1 Easy Tip How To Create Facebook PageFull Information

How To Create Facebook Page [Best Trick] Full Information

How To Create Facebook Page
How To Create Facebook Page

Create Facebook Page

How To Create Facebook Page If this idea also comes in your mind or is coming, then it is over waiting for you because today we have brought all the information to make Facebook page for you. If you follow this post from beginning to end, you will easily create a Facebook page.

Hello friends I welcome your friend Sandeep Bhorse in my web tecindiasandeep.com. And today you will learn about Create Facebook Page. So let’s start, but before that we will get to know about the Facebook page.

Friends, I do not think you need to tell about Facebook because everyone knows about Facebook. Still, let me tell you, Facebook is the second such big website worldwide. Which is being used a lot. Basically it is a social networking platform in which people are connected to each other. Wherever he is with his friends, he gives comfort to be with them. In this, you can share photos, videos, messages etc. with your friends. If not, Facebook gives you a chance to befriend people from any country of the world. You can befriend anyone in Facebook.

what is facebook page

A Facebook page is a public profile. We also know it as Fan Page. Facebook page, you can post images, video audio, messages etc. But it is not just for sharing photo videos etc. In fact people are using it right to promote their business. So that their costumers could get new information.

Let me give you a small example – Suppose there is a ‘jio company’ which has to give information of its new updates to its customers from time to time. For this jio company will show many aids. Will tell about its new updates on all social sites. Similarly, she will also create a Facebook page in the name of her company. In which their customers stay connected with them.

Whenever new update of jio will come. The Jio company will also post its new information in its Facebook page. This will easily reach all the people associated with their page. This will greatly benefit the jio company.

Similarly, every company has its own Facebook page. In which he can tell his customers about his new information, his features, new products, which can make his work easier.

Now it is about the Facebook page, hope that you have understood about the Facebook page.

If you have a blog, you are an affiliate marketer, you have a big company, or you have your own skills in which you need people, then you have to make your own Facebook page. By which you will get a boost in your work, your work will be easier which will earn you more profit.

How To Create Facebook Page

Friends Facebook page is very easy to create and is also free. You do not need to spend any money to create a Facebook page. For this you need a Facebook account. You must have a Facebook account. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can read our post ‘how to create Gmail account’.

First of all, you have to login to your Facebook account.

Step 1: Menu baar

You will see a three line in the menu baar on the right hand side upwards. Click here Come to more pages.

Step 2: Create page

Now you have to start Get by clicking on create.

Step 3: Page name

Enter the name of your page with the name you want to create and next.

Step 4: Categories

Choose your category here, which category is your page and next.

Step 5: Enter Websites

If you have a website or blog, then put its link here. If not, do not have a website, tick or skip.

Step 6: Add profile picture

Here you have to add your profile image and cover image and do it.

congratulation ! Your Facebook page has been successfully created. Hope you have created your Facebook page.


In today’s post, we have told you about Create Facebook Page. Hope you have liked our post ‘How To Create Facebook Page [Best Trick] Full Information’ and learned something from it. Interesting information related to such technology is brought to you. Keep following us to stay connected with us. See you in the next article with a new topic until you say goodbye.

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