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Revenge taken as ghost Horror story.

Horror story
Horror story


Revenge taken as ghost Horror story.

Horror Story: This is a Ghost Horror Story and This is the story of the time when India was a slave of the British. The British used to rule all over India. British officers used to exploit people a lot.

There used to be a farmer in a village in Andhra Pradesh. He also had a daughter named Sunaina. Sunaina used to help her father in the fields.

Sunaina was beautiful in appearance as well as very beautiful from heart. He was praised by everyone in the village. One day Sunaina was working alone in her farm. Then some British arrived and saw Sunaina alone, they started flirting with her.

Sunaina protested a lot and shouted for help but there was no one to hear her voice. Those poor people did the most disgusting act with the poor Sunaina, took her ballot and left it to her.

Due to public shame and shame, Sunaina jumped into a nearby river and committed suicide. A wave of mourning spread throughout the village. But nobody dared to say anything to those Britishers, it is a distant thing.

A few days later, the body of an Englishman was found lying in a forest. There was panic among the British officers. The British started a search-bin but nothing was found. Two to three days later, an English soldier also died tragically and his body was found hanging from a tree.

Horror Story For kids

When this news reached the London court, he was also surprised. The death of two consecutive British soldiers caused panic in the people of the court sitting in London. Now he held a state level inquiry meeting. But even that did not yield any result, it was still being investigated that the body of another soldier was found lying in the drain that night. Horror American story

After three deaths one after the other, a common string was discovered in all of them. After much research, it was found that all three of them were doing duty together in the village where Sunaina had died. So the fourth English soldier who raped that girl together with all of them. In his mind, he ran and ran and went straight to his high officials and told the whole story. Horror story for kids.

His British officers started laughing at him who died himself, how would he die to others. These Indians are foolish and backward that’s why we are slaves. You are also becoming a fool like them, ghosts, ghosts and witches are nothing.

But the rapist British became suspicious and started feeling very scared. He understood that Sunaina would not leave me either. Now I am the last soldier left, the rest of the British who raped Sunaina are dead. Now I am very nervous thinking that I am his next victim.

While living in India, the British had heard the stories of many Sadhu Baba who protect them from evil spirits and ghosts. He went to a monk, Baba, who lived in the forest, and he told about his problem as well as this, but he did not tell Sunaina that he raped her so badly. Horror Ghost Story.


Horror Story in English

Sadhu Baba’s anger was touching the sky. He became angry in anger. Sadhu Baba was a very perfect man. He saw everything in the eyes of the British soldier and said that the wicked you have committed a great crime, even after that, they lie. There is no solution to your crime. You will surely get the fruits of your actions, no one can save you.

Hearing these things of Sadhu Baba, the British soldier became more nervous and decided to go to England. He again ran to his superior British officer and requested him to transfer back to England. American horror story

The British officer said, okay I will allow you to go back to England but you will have to give me 50 gold coins for that. I have heard that you have secretly looted a lot of gold coins from the people of the village.

That British soldier, from his looted property, barged 50 gold coins to the British officer and left for England the same evening. Horror story in english

Everyone was discussing in Sunaina’s village and everyone was happy. They knew that Sunaina’s soul was now wandering, wandering around as a ghost, but her father was not worshiping the peace of her soul because he wanted Sunaina to drink the blood of her last criminal before Have your satisfaction. He can take revenge for the misdeeds with him and then he will worship his soul for peace.

Ghost Horror Story Took its Revenge in England

The ghostly horror story Sunaina took revenge for her misdeed by going to England.

Here he had sat on a ship of English with full preparation to go to his country. Now he was happy that he would survive. In no time, he went home. Upon reaching home, eating and drinking alcohol and meat, he slept very peacefully.

As soon as midnight, he felt that someone was sitting on his chest. When he saw with open eyes, his eyes got torn. He did not believe how this could happen, how the ghost of India came here in England. American  horror story

As soon as he touched the ghost to remove it from his chest, his hand started burning like a piece of paper. Gradually, his entire body started burning and after a while, there was no ash left. After that Sunaina disappeared from there.

Here Sunaina’s father was waiting to worship the peace of his soul. She came in her father’s dream and told that I have taken revenge. Now I want peace and liberation. His father went to Sadhu Baba in the forest just before dawn and told him the whole story.

Sadhu Baba was already watching the entire sequence of events. He called the ritualistic pandits and under his direction performed prayers for the peace of Sunaina’s soul. In the end, the people of the whole village of Havan happened and with good eyes, Sunaina departed from this death world forever.

The conclusion

So friends, this was a ghost horror story. In today’s post, we have told you about the horror story of a ghost. Hope you get this story Best Revenge Taken as Witch || Horror Ghost Story || Horror Story . Kasand must have come. Such interesting stories keep coming for you. So follow us. If you liked the story, then share it with your friends as much as possible and let us know about the comment.

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