Best 1 Way How to delete gmail account

 Gmail- How to delete gmail account

How to delete gmail account
How to delete gmail account

gmail- how to delete gmail account– Yes friends, in today’s article I will tell that gmail- how to delete gmail account. As you may have read earlier posts. In which we have told how to create a gmail account, if you have not increased this post, then you will read it. In that post, I have conveyed all the information related to Gmail account. And in today’s post, we will learn only about deleting Gmail account.

Hello friends I welcome your friend to my blog On this site, you will get to know and learn about the technology, apart from this, you will get to read information related to blogging, SEO, online earn money, stories etc. So let’s start with how to delete a gmail account?

how to delete a gmail account

To delete gmail account, first of all, come to Chrome browser / any browser. Here you have to login with the Gmail account that you want to delete.

step 1

You will see the icon of your Gmail account directly up in your hand. Open that.

step 2

Now click on Manage your Google Account. You will get complete information about your Gmail account.

step 3

Now, click on Data and personalization and come down.

step 4

Wherever you get this option ‘Delete a service or your account’, click on it.

step 5

Here you will get 4 more options, out of which you have to select ‘Delete your account’.

step 6

Now enter your Gmail account password and click on Next.

step 7

Tick ​​both options and click on delete account.

Congratulations to you Your Gmail account has been successfully deleted.

Gmail account deleted


In today’s post, we have told you about ‘how to delete a gmail account’. Hope you have liked our post ‘how to delete a gmail account’ and have learned something from it. Such interesting posts related to technology keep coming for you.

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