What is Google Speech Recognition? How does this work -21

What is Google Speech Recognition? How does this work?

Google Speech Recognition
Google Speech Recognition

Google Speech Recognition system is a product of Google which has been launched by Google. By which you can type and speak in any language i.e. how to do all this in Speech To Text In any language? I will tell you about it in this page.

This Google Speech Recognition system of Google can take Voice Input in almost all languages   and give text in Output.

You can also use it in Android or you can download Google Doc from the Play store and on the doc.google.com website for Computer, you can use google speech typing, make a document, copy the text and paste it anywhere Can be

Hello friends and I welcome you to my blog tecindiasandeep.com. Friends, today we are going to discuss about Google speech recognition. What is google speech recognition after all? And how it works, you will get to know all of them in this post. So stay with us till the end. Now let’s start.

First we talk about speech recognition….

Speech recognition is a computer software program or hardware device that has the ability to decode human voice. Voice recognition is commonly used to operate a device, to command, or to write or press any button without using a keyboard, mouse. Today, it is performed on computers with an ASR (automatic speech recognition) software program.

Voice recognition evaluates a person’s voice biometrics, such as the frequency and flow of their voice and their natural pronunciation. Voice recognition is also known as speaker recognition.

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History of Voice Recognition

The first speaker recognition product for consumers was launched by Dragon in 1990, called DragonDictate.

Following the smartphone’s launch in the late 2000s, Google launched its voice search app for the iPhone. Three years later, Apple introduced Siri, now a major voice recognition assistant.

During the past decade, several other tech companies have also developed more sophisticated voice recognition software, featuring Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana from Amazon’s Echo – both of which act as personal assistants that respond to voice commands Huh.

What is required for Google speech recognition?

For voice recognition to work, you must have a sound card and a microphone or a headset. Other devices such as smart phones have all the necessary hardware built into the device. In addition, the software you use requires voice recognition support.

How Google speech recognition works

The speech recognition software on a computer requires that analog audio be converted into a digital signal, called analog-to-digital conversion. For a computer to understand a signal, it must have a digital database or terminology of words or syllables, as well as a quick means to compare signals to this data. Google speech recognition can prove to be very helpful for this.

 Where Google speech recognition is used

As Speech recognition is improving, it is being used everywhere and you must have used it somewhere. Below are some good examples, where you can identify voice. is.

1. Automated phone systems

Many companies today use speech recognition in their phone systems that help direct the caller to the correct department.

2. Google speech

Google speech. There is a service that allows you to search and ask questions on your computer, tablet and phone.

3.Car Bluetooth

For cars with Bluetooth or handsfree phone pairing, you can use voice recognition to create commands, such as ‘Call Ankit’.

4.Speaker dependent system

Training is required before using this voice recognition, which requires you to read a series of words and phrases.

5.Speaker independent system

This voice recognition software recognizes the voice of most users without any training.

6.Discrete speech recognition

The user should pause between each word so that speech recognition can recognize each different word.

7.Continuous speech recognition

Voice recognition can understand the normal rate of speaking.

8.Natural language

Speech recognition can not only understand voice, but can also answer questions or other questions that are being asked.

How does Google speech recognition works

Google speech recognition

Friends, I will now tell you how the Google voice recognition system works.

Step 1

First of all you go to doc.google.com. Here a page will open, click on the Blank in it.

Step 2

Now the blank document is showing, in this menu bar select voice typing in the tool.

As soon as you select, Icon show of Google voice typing will start in the left side of the document.

Step 3

In this google Voice Typing Icon, click to select the language and select your language.

Now you can use google speech recognition for typing Hindi, you can use a microphone of good quality so that clear voice can work properly, even the microphone of normal head phone works properly.

Voice Command For Document Editing

With Google voice recognition, you can do editing in a document like Select all, Copy, Cut, Insert Header, Insert link etc. But you can do all these commands only in English language, I am giving below in their list, you can also try them first, choose English from the icon of Google Speech which will be showing left side in the document and this voice give command

Select All





Delete last word

Insert Link

Copy Link

Delete link

Insert Header


Stop listening

Google voice recognition is a great tool that you can use to write articles, make your notes.


In today’s post, we have told you about google speech recognition. Hope you find this post What is Google Speech Recognition? How does this work? Would have liked and learned something. Keep following us for similar intresting posts. See you in the next post till then by good.

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