1 Easy tricks how to create a blog in blogger

how to create a blog

how to create a blog
how to create a blog
how to create a blog Its information will be found in today’s post. I hope you know about the blog. It is also important to know if you are creating a new blog. Because every person is curious about what is the future of the work we are going to do. I mean do you know about blogging? After all what is blog? What is the benefit of this? If you do not know about blogs and you are going to create a blog then you should first know about blogging. You post our ‘what is blog? You can learn more about blogging by reading this, it will help you further. And if you are making a blog without knowing about blogging, then you will not be able to last long in the world of blogging and in the end you will have to leave blogging. So before creating a blog what is blog? Must read about.
Hello friends, today I am with you, your friend Sandeep bhorse and welcome to my blog website tecindiasandeep.com. Today we are going to talk. how to create a blog about creating a new blog? So, friends, let’s start our today’s topic how to create a blog.

how to create a blog
I will tell you about making a blog for free in a blogspot in which you do not need to spend any money. There is a very easy way, you will create a blog very easily, for this you just keep following our steps.
First of all you have to open Google in your Chrome browser. Now login with your email id.

Step 1

You have to search blogspot.com in Google. You will find the blogger.com website at the top.

Step 2

A popup window will open in front of you.  Here you have to click on create your blog.

Step 3

Here you can name your blog on the display name box.  Now click on continue to blogger.
Now you have come to the blogger’s site, half of your blog has been created.  The menu bar is not showing here.

Step 4

For this, click on create new blog.

Step 5

Tittle: Here you have to write the name of your blog in the box of tittel.
how to create a blog in blogger
Address: Here you have to give your blog address by which name you are creating the blog.
Now press the button of create blog.
Congratulations, your blog has been successfully created.  Now you will see that the menu bar has also come to your blog, the settings have also arrived.  Now if you want, you can publish it by writing a post on it.


In today’s article, we have told you about ‘how to create a blog’.  Hope you liked our post ‘how to create a blog’ and got to learn something from it.  Such interesting posts keep on coming for you.  You can follow us to stay connected with us.  See you with a new post till then leave you

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