SEO [Best 1 factor] How to generate meta tags for blogger

SEO [Best factor] How to generate meta tags for blogger

How to generate meta tags
How to generate meta tags

How to generate meta tags for blogger 

what are meta tags and how to generate meta tags for blogger If you are also looking for the answer to this question, then your search will be completed today. If you are a blogger, you have just stepped into the world of blogging and you do not know about meta tags, then it is very important for you to know how important my tags are to your blogger.

Friends, let me tell you that meta tags tell every information of your blog from Google. And you know that without Google’s help, nothing is going to work for you, so you have to tell every information of your blog to Google or any search engine that you work in, and this work without meta tags. Can never happen. For this, you need to know about meta tags and learn how to generate meta tags.

Be relaxed. I will give you complete information about meta tags in this article and will also show you how to generate meta tags.

Hello friends I welcome your friend Sandeep in my blog By following all the steps mentioned in this post, you will be able to generate meta tags, so stay with us till the end.

what are meta tags

Friends, as I just told you that meta tag gives information of our blog to Google
Meta is information that tells about the content of a page.

While reading a page, it is not visible to the readers, but search engines can read it on them.

Because they are in HTM codes, which are inserted in the head section of the page.

These Meta tags give search engines all the information about the content of the webpage.

What happens in the meta code?

What is Blog Topic
What is the title of Blog
What is the description of blog
Which country is the blog from
Who is the author of the blog
Which language is Blog
Robots.txt File
I tell you in more details,


 In this, you have to give the title of your blog, as our blog is named Tec India Sandeep. So this will be the title of our blog.

meta description

In this, you have to give all the information about your blog, that too in 160 words. Meta is a very important part of the description. Because when someone shares our blog on social media facebook, twitter, Google+, Whatsapp then this description only appears. What information will be found in our blog?

meta keywords

in meta keywords you have to add the keyword of your blog, in keywords you have to write the topics of your blog. Such as – Blogging, technology, SEO, earn money online, stories etc.


In this, you have to write the name of the author of your blog who writes the content in your blog so that google will know who writes the post on this blog. Who is the owner of this blog?


Here you have to tell the language of your blog , what is the language of your blog like – Hindi, English, Urdu etc.

By the way, it is not so important, if you want to stay, when we put the language of our blog in it, then our blog becomes easy to search. By telling this, Google easily knows in which language our blog is.


On this, you have to write the name of your country, which country are you resident of?
Ex: india, Bangladesh, pakistaan, etc.


In this, we tell google what to bring in search and which not. I would suggest that you let it be at all.

Now you will know what is Meta Tag, what happens to Meta Tag and what is in it.

how to generate meta tags for

Friends, I will show you a very easy way to generate meta code so that you will be able to generate your meta code very easily as well as add meta code to the HTML of your blog.

To generate meta tags you have to open Google in your browser and search in it meta tags generater.

step1: SEOptimer

Many sites will come before you, you have to open the site of

step 2: Site title

Here you have to enter the title / name of your blog by which name your blog is.

step 3: Site Description

You have to come to the dashboard of your blog. Go to basic setting, copy and paste your blog description from here.

step 4: Site Keywords

You have to go to the setting of your blog and go to search preferences, copy the description from here and paste it into the box of site keywords in the generater tool.

step 5: robots to index

Yes stay here

step 6: robots to follow

Let it be here too yes.

step 7: site display

In the site display, you have to select UTF-8.

step 8: primary language

Language You have to choose the language in which you write your content, the language in which your blog is.

step 9: Author

Now you have to write the name of the blog owner in auther.

Now click on generate meta tags. In a few seconds your meta code will be generated and run.

Congratulations, your meta tags have been successfully generated, now you can add it to the HTML of your blog and increase the traffic of the blog.

To learn how to add meta code to your blogger’s HTML, you can follow the steps below.

How to add meta tags to blogger’s HTML

To add meta tags to Blogger, first you have to copy your generated meta code. Now go to your blogger’s dashboard.

step 1

Go to the section of the theme and click on Edit HTML.

step 2

You will find the head section at number 4 only. Paste the copied code just after the <head>.

step 3

Now click on the save theme.

Congratulations, you have successfully added the meta code to the HTML of your blog.

Hopefully  youh followed the steps mentioned by us carefully and learned about meta tags.


In today’s post, we have told you about meta tags. Hope you find our post ‘SEO [Best factor] How to generate meta tags for blogger‘ Would have liked and learned something from it. Keep bringing interesting information related to blogging, SEO for you. Keep following us to stay connected with us. See you till then with a new post.

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