How To Create Blog Website For Free on Blogger

How To Create Blog Website For Free on Blogger

How to Create Blog
How to Create Blog 

How To Create a Blog Website & Make Money

How to Create Blog: If you have already decided about “How to Create Blog Website for Free on Blogger / Blogspot”, then it is very important for you to first know which topic you want to create a blog on.

Or what micro niche you want to work on. If you have not yet selected your right topic, then you should choose your blogging topic and only then create your blog.

If you do not understand how to choose a topic for your blog, then you can read our post, in this we have tried to explain you very closely how to choose a topic for your blog.

This is chapter four of the blogging category. In which you will get to know how you can create your own blog for free.

Only then you will get to learn more information of blogging gradually. So stay tuned with us till the end of this post and know “How to make your own blog or website for free in Blogger?”

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

Before creating a blog, let me introduce you to another information. Which is very important for you to know. Often this question will arise in your mind ..…?

Can I really earn money by making a blog?, Can we take our business even further through them ?, Can I make my own career in blogging? So all of them have only one answer ….- Yes!

Yes, you heard absolutely right, you can make a career in it and can also grow your business. If you want to do it for some time like a part time job then you can do blogging like this too.

If you don’t know anything about blogging then you must read this “blogging series”, we have given all the information about blogging in this blogging series so that you can easily learn it in simple language and make millions of money sitting at home.

You can earn here, you will not get any limit to earn money, because here money is not earned only in one way.

Rather, blogging is a platform in which you can earn money in many ways such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsors etc. Now whatever you like, you can choose according to your ability and earn money.


How To Create a Blog For Free

Do you have a question whether you can do blogging for free or whether you have to spend money in the block or how much money should be spent in the block, Did have such questions in your mind,

then I will give you straightforward and simple I would like to say in the language that no work can be started without money, if you are doing blogging as your hobby i.e.

if the head is doing personal blogging for himself then there is no need to spend money on you blogger You can easily create your own blog by visiting .com “How To Create Blog?” We have told you about this below.

But if you are thinking about making money, then you should definitely spend money on blogging.

If you do not have much money, then you do not spend much money, but still take the domain for your blog. This will help you a lot in search engine optimization which is quite important.

If you want to get success in the blogging world as soon as possible, then you have to pay a lot of attention in search engine optimization and with this, you have to understand blogging very well.

Constantly you will have to give your information on the blog so that in the eyes of Google you will be in the best category.

Not only this, you should have your own system such as a laptop or computer through which you can easily blogging and will have to spend a little money, that is hosting, you just don’t have to do anything now.

If you can’t spend money for hosting or you don’t have enough budget to blogging on a laptop or computer, then the best platform for you is

Here you get free hosting and get a chance to blogging for free, you can do it here if you want. You will get success but it may take some time, you must have patience.

Now, you have to write posts and publish on the blog continuously and focus on search engine optimization. If you don’t know about search engine optimization, then this post of ours “What is search engine optimization?” Can read and learn about it.

Now let us read only the main objective of this post, which is “How to create blog for free in Blogger?” is.

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

To create a blog, you will need a Gmail account. If you have not created a Gmail account, then create a new Gmail account. If you do not know how to create a Gmail account, then definitely read our postHow to create a Gmail account”.

First of all, you have to open Google. Login here with your Gmail account, from which Gmail account you want to blogging.

Step: 1

Now you have to open website on Google. You will see this on the first page of Google itself.

Step: 2 Choose a name for your blog

Here you have to enter the title of your blogger. That is, you have to put the name with which you want to create a blog. Or you can enter the name from which you want to take the domain here. Remember, the name of the blog should be very short, so it is better.

Long domain names are not able to rank easily on Google and your readers do not remember them easily, so always keep the blog name short.

And click on Next.

Step: 3 Choose a URL for your blog

Here you create a URL for your block, which you also call a link, here you have to name your blog in small letters like English, my blog name is Tec India Sandeep, then it will be in short words. .

After this, you will click on the Next button again.

Step: 4 Confirm your display name

You can also name your blog in the Display Name and click on the finish button again.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a blog, now you can write a post here and make it public, but before doing all this, you have to make some settings of the blog, which I will give you in the next chapter.

Last word for How To Create a Blog

I hope that now you will not have this question “How to Create Blog”. So, see how you can easily make your own blog on Blogger for free. I hope this post “Part-4 How To Create Blog Website For Free On Blogger / Blogspot” will be important for you.

If you have any question related to this post, then you must comment us, we will be happy to answer your questions. See you in the next chapter of the blogging course till then take your leave.

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