SEO Course Part-3 || How Does Search Engine Work?

SEO Course Part-3 || How Does Search Engine Work?

How Does Search Engine Work
How Does Search Engine Work

How Does search engine Work

How Does Search Engine Work, And What is Seo this question arises in the mind of every new blogger. Because when they get to know about seo after creating their blog then it becomes very important to learn their seo course. Now those who are serious about blogging definitely learn Seo, wherever they learn and whatever they learn.

In today’s digital age, if someone wants to come in front of the world, then he can come only in two ways. The first is through video and the second way is due to content (blog) but for this it is very important for your blog to come on the first page of Google’s search engine.

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But let us tell you that this task is not so easy because its competition on Google is very high. By the way, there are many such pad ways on the Internet that you can get your post ranked on the first page of Google. SMM (search engine marketing) is a very good method. For this, you have to pay some money to Google and in return, Google easily delivers your page to the first page. Now all the traffic on keywords will come to your blog, which will give you a lot of benefit. This is the easiest and best way to rank a post.

But if you do not want to spend any money then seo is the best and cheapest way for you. seo is a technique with the help of which we can easily rank our posts on Google for free. And in this post today, we are going to read about how it works on Google.

This is the complete series of our seo course, in which we are telling about the full SEO course. In the last part-2 of SEO course we have  what is seo in digital marketing , what is digital marketing and what are the parts of digital marketing? talked about .

In this part ie seo course -3 we are going to discuss what is seo and how does search engine work. Hello friends and welcome to our post how does Search engine work. Let’s know what is seo.

What is SEO

SEO – Its full name is search engine optimization. As the name suggests, optimizing for search engines. Seo is the only technique in the entire Internet with the help of which we can get our posts ranked free on the first page of the search engine. Now no matter what a search engine is.

You must have known about what a search engine is. Search engine is the platform in which we search by writing our queries like ‘google’. Other than Google, there are other search engines like bing, Yahoo etc. But there is only one most used search engine all over the world and that is ‘google’.

When we search by writing any keyword in Google, it shows us the posts of many different sites related to that keyword. Actually all these posts are on different websites.

In all these, the post which appears at the top of the first page of google is very properly optimized. Due to which traffic comes more on that post and the blog becomes popular. It gives a good advantage when the blog becomes popular.

SEO is a big contributor to bringing our posts to the 1st rank of Google. This is a technique that increases the number of visitors by placing the website at the top of the search engine’s search results.

The websites that appear at the top of the search results. All the traffic coming to it is organic, which generates income very well.

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Why SEO is Important for Blogs

Just now we know what is seo Hope you have understood. Now we will talk about why this blog is important? When we create a website or blog, initially our blog does not get any traffic at all. Because our blog is new, its domain authority is also very less. Due to which he does not know how to rank on Google very soon. For this, we have to take help of seo (search engine optimization).

When you write a post on your website, even if you are publishing content of high quality in it, but if you have not seo it, then your post will not rank at all on Google. And when the post does not rank, traffic will not come to your website. You will not gain anything from your website.

If we do not seo our posts, then the traffic of the keywords used in the post does not come to our blog. Visitors are unable to visit information related to our keywords.

The reason for this is that the search engine does not know how to find our blog nor does it store the content of the website in its database.

This never brings traffic to the website.

Learning SEO is not so difficult. But when you learn this, you can easily bring organic traffic from google to your blog or website. For this you need a lot of patience. You have to be patient in this because it works slowly. Now you must have understood that how important is seo to bring traffic from google to website. Let’s know how does search engines work?

 How does search engine work?
SEO Course Part-3 || How Does Search Engine Work?

They must have understood very well that anyone uses seo to come on top of the search engine. But do you know how this ear does?

If you do not know what is a search engine , then I would like to tell you that when we search a question in the internet, a lot of information is provided to you there.

And the one on which we search our questions is called the search engine.

There are many such search engines all over the world but there are also some popular among them which are used more.

Such as – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Google is considered the best among all of them.

Google is a search engine used by the whole world.

If we talk about these search engines working, then each one has its own style. They work on their algorithm. Every search engine has its own algorithms and works on it.

Search engines in Actuli are a software program known as crawlers, spiders, or bots.

These spiders visit, rotate, crawl, read every content and send its information to search engines on all the sites that are in the Internet, so that the search engine saves that information in its database.

And whenever someone searches related questions, these same spiders are crawling across the sites very fast and inform the search engines of the top 10 posts. This is the top 10 posts search engines show readers.

I would like to understand you with a small example.
When you go to a grocery store and ask for the things you need, the shopkeeper immediately brings the same and gives it to you because he is very well aware of each and every item. He is aware of everything from every corner of the shop.

Search engine work is also similar. It also maintains the information of the webpage in its database beforehand and shows it to you when needed. Its crawling speed is so high that it gives you answers to your questions in a few seconds. Earlier its speed was 100 sites / second. But over time it has now increased to 1000 sites / second. You must have seen that whenever you search a keyword on Google, it shows you a lot of results in a few seconds.

In today’s time, Google’s search engine is very popular.

Google has designed its software program very well so that the best results can be reached to the users.

Search engines work in 3 steps –

1. Crawling

2. Indexing

3. Retrival

First, search engines do crawling.

First step – crawling

He goes to a webpage and follows the link given on it, second, then third etc.

In this way Online collects information of all webpages.

For Search Engine Optimization it is important that whenever you create a new website, you must submit it to the search engines. This allows the search engine to get information about your sites and does not have trouble crawling it.

And also you should give sitemap of your website to search engines.

So that crawlers can collect the information of our website properly and add the add to their database.

Second Step – Indexing

After collecting the information, adding this information to your database is indexing.

All the collected information is analyzed and ranked. That is, which of the thousands of webpages to show at which position or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This whole process is called indexing.

Every search engine has its own rules (algorithms) based on which the ranking is decided.

If we talk about Google, there are about 200 factors on which bases analyze and rank all webpages.

for example –

If I type search engine work in Google, then the search engine work is written somewhere in the title, description and URL of the websites that have come to the top.

This is because when ranking, Google considers the title, description and URL of the search webpage to be very important factors.

Apart from this, more things that decide our ranking in Google’s search results.

Like – How old is our website?

How is the quality of the information given on it?

How many websites link to that webage? (backlinks)

These are all things that indicate to Google which webpage to show in which position.

Third step – Retrival

In this step the Query of the user is understood and all the results related to it are displayed.

Whenever we type something in Google’s search box, within a few seconds

All the information related to him is available online, he shows us in his search results. This is called Retrival.


Today in Part – 3 of SEO course, we have talked about how does search engine works. Hope you liked our post SEO Course Part-3 || How Does Search Engine Work? We keep bringing information for you on such interesting topics. If you want to learn SEO closely then this is the complete series of seo. You can learn seo by visiting each part. See you in the next Part-4 of SEO course. Till then let’s say goodbye to you.

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