1 of the Best Way How to create Gmail account in English

How to create  Gmail account? [Best trick] in English

How to create Gmail account
How to create Gmail account

How to create  Gmail account? If you are looking for information related to this, then today’s post is for you. You must have heard that song – no letter, no message, which country he has left. This song was sung in India, if you are from another country, you would not have heard. This is a time when telephones were not mobile. There used to be a postman through whom messages were sent. At that time people used to send letters by themselves and the offices were filled with letters and they were ignored.

But now the era of letters has passed a long time since the era of internet has come. This has made the task of sending messages easier. The work of weeks and months has changed in seconds. The Internet is a medium that has maintained communication, the sending of messages and information is done through email. The full name of the email is – electronic mail. Which many companies like Google, Yahoo mail etc. Is done by

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what is gmail ?

Gmail is launched by Google hence it is named Gmail. With Gmail, you can send messages to your friends and family around the world from home. Apart from this, photos, documents, files can also be attached and sent. Google launched it on 1 April 2004.

At that time email companies were competing with each other. But Gmail quickly made its way into the market. In 2004, Google launched its son version. After a lot of updates and updates from time to time, it was fully ready by July 7 in 2009. Still there are occasional updates in it.

At the time when Gmail was introduced, it supported 1 GB. But today, if we see, its storage capacity has increased to 15 GB.

If we look at the calculations of Wikipedia, 2017 1.5 billion people have been Gmail users. And its Android application has been installed 1.5 billion times. Its applications were launched in 2014. Its rating in the play store is good according to the rest of the application.

The only reason it has such a large network is that it is simple and the biggest thing is that it supports 72 languages. 72 languages: You can use any language in it. So it is very popular.

how use gmail? We will tell you about this later and will make you aware of its features, for this you will first have to learn to create an account on it. So let’s talk first about creating an account on it.

 create Gmail account

How to create Gmail account?Creating a Gmail account is very easy, you can create Gmail account very easily and for free. Let’s know how to create gmail account?

To create your account in gmail, you have to open your browser. (I am opening Chrome) and have to search by writing a Create Gmail account.

step 1

You will get the site of Create Gmail account in the first place itself. Open this.

step 2

Click on create an account.

step 3

Here you have to fill your information which has asked ….

name: your name

last name: surname

username: email name any number you want to keep

password: your 8 digit password here
(Note: Please enter the number along with the letter in the password)

confirm: Enter the same password again.

Now click on next.

step 4

Now enter your mobile number and next.

step 5

A varification code will go to your number and enter it in the verification box and verify it.

step 6

Now select the email you created, date of birth and your gender and click Next.

step 7

yes I’am in Come down and click on I agree.

step 8

Congratulations, your Gmail account has been successfully created, now you can use it.
Now we will talk how use gmail? about……


how use gmail?


As soon as you open your Gmail account, you will first see the inbox. All your message information is in the inbox. Any message, information will come directly to your inbox, you can see and read all your information and messages from here.

Email or send message

Sending messages to Gmail is called email. If you want to email somewhere, you can send email by clicking on Compose. This option is only for sending email.


If you have any mail. Which you all want to keep. So there is an option of starred for that. With this you can save and keep your required mail.

send mail

This option shows your mail that you have sent. The history of every mail you send is saved here.


If you have written a mail and for some reason you have not been able to send it or have not gone, then this option is there for that. Your mail appears in drafts that you have left incomplete.

All mail

Here you will see a list of all the mails that have come and gone from you. All the information about the mail, that is, all the mail that you have, you will get to see all the mail.


This option is for searching your mail. If you have a lot of mail and you want to find one mail quickly, then you can easily find your mail by going directly in search.

Bin or trash

This option on Gmail is very good. Here are your deleted mail shows. If you have deleted a mail and want to see it, you can see it from here. But if you delete any mail from here, then you will not get to see that mail anywhere. So do not delete any mail from here without thinking.


With this option, you can change the settings of your Gmail account, and if you want to use another Gmail account, you can do it from here.


In today’s post, we have given you how to create  Gmail account? Has told about. Hope you find our post ‘How to create Gmail account? [Best trick] in English. ‘ Would have liked and learned something from it. Such interesting information related to technology keep coming for you. Follow us to stay connected with us. See you till then with a new information.

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