Part-5 How to Post in Blogger Blog in English 2020

 Part-5 How to Post in Blogger Blog in English 2020

How To Post in Blogger Blog
How To Post in Blogger Blog

How to Post in Blogger Blog in English

How To Post in Blogger Blog: If you are also thinking that How to Post in Blogger Blog. So today it is going to be important for the book because in this post you will know how to publish the post inside your blogger blog? about. In Chapter 4 of this blogging course we asked you “How to make a blog in Blogger?” Told about If you have not read that post, then you must read it.

Although it is very easy to publish a post inside a blogger blog and it is not necessary to tell it, but still in this course of blogging, I am teaching blogging from beginning to advanced level. So I will cover this topic as well. So that you understand all things correctly. In Part-5 of Blogging course, you will know ‘How to Post in Blogger Blog’.

How to Post in Blogger Blog

Eo publish your written posts inside Blogger blog, first of all you have to login with your email account on And login with the same email account with which you created the blog.

Step: 1

As soon as you login to your blogger account, you will see 3 lines of the menu on the top left hand side, you have to click here.

Step: 2

Here you will see the menu bar of your block. First of all, you will see the option of New Post. You have to click in the new post.

Step: 3

When you click on the new post, an interface will open in front of you, here you have to write your post. And after writing the post, you can publish it by clicking on the publish button.

Final Words for How to Post in Blogger Blog

In this post you have learned how you can publish a post inside Blogger blog. If you have any question related to this post then you can comment.

Hope you like this post How To Post in Blogger Blog. In the next post we will tell you about the basic seo setting of Blogger blog. This post will help you a lot because the seo setting of a blog is a very important part of blogging. See you till then in the next post.

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