50 Best Science and Technology Questions for any Examination

 50 best science and technology questions for any Examination

Science and Technology Questions
Science and Technology Questions

In today’s post, we will tell you 50 best science and technology questions for any Examination. Which will help you a lot whenever you sit for science and technology exam. The questions mentioned in this post are among the very few, so definitely read them once.

Hello friends I welcome you to my blog tecindiasandeep.com. Today we are going to talk about some important questions related to science and technology which will bump into your life along with the exam. So, friends, let’s start today’s Topic 50 best science and technology questions.

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50 best science and technology questions for any exam

General science And Technology Questions-Answer

Question 1. Which mammal has the largest eyes?
Answer: Deer

Question 2. Which country contributes the most to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions?
Answer: China

Question 3. Asbestos is used as a raw material in which industry?
Answer: Electricity

Question 4. Who is the inventor of power press?
Answer – Henry Shelley

Question 5. What is the reason for cooking food in the pressure cooker quickly?
Answer – The pressure inside the pressure cooker is high. General science

Question 6. What happens at the boiling point of water when pressure is increased?
Answer – Increases

Question 7. ‘Every action has a reaction in the equal and opposite direction.’ What is Newton’s law?
Answer – The third rule is

Question 8. What is the name of the enemy element of copper (copper)?
Answer: Sulfur

Question 9. What is the reason for the sun to appear red while rising and sinking?
Answer – Because red color scattering is the lowest.

Question 10. Which factor discovered radioactivity?
Answer – by Henry Bakrel

Question 11. Two plane mirrors are tilted at an angle of 60 ° to each other. What will be the number of images made of a ball placed between them?
Answer – Five

Question 12. How does a bubble of air in water behave?
Answer – Like a concave lens

Question 13. Which unit has the same quantity in all systems of units?
Answer – Specific gravity

Question 14. If a man is coming towards the plane mirror at a speed of 4 m / s, then at what speed will the image of man appear to be coming in the mirror?
Answer – 8 m / s

Question 15. Which mirrors are used next to the driver’s seat in cars, trucks and buses?
Convex mirror

Question 16. Such elements which have properties of both metal and non-metal are called? Answer: Submetal

Question 17. Who has been considered the father of Jupiter science?
Answer – Theoprestus

Question 18. A person is standing with his arms spread out on a stool. Suddenly he shrinks the arms, then what will be the angular velocity of the stool?
Answer: The velocity will increase

Question 19. If a bomb explodes on the moon. Will it sound on earth or not
Answer – Inaudible

Question 20. What is the reason that there is no atmosphere on the moon?
Answer – migration velocity

Question 21. The depth of a pond filled with clean water appears to be 3 meters. If the refractive index of water is 4/3 relative to air, what will be the actual depth of the pond?
Answer – 4 meters

Question 22. A girl is swinging a swing. If another girl sits near him, what will be the position of the swing period?
Answer – Period will remain unchanged

Q23. We rotate the radio, listen to the programs of different stations. What is the reason for this?
Answer: Due to resonance

Question 24. What is the use of ‘Venturimeter’?
Answer: Water flow rate

Question 25. The ball keeps dancing in squares at the squares, because
Answer – Because the velocity of water increases, the pressure decreases.

Question 26. If the Earth shrinks to half its current radius without changing the mass, then how many hours will the day be? Answer – 12 hours

Question 27. If a body is thrown at a speed of 2 kilometers / second from the earth. So will the body come to Earth?
Answer: Never return to Earth

Question 28. To find the time in a satellite, what should the astronaut use? Answer – Spring Clock

Question 29. If the radius of the Earth is reduced by 1%, but the mass remains the same, then what will be the change in the gravitational acceleration of the earth plane?
Answer – General Science will decrease by 2%

Question 30. What is the unit of pressure?
Answer – Pascal

Question 31. There should be cooking utensils. Answer- High specific heat of low conductivity

Question 32. When water falls from a height in a waterfall, its temperature
Answer – Goes up

Question 33. What is the melting point of ice in a Kelvin thermometer?
Answer – -0 ° K

Question 34. The word Botany originated from which language?
Answer – Greek

Question 35. Whose unit is named Curie?
Answer — Radioactive Theology

Question 36. Which color has the shortest wavelength?
Answer – Purple

Question 37. If the door of the refrigerator placed in the room is opened, what will be the effect on the temperature of the room?
Answer: The temperature will rise

Question 38. How many colors does the rainbow have? Answer – Seven colors

Question 39. What is the period of the second pendulum?
Answer – 2 seconds

Question 40 Where is the Indian Institute of Science located?
Answer: Bangalore

Question 41. What is the speed of supersonic planes?
Answer – More than speed of sound

Question 42. The geostationary satellite is higher than the Earth?
Answer — 36,000 km

Question 43. Whose oath is administered to the students of medical science?
Answer: Hippocrates

Question 44. What is the unit of lens capacity called?
Answer – diopter

Question 45. How much heat is there in human body?
Answer – 37 ° C

Question 46. Which object does not see a person suffering from vision impairment?
Answer: Nearby items are not visible

Question 47. If you lift a lens above the book, if the size of the printed letters increases, what is the lens?
Answer is convex

Question 48. If the size of the letters appears smaller than a lens, what is the lens?
Answer: Concave

Question 49. The stars twinkle, for what reason?
Answer – because of refraction

Question 50. Which one of the following is a chargeless particle?
Answer: Neutron

So these were some questions related to science and technology.


In today’s post, we have told you 50 questions related to science and technology. Hope you find our post
50 best science and technology questions for any Examination. Would have liked and learned something from it. On such interesting topics, we keep bringing information related to science and technology. Follow us to stay connected with us. See you in the next post with new information on a new topic till then take your leave.

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