Love Story of a Soldier-21

Love Story of a Soldier

Love story
Love story

Love Story- In today’s post, you will learn about the love story  After all, to know what is the love story of a soldier, read this post till the end.

As you may know, love is a symbol of attraction and dedication. Love always has its place in the heart. The heart is attached to the soul and the soul is absorbed into the divine.

When this love is human, then its beauty and sparkles, it takes four moons. There is no single outline of love, but true love is supernatural.

Man is a beauty lover, wherever he encounters beauty, he gets attracted towards it, it is nature.

Hello friends and I welcome you to my blog Today’s topic is about a love story in which you will learn about the love story of a soldier. So let’s start.

Love story of a soldier

Ritesh is posted as a soldier in the army.

He was returning home after a two-week vacation.

On the way, the train stops at a station for half an hour for some reason.

Ritesh ji stands on the platform, only then some of the young women had fun with each other, pulling each other, no one could live without smiling when they heard this dialogue of laughter and jokes. Ritesh was also smiling at his words. Just then, a girl in the troupe of girls looked at Ritesh and, feeling uneasy, dragged everyone away from there. Now the joke of that girl also starts in the circle, all the friends had found another medium of laughter.

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Love story

Ritesh saw this incident in an interesting way, companionship he realized that his heart started beating at a normal rate, it seemed as if the woman was ashamed and his nervousness did not get out of the brain. All the way through, Ritesh was able to laugh, speak, and think of those young women every moment, one moment after another, and more than that, he could not forget the young woman who had taken away all the friends in panic.

Ritesh reached home, but his heart was still on that platform.

This is what the mind used to say when should I fly to the same platform and see that scene again with my own eyes. But who would have got there now, Ritesh came to his house after a long time but he was not happy this time compared to earlier.

While resting at night, Ritesh kept turning, but the whole incident and that laughter, he was not taking the name of being out of sight. The whole night went on changing in the same way, but no sleep. Now Ritesh’s heart was with that youth, now without that youth, it seemed difficult to feel anywhere.

He started thinking in his mind, how to find that stranger, Taruni, new-born? And do you know where she lives?

Various thoughts started coming in Ritesh’s mind.

And we had to weave the fabric to meet that young woman, but it was an impossible task.

Because the person who is subjugated by love, then becomes ill with this world.

 English love story

Different types of thoughts started coming to mind, but in the end the same question would come up and stand – how to find it, where will it be found?

It has been two days since Ritesh’s mind and face were not disappearing.

Ritesh went to the market from the house to work, he had to get some essential goods for the house, and meet a person. Ritesh came to meet the person with all the goods, but the person had time to come, so Ritesh sat on a platform under the tree which was in the middle of the market.

There was an ancient Shiva temple behind the platform and there was also a big church at some distance.

Ritesh must have been sitting on the platform for fifteen minutes, when the same face, the same laughter and speech, the same style, the idol was seen coming in front of him walking in an interview. Ritesh was surprised. Started wondering if this is my dream? But after a few moments, this illusion was overcome, it is not a dream, but the same young woman is seen, who was found at the station.

What was it then, as soon as the young woman passed in front of Ritesh, suddenly the new young woman recognized Ritesh and then proceeded with blazing fast steps. Ritesh became more restless and in the intense eagerness to meet him, he left all his belongings there and went after the young woman.

But shortly afterwards, the young woman disappeared from the crowd.

Ritesh kept searching all around, but that woman once again lost her eyes, even after searching for a long time, when there was no success, Ritesh returned and took all his belongings and came back home without meeting the person.

Happy ending love story

Now Ritesh was getting more nervous than before, but there was a hope that now he will be more likely to meet her.

The one who did not even know before, now at least he knows about his area.

Ritesh is working now, even if he is not, he goes to the market by making excuses for small things and will look for that young woman with a keen eye on thirsty eyes. But the young woman does not appear anywhere, four-five days Ritesh remained similarly upset, she did not appear anywhere in the market.

Ritesh started worrying that now the holiday period will also be fulfilled and if he does not meet that new girl, then how will I feel and how will I be able to go full on my work?

Today, Riteish’s mother had to go to a village wedding, it would be night to come, the village is married with rituals – customs and the whole religious system.

Therefore, due to the time in the night feast, the chances of having night increases more.

Love story of a soldier

The mother persuaded Ritesh to go to the wedding with her, Ritesh agreed to go to the wedding in an uncontrolled manner.

Riteish was not of any age when the mother got into her friends and friends after reaching the wedding.

So that guest sat down to eat and spent his time cutting. He was not feeling well at all. It was very restless.

When everyone gathered in the courtyard to pay for a ritual, Ritesh also had to go there and laugh with many friends in front, and the same face was seen right in front. Now Ritesh was not going to stay, he wanted when the young man held the hand and proposed to marry her.

If it is not crowded then there is no delay in doing this work.

But what many people of such kinship will say, thinking that all kinds of things will happen everywhere, the steps froze in one place.

Love story in heart touching

When the rituals were completed, everyone started going to their respective homes. Then came her sakhi to leave the mother too, and along with those sakhi she was a young woman who came to see the mother off. She was the daughter of Sakhi, the mother of none other than the young woman. Mother introduced her friend, this is my son, is in the army, has come on a two-week holiday. Looking for a beautiful and home-loving girl, I also settle this so that the grandchildren quickly run into the house. Mother introduced her friend and her daughter, the daughter’s name is “Mrinali”. So cute and beautiful is the name of the system.

Ritesh now blossomed as if nature blossoms when spring arrives. The way Ritesh’s mind and body were reeling as a beautiful and divine sight was created, his hair was blooming.

On the way, Riteish told the mother about the system and also talked about marrying her.

The mother says on her cheek –

If I had told Pagle earlier, I would have been talking, no problem, I would be able to see and talk.

What was the mother waiting to talk about?

The mother knew the reason for the son’s mind and restlessness, so how would she have stayed with the mother now.

Best love story

Both mother and father reached Ritesh’s house with great respect.

After everyone was seated, the marriage of Mrinali and Ritesh was proposed.

Mrinali’s family could not decline the offer, he gave his approval on hearing the proposal.

But the two should discuss among themselves, if they ask each other, then the matter should be taken forward.

The mother of the mother knew the opinion of the daughter. The system also started to like Ritesh in his mind, he readily agreed to the marriage.

There was talk between the two families. It was agreed to marry the day by deciding the time.

Now what was there was no place of happiness for Ritesh, now both Ritesh and Mrinali started counting the days till marriage.

Both auspiciousness was fixed in the auspicious time mentioned by the Pandit and all the rituals of marriage were paid.

All tasks were completed in a calm and happy manner.

When Ritesh appeared to his newly fledged wife, the two were smiling dimly, sharing the station’s feel and experience.


In today’s post, we have told you about a love story. Hope you like this post of our love story of a soldier. Stay connected with us to read similar interesting stories. See you till then with a new story in the next post.

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