How To Generate Privacy Policy page for blogger Blog-21

How To Generate Privacy Policy page for Blog.

How To Generate Privacy Policy
How To Generate Privacy Policy

Friends, today we will talk about how to generate Privacy Policy page for Blog. about. Do you know why a privacy policy is important for a blog, how important it is and how to generate privacy policy? 

Hello friends, I welcome you to my blog Our topic of discussion today is – how to generate Privacy Policy page for Blog. So let’s start by not wasting too much time –

If you want to use adsense in blogs, then privacy policy page is very important for you.

Because adsense likes privacy policy more. The privacy policy covers the users of our site and protects the cookies and terms of the site. It is told in the Privacy Policy what information the site takes. Which advertisements show towards the visitor. What detail tracks on your site and which information is saved. If you start a blog by becoming a blogger, then it also requires some policy. Which is called the privacy policy of the blog.

Google likes sites that have their own privacy page and is also a most important factor for adsense approval.

If you want the impression of your blog to be good in the google search engine, then a privacy page is required and then it also protects your blog with cookies. Therefore, if there is a spam comment in your blogs that does not follow the privacy of the blog, then that comment will be deleted or stored in the spam itself. The privacy policy page is also important.

Because there are many programs they check, just like Google Adsense checks our privacy policy page, only then approve it. You can also make a privacy policy yourself if you are aware of it. But if not, then there is no problem, there are many sites online that make a privacy policy page for our site for free.

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Why is a privacy policy page important?

The most important thing is that adsense and google search engine likes the privacy policy of the blog. This makes them easy to understand our blog. Privacy policy protects our site from cookies. That is, if someone makes a wrong comment on your site, then it breaks the rools of your site’s privacy policy. You can delete his comment.

If you delete someone’s comment without creating a privacy policy, then how will Adsense know. Privacy policy page is created so that visitors can know about your website, what you share on your website, what are the rules of your website, how to use your website, all this information to the visitors A privacy policy page is created to indicate this.

Its most importance increases even more when applying adsense on that blog. I would like to clear once again that if you have not added these pages to your blog and you have applied google adsense, then your adsense account will not be approve under any circumstances. Because AdSense considers these pages necessary for every blog. So friends, in this post I will tell you how to generate  privacy policy page for blog. So let’s know.

HowTo Generate a Privacy Policy page

Step 1:

First of all you open Google and go to website.

Step 2:

Here you have to enter your website name in company name and website name.

Step 3:

Copy the link of your blog or website in the third box and paste it here.

Step 4:

Now click on next.

Step 5:

Now select yes on all three and click on Next.

Step 6

Now select your country and state.

Step 7

Put your email on the third box step. And click on generate my privacy policy.

step 8

Now your privacy policy has been created and you have to copy it and put it in your blog, for this you create a new page in your blogger. Let me also cover you in this post.

How To Add a Privacy Policy page in Blog.

Step 1

Go to Blogger Dashboard> Pages> New Page.

Step 2

Now write the Privacy Policy in the title.

Step 3

Now where we write the post, paste the privacy policy you have copied.

Step 4

Put privacy policy in Search Discription too.

Step 5

Now you publish this page.


In today’s post, we have given you the How To Add a Privacy Policy page in Blog. Has told about. Hopefully you have added the Privacy Policy Page to the Blog / Website.

Apart from this, you have to add more pages such as About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, this page is also very important for the blog. If you still have a problem related to this post, then with the help of comment you can ask us. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you liked our post How To Add a Privacy Policy page in Blog. And have learned something from it. If this post has been helpful for you, then definitely share it with your friends on social media. See you in the next post.

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