Wrestler – 1 Best Horror Ghost story in English 2020

Wrestler – 1 Ghost story

Horror Ghost story
Horror Ghost story

Best Horror Ghost Story in English 2020

Wrestler Horror Ghost Story: Friends, today’s story is going to be very interesting, this Horror story is of a ghost.  This is the enjoyment of the Horror ghost story’s wrestler.

Which is divided into three parts.  If you read all three parts of it, you will enjoy it very much.  So stay with us till the end of this story.

Friends, most incidents in ghost events related to ghosts make a story. So few are so touching that it comes to heart. But there is also an incident related to my life which makes me laugh with remembrance.

Knowingly, this incident happened with my mother’s maternal uncle. Just a little slackness caused such trouble behind him that it took him years to get rid of him.

He used to live in the village. His name is quite good, but the name that is often kept for teasing in the village, the name is left behind for the whole life.

In the same abbreviation and joke, his name became Lal Ji as a child. They started to be known by this name. Ghost story in english 2020.


Horror Ghost story in english

The village where he lived is about forty five kilometers away from Amethi. His house was on the edge of the village. And there was a railway line about two and a half meters from his house.

And across the railway line there was a very big banyan tree and the platform was made, people knew him as the Arthaan (place of worship) of the wrestler Baba.

Everyone had great reverence for them, as a result of which they got good results. Horror Ghost story in english. The people of the nearby villages used to worship him and see his grace very much and this trend continues even today.

Well, there were no Gods who dwell there, they were the ones who are called cheating in the cities. But they live there for a long time, so they are very powerful.

The person who worships him offers a bottle of nappies and liquor on the tree. People suffering from ghosts are cured by going there.

Lal ji also considered him very much, but he was a bit lazy. Whenever his mother asked him to offer it, he often avoided it. There was also a Panditji living in the village, he was very well-known and had a great name in the arena.

People often called him Paheelwan Pandit. Although he was a Pandit, but this name did not touch his character far and wide. Being a wrestler, he often consumed meat, but very rarely.

He was survived by his wife and a ten-year-old son. Once upon a time, his wife had gone to her maternal home with a son and the bus she was coming back from crashed.

His son died on the spot and his wife died after suffering life and death in the hospital for 3 days.

For the whole week there was a grief in the entire village, for the first time such a big accident happened in that village.

The people of the wrestler’s house kept running, he had lost his senses. Knowledgeable and friendly people nearby gave them food water, otherwise they themselves did not even take food water.

After a week, the people of the village slowly started returning to their daily routine and on the other hand, when the wrestler took over himself, he started getting drunk and drunk and told his friends and relatives to go and live alone.

Heused to stay drunk all night all day.

 Wrestler Ghost Horror English  Story

Gradually his wrestler’s body started to dry up and within a month he started to appear like a normal person but did not listen to anyone’s words and just used to talk for hours with the same alcohol and family picture.

After about a month, while going to the farm suddenly in the morning, a person reported that the wrestler had committed suicide on the railway line.

His body was lying there in two parts. All the men of the village picked him up from there and carried him to the funeral.

And all the villagers got a little mixed and got their last action done. Wrestler ghost horror story. It was very bad, but everyone thought that it had to happen, if not today or tomorrow. Either he would die lying in bed with alcohol or else what had to happen.

Well, whatever happened, they gave their property to the Panchayat in the village well, believing it to be the will of God. There after a month, Lal ji’s mother also passed away. And Lal ji was well understood that do not forget to offer wrestler Baba every week.

Their blessings will be at home, there will always be greenery and prosperity at home. Lal ji understood this thing well and kept following it.

Once a week, he used to go to Arthaan and offer it as an offering. And like everyone, by offering a little wine from the bottle of wine there, they used to bring the remaining bottle back as offerings.

He followed this rule completely for about six months. Then one day he had gone to another village, to meet an acquaintance, the village was at a distance of about four hundred meters away from that house, so he saw that the person was also offering to the wrestler Baba.

But he did not go to their meaning, just by keeping the diaper and wine in a bowl, seeing the meaning of the wrestler Baba, he said in the local language, “Oh wrestler, accept your enjoyment.” And then the wine fell on the same side, joined hands and started talking back to Lal Ji.

Lal Ji asked if Baba accepts indulgence in this way. He replied yes and told that even the gods come to the earth to take the prasad offered with true devotion and then these Baba reside at some distance and accept their enjoyment.

Lal Ji liked this, even though he did not like to go far after crossing the railway line. Now this sequence of them started.

He would go towards the back of the house with some liquor and nappies in a vessel and standing there, on the side where the meaning of the wrestler Baba crossed the railway line, he said, “Accept the wrestler Baba bhog.”

And used to come back from there. He used to do this every week. They would have offered enjoyment in this way

Finel Words for Horror Ghost Story

Friends, in this story we have told you ‘wrestler Part-1 of horror Ghost Story’.  Hope you like this story “Wrestler – 1 Best Horror Ghost story in English 2020

If this story has become interesting for you, then wait for Part 2 of this story.  Till then I say goodbye to you.  Thank you

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