Now people are working smartly. Which you can name smart blogging. For which you will have to learn seo i.e. search engine optimization which is absolutely.

This is a smart way by which you can optimize your blog or website and rank it in Google. There is no need to tell you about the benefits that happen if you know about blogging.

SEO course for blogger traffic increase

 Seo Course For Beginners

If you are blogging, it is very important to do SEO to increase the traffic of your blog so that it comes to the top of Google and it gets maximum visitors.

Even though you know a little about SEO (search engine optimization), it is not necessary that you have complete information about seo. If it is also a good thing.

I am saying this only because seo does not depend on any one setting. So that we can set it and our site starts to rank at the top of Google. For this, many topics have to be followed.

If we talk about SEO (search engine optimization), seo is not so easy to understand because Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time.

Which is very important to understand SEO course which comes in digital marketing, it is absolutely free from Google. But many people hire money to teach.

Some people do not learn seo course due to lack of money. Keeping all these things in mind, I have started this complete SEO course series in which I have tried to learn seo of you from the beginning to advanced level.

 Steps for SEO course

Seo Course For Beginners

Friends, first of all we talk about what is SEO?  What are we going to read in this course.

1. What is search engine optimization?
2. How search engine work or operate
3. SEO start from website / blog
4. Proper topic selection
5. Keywords research
6. Buy web hosting and domain name (which is the best)
7. Target audience selection
8. On page SEO
9. Off page SEO

As you can see above, first we will talk about what is search engine optimization and then its work about how seo works. Also, on which topic we should create a blog or website about the website / blog. So that we do not have any trouble later.

We will also know about keywords research. After this, we will know where to buy domain name and web hosting. Which one is the best You will also learn about how to choose Audience.

Then we will talk about on page SEO and off page SEO.

Friends on page SEO also has to follow a lot of topics. Which I will tell you in the part of on page SEO.

Then, when talking about off page SEO, many topics also come out in it, which I will cover in the part of off page SEO.

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You must have known all about SEO. But there is nothing to fear, we are with you. If you walk with our hands, we will take you to the summit of seo.

If everyone could learn seo easily quickly, then you can guess what would happen to Google sir.

Learning SEO is not so difficult, if you follow every steps carefully then you will definitely learn seo.

Whose site is ranking on Google or other search engine is also human and we too.

Why can’t we do all that? We can also do it, but for this we have to work hard like them.

Thank you for walking in this advanced seo course for beginners as well as wish you our best. Best of luck

Full SEO course for beginners


In today’s post, we have talked about the first part of SEO course which will be from beginner level to advanced level. Hope you liked our post The Ultimate Guide To Seo Course For Beginners Free part -1. See you in the second part-2 of SEO course till then you say goodbye.

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