1 of the Best Tip How To Make Logo For Blogger Blog

Best Tip How To Make Logo For Blogger Blog

how to make logo
how to make logo


How To Make Logo For Blog

How To Make logo: Yes friends, in today’s post we will learn about How to make logo for blogger blog. Friends, if you are a blogger and new to the world of blogging and yet you don’t know anything about the logo, then you must know how important the logo is to your blog, and why it is necessary, finally its what are the advantages.

Friends, let me tell you that logo makes your business branded. Not only this, it is an identity of your business so that your customer can identify your business.

Whether you are blogging or doing any other business, your logo only tells the identity of your products or content so that your product can be identified to your customer as soon as possible.

I am giving blogging information step to step, so if you have not had the previous post yet, then you must read it. Because I mentioned in previous posts about Blogger Blog’s Best Logo Maker SiteYou will get a lot of help from that post.

We will use an app from the same people maker sites in this post today. Whose name is – PicArt

This is a free logo and photo editor app, in which you will also find some content pads. But if your budget is less then you can make a very good photo and logo by setting it free. If you want, you can also use its official website.

Let’s go to our PicArt app. Know about how to make a logo for blogger blog.

You have to go to Play Store first and install this app.

How To Make a Free Logo For My Blog Website

Go to Play Store >> Now search by writing PicArt >> Click on Install.

Step: 1

Open the PicArt app and create your account using Facebook, Google account or mobile number.

Step: 2

Now here you have to click on the icon of (Plas /).

how to make logo

Step: 3

A new page will open here, you have to come down a little bit. Now click on “Create New”.

how to make logo

Step: 4

Now you will see three points towards the top, click there and select the option of New here also.

how to make logo

Step: 5

Here you will again see a new page. You have to click on the custom and enter the size of your logo. Enter the size of the logo of any size you want and click ok par.

(Note: Before making the logo, make sure to choose the size of the logo. Keep the logo size as the logo of the template so that it looks good.)

Step: 6

Now you have to click on the Nissan arrow in the corner and click on the edit image.

Step: 7

Here you will find a lot of features. Also you can use some stickers. But choose for free or else you may have to spend some money.

In this way you can create a nice and cool logo from here.

Step: 8

Once the logo is completely ready, save it. To save, you click on the arrow sign on the right hand side above. Now click on save and save it

Now let’s know about editing it “How To Add Logo To Blogger Blog”

How To Make/Add Logo to Blogger Blog Header

Follow some of the steps below for how to put logo in the header of blogger blog.

Step: 1

First of all, you have to come to the blogger blog’s dashboard.

Step: 2

After this you will select the layout and open the header logo option.

how to make logo

Step: 3

Here you will see the option of a file, upload your people from here. And click on save button.

Step: 4

If you do not want to show the title and description, then you have to select and save this instead of title and description option.

Now open the blog by clicking on seve arrangement and refresh once, you will see that your logo will be placed on the header of your blog.


So you saw “how you can make logo for your blog” and add it inside your block block.
Friends, in this post of today we have given you “how to make logo for blogger blog” and “how to add logo to blogger blog header”.

Hope you have liked our post and learned something from it. Such interesting posts keep coming for you.

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