How To Write SEO Friendly Post for Blogger Blog-21

How To Write SEO Friendly Post for Blogger Blog.

How To Write SEO Friendly Post
How To Write SEO Friendly Post

If you are thinking about how to write seo friendly post blogger blog or are upset with seo friendly post, then today’s post can be very helpful for you.

Write friends SEO friendly post is also an art that can take your blog or your writing career further. If you are interested in this, everyone can write articles like this, but it is very important to have a special type of practice for SEO optimized writer writing.

In this post, I will explain some tips for writing SEO-optimized posts that will help you rank better in search engines.

Hello friends and welcome to our blog Today we are going to discuss about seo friendly post about blogger blog. If you want to know how to write SEO friendly post for blogger blog then follow this post till the end.

Each blog post is like a web page in terms of search engines, and you can optimize each post with the top keywords for search engines.

Writing SEO friendly articles, there are many things that you pay attention to which are very important.

When we also hire a new writer to work on one of our blogs, I need to provide manual input and checklists to help me write better posts. There is a complete SEO checklist that should be followed.

How was an SEO friendly blog post written?

SEO means search engine optimization, it means writing SEO friendly posts on your blog, to tell Google in which category your article has been written.

In simple words, the content of your blog post has to be optimized for search engines.

There are many benefits to writing SEO friendly posts. One of the biggest advantages of them is the increased traffic on our site. Because you write How To Write SEO friendly posts. So whenever someone will find the article you have written. So the search engine will show your article on the first page.

Due to which more and more visitors will come to your site and the rank of your website will also increase. You know, when there will be a large amount of traffic to your site, your income will increase a lot.

You can write SEO friendly posts very easily by following some easy tips given below.

1. Keyword Research (Sub)

You are wondering what the hell is this keyword. So for your information let me tell you, whatever sentence you search in Google. Similar keywords are called, like you have searched in Google “how to make money online”. This is called keyword.

But the most important thing here is, which keyword is closed. So for this you can use any tool. Similarly, there is a berth and free tool from Google in our midst. Which is named “Google Keyword Planner”.

You chose similar keywords in which competition is less. So that your keyword can rank as quickly as possible. You must take keywords according to yourself, but check the competition with Google Keyword Planner. Here’s another important thing, you use the long tail key. Because by doing this, the short tail keyword also ranks well. Let us tell you in a way, what happens in the long tail keyword and short tail keyword.

If you write, “Top 10 Best Online Earning Apps in 2019” – then this is your long tail keyword.

But if you have written “online earning apps” then this is the short tail keyword.

Now the thing to note here is that short tail keyword has also come in the top keywords (Top 10 Best Online Earning Apps in 2019). This is what I mean when you use the long tail keyword. So the short tail keyword also gets ranked on its own.

2. Keep keywords in title

Whatever your post is on the topic, you have to choose your title accordingly. It means to say that your title will also be the keyword of your post. Suppose if your focus is keyword – “how to write SEO friendly post for blog”. So you also wrote in the title of your post.

3. Use keywords in your very first paragraph.

While writing the article, keep in mind that you have to use keywords in the first paragraph of the article. Why doing this is considered much better than the role of SEO.

For example, if you are not writing a post. Which is named “How to write seo friendly post for blog”. So you must use this keyword anywhere in the first paragraph of your article.

But at the same time you have to take special care of this, your keyword is written in a natural way. Why writing the same keyword over and over again is against Google’s guidelines. Doing this is called keyword stuffing.

4. Must use image alt tag

In fact, search engines are unable to read any images. So all you have to do is show the search engine what your image is related to. For this, you have to enter the name of your image in the Alt tag.

Suppose if your tittle / image name is what is SEO?. So you have to write what is SEO in all tags. That’s why search engines are finding out, your image is on what is SEO.

Your posts get a very important role to rank Google par.

5. Bold the Important and Related Keyword.

Bolding needy and related keywords is also a good way to write seo friendly posts. By doing this it makes it easier for the search engine to focus on keywords.

This does not mean that you should bold all keywords. You just bold the needy keywords only.

6. Use Always Heading, Subheading (H2 and H3 Tag)

You can also say that using Heading and Subheading is itself an SEO. By the way using Heading and Subheading, visitors also have easy understanding of which topic your post is written on.

7. Use one to two Italic keywords

You should italics some words of your post, such as one to two focus keywords. By doing so, the rule of seo makes a big difference to your post.

8. Add Internal Links to the post

Whenever you are writing a post. So in that post, you must add a link to any other related post. Suppose if you are writing, “What is Blogging”, then you put a link to the post “What is SEOin that post.

This will benefit you, visitors will also read other posts on your site. Which will increase the page views of your site and your Bounce Rate will also be fine.

9. Write High Quality Content

Saying quality content means that you always write posts that are readable and complete content for users. So that any user after reading your post must say that I got the information I wanted.

Also, you must also pay attention to the length of your post. If every one of your posts is at least 1000 to 2000 words, then it is a very good thing.

10. Choose Blog URL correctly

To make blog posts SEO friendly, Blog URLs have a very important role. Therefore, in the URL of your blog, just put the Keyword.

11. Use Meta Description

In Meta Description you have to summarize your entire post. Why Meta Description tells Google that your post is written on which topic.

Also, it makes it easy for Google to search your posts. You wrote the meta description in about 140 to 150 words.

Let us now know that after writing a post keeping all these things in mind, how to publish that post on your blog?

12 How to upload new posts to Blogger blog

Step 1:

First of all, go to the Dashboard of your blog.

Step 2:

After clicking on the button of New Post, the Post Editor window will open in front of you.

Step 3:

Here you enter the title of your post. But keep in mind that the title of the post should be such that anyone reading the title of your post can easily understand what your post has been written about.

Step 4

At this place you have to write your post. Or you can write on notepad and copy and paste it here. Also, you have to make your post seo frindly as you mentioned above.

Step 5

When your post is ready, you have to go to the setting of the post. Select your category of posts on Lebal.

Step 6

On the search discription you have to enter your keywords and click on publish.

Your post has been published successfully.


In today’s post, we have told you about how to write seo friendly post for blogger blog. Hope you have liked this post and learned something. Keep following us for similar intresting posts. See you in the next post till then by good. Share this post How To Write SEO Friendly Post for Your Blog

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