Best 1 Way How To Google Search Console Add Website

How To Google Search Console Add Website.

google search console add Website
google search console add Website

Google search console Add Website in English

Google search console Add Website:  If you are a blogger then you must have heard about Google search console. What is google webmaster tool, how to google search console add Website/blog. what are its benefits, why is google search console important, all information related to these for your blog You will get to read this in today’s post. In today’s post, you will take a closer information about Google Search Console.

Every blogger knows very well that traffic is most important for a blog. If traffic is coming to your blog then you will benefit otherwise your blog is of no use.

But yes I do not say that the new blogger will be aware that the new blogger may not know about it. Now I would like to tell you how traffic comes. Traffic There are many ways to bring traffic.

By using this, you can generate a lot of traffic on your blog. But what is right and in which you benefit more, that traffic is of your use. I will tell you about it later. Before that, I will tell you where to bring traffic first. First of all, social media is the way to bring traffic.

This is the only medium for a new blogger so that he can get good traffic to his blog. For that you just have to pay attention to your post. You have to write your article and share it on social media after publishing, this will bring traffic to your blog.

Because in the initial phase you do not know much about search engine optimization and neither do you know about on-page seo, hence social media platform is your first medium. Along with this, the authority of new blogs is also less, so if it does not rank easily and then traffic from Google is impossible.

For this, you have to give a long time and work hard.

And one way of backlink is you can leave the link of your post by going to another website, it is called backlink. Or by commenting on another website’s post, you can leave a link to your blog or post there and you can get traffic from there. And the right way is Google.

If traffic comes from Google on your blog, that’s a good thing. Because the traffic that comes from Google, the traffic is perfect and profitable. In this, if you get through traffic of keywords then it is even better that you get a lot of profit.

But let me tell you that it is not so easy to bring traffic from Google, for this you have to come to A B C D of search engine optimization. I have told you about this in this post  What is search engine optimization .

You  will definitely benefit from reading this post. Now I knew you how traffic comes from Google, to get traffic from Google, you have to submit your Google search console add Website.

This is very important if you want to bring traffic from Google. Because Google does not know about your blog at all until you tell someone who your blog is related to. We will talk about all these later but before that we know what is Google Search Console?

What is Google Search Console Add Website?

Google search console is a platform of Google on which websites or blogs are submitted. This lets Google know about your blog and website. It is also known by another name – Google Webmaster Tools.

This is the old name of Google search console. Earlier the webmaster tool used to run only here, where you read how to submit your blog or website. But now after Google’s update, Google search console has come.

Many people get confused with these two. But you don’t have to be confused at all. Because it is the same. If you go to the depth of Google search console, you will also find Google’s tree master tool there. To which you submit your blog or website.

You will get to see many features on the Google search console Add Website, I will tell you all about them later.

The Google search console tells you whether your post has been indexed on Google or not. And with this we can optimize our post properly by guessing.

Google Search Console Google Webmaster Tool is a free service from Google. On this you can check the status of indexing of your blog by submitting your blog, how many posts of your blog you have indexed on Google and how many not.

Also you can optimize your blog by using this tool. If there is some kind of error in your website or blog, then this tool tells you. And then you can customize it properly and fix it.

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What is the new version Google Search Console Add Website?

How To what is New Google Search Console

You used to submit your blog or website to Google’s webmaster tool earlier. But now since the new version of Google has come, since then you have to submit your blog or website on Google search console.

This new version is quite good. Every user likes this new version. Because in the new version of Google, the new search console, you get to see many new features. Which is quite beneficial for the people.

Some people said that New Version Search Console also has Interface, Clean and Stick and some users even say that New Version Search Console has some SEO related things as well. Which helps a lot in ranking their blog or website in Search Engine.

Google’s old search console ie Google webmaster tool will not be removed yet. Because people do not know right about the new search console. Therefore, Google’s old webmaster tool may prove useful for everyone.

Therefore, it will be open to all. This will maintain the quality of Google search engine. But it may be closed in the future, so far no confirmation has been made.

That is, it is very important to know about Google’s new search console, because it may be that Google’s old webmaster tool is closed and only new search console will be replaced. It is the wisdom of every blogger to understand it well.

The new version has added features in Google Search Console Add Website that are very beneficial for a mobile user. Because Google has a special purpose behind making this new version Google Search Console and that is that as many mobile users as possible can take advantage of it.

You can see for yourself how much the number of smartphones has increased. How much is the use of mobile smartphone in the coming time. Everyone would prefer to work online from a smartphone. Which Google is already preparing.

 New Version Google search console Add Website features 

You will find many differences between Google’s old and new search console. The new search console has changed a lot. Which every blogger needs to be aware of.

With this in mind, we have mentioned about the new version of Google’s search console, so let’s be well aware of it.

 New Google Search Console features


In Overview, you can see all the things that are necessary for your website. Especially in this you can see all the reports of Performance, Coverage, Enhancements. You will get to see its information very well.


In this, you can see all the reports of your website which are very important for you, such as how many Clicks have happened, how many impressions have taken place and along with CTR, you can also see what is the position of your blog or website.

Which gives you an idea of ​​the ranking of your post.

In Google Search Console New Version, whatever reports or data you get in performance will be Monthly Data, whether it is Keyword of any Niche or any other data.

In which there will be important tools like Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices and Search Appearance.

With the help of these tools, you can easily know the Total Click and Impressions of data, that is, give you the information of all the important data which proves helpful for you. For example, which are the keywords that have been clicked on.

URL Inspection

This is the tool that was not found in Webmaster ie earlier Console, if it is Detect or you have ever thought that it is a problem in the URL then you will be the URL to which all the publishers had this problem that which post is wrong.

But Google has told its solution in Google Search Console Add Website New Version that if you post anything in any post on your website or blog, you can check that there is no problem in that URL and if it happens then it will you So will tell you immediately what’s wrong in your post.

In the URL Inspection it will also tell that if you are preparing a page for Crawl, then by using this tools, you can find out whether this page is ready for Crawling or not.

Also, you also get the information of your post whether your post has been indexed in Google or not. If any of your posts are not indexed in Google or are not visible on Google, then this tool can prove very useful for you.

With the help of this tool, you can get every one of your posts indexed on Google. Which is not indexed on Google.

INDEX Option

Through this option, you get information about these tools.


In Coverage, you get all the data which is found in your website or blog as an error and all its details are also found below it.

In this, along with the old data, you will also get new data and it will also be explained in a good way, which is completely different from the previous one, and the rest of the information we have already given in the overview.


Sitemap in Google search console is an option through which you can submit sitemap of your blog to Google. And if you have submitted a Sitemap in the old Search Console, then you can see it through the Submitted Sitemap Option and if you want to submit a new Sitemap, then through Add a New Sitemap you can add a new Sitemap. We have written this post “what is sitemap?“. You must read it.

The data you get in the search console with the new ones were found in the search console with the old one, but in this, the same data has been designed by designing it even better. And in the old Search Console, we all used to check before submitting a Sitemap whether it is correct or not. But now it is not so in the new one, you will be able to test only when you have that data.


When any type of issue occurs in your URL. Or an error appears. Then this option comes in handy. You have to delete your URL, for that you have to come to this option and delete the URL). As 404 error.

And when does 404 error occur on your blog when you change the URL of a post ie permalink. Your post remains the same but your permalink changes, due to which you see an error of 404. The first way to fix this is to redirect it with another new url (permalink).

And another way is to remove the URL (permalink) on which you are getting 404 error.


In Enhancements, you will get all the information that bothers your site, i.e. whatever issues will be there, you will be able to see them here. This means to say that the issue with the error in this option, as well as it will also give you the data that who has been clicked wrongly on your site and must have been clicked consciously, then you can also fix that issue. Huh. This is a good thing for every blogger.

Speed ​​(experimental)

This option of the new version Google search console is very good and also beneficial for every blogger’s blog as it allows you to speed check your blog website which is very important for search engine optimization.

If the speed of your blog is good, then your blog will rank quickly on Google. But if the page speed of your blog or website is slow, however much search engine optimization you do, there will be a lot of problem in ranking your post further.

If for some reason the page speed of your blog is very low, then this option tells you what the reason is because the speed of your site is slow. With this, you can easily check the speed of your side.

Mobile usability

In the old search console, it was not an option that if a page is not open in mobile then what should we do, but in the new search console there is such an option that if a page is not opening correctly, you can correct it.


In the old Google Search Console, if there is any kind of error in the pages or in the site, then we could not fix it, but it is not so in the new version Google Search Console, it is completely different from that.

In this, you can either fix one by one or you have the freedom to fix the entire error together, so that our work becomes a little easier.


On this option, you see some errors that are caused by templates. This error was not seen before, but since Google’s new update has come, you get to see these Breadcrumbs error.

But these can also be fixed. Exactly I have come from problem labels. When you do not use a level correctly, you get to see this Breadcrumbs error. To fix this, you have to fix the level and then copy the link of the post with that label and index it again on Google. After that your problem of Breadcrumbs error becomes the solution.

Sitelink search box

Whenever you do some search in Google, at that time you must have noticed that the search box shows under a site. Through this search box you can search related to the website. If you have not seen, then visit Google and search by typing YouTube.

You will have a searchbox show, this is called Search box sitelink. Now you must have also understood that the site will benefit from being a search box sitelink show! With this, your site will get more than 30% traffic, this will increase the value of your site and your site will become branded. You get all these information on this option.

Manual Actions

When any kind of detect is found on your blog or website, you get all these information on manual actions. Suppose a hacker intrudes on your side or makes any kind of tampering, then you get its information through manual action.

Also, you have to pay attention to all the manual action of the website such as History, Review, Request as well as the result.


New Version Search console’s links option
You will get to see the data which is posted inside the post of your website, like its internal and external link but it has been changed slightly.

In the old search console, it was not told which internal link is getting the most popular or which link is getting more views, but in the new version Google Search Console one, you will get this information.


Through this setting you are told that your
Whether or not the blog or website is Verify, it is also told who is the owner of it.

Now you can guess yourself how important Google’s new version search console is for your blog or website.

Not only this, but there is more information about the New Version Google Search Console, which we need to know correctly. When you use it properly, you will automatically get to know about the new version search console.

How to submit Blogger blog to Google’s new version search console? 

Submitting Blogger Blog to Google new version Search Console is very easy, I am giving you some tips below, following which you can easily submit your Blogger Blog to Google Search Console, just give you below tips Will have to follow carefully. So let’s start with what you have to do.

First of all, you have to open your Chrome browser, if you use mobile then you have to do it on such desktop mode. Now you will login with his gmail account from which you have created a blog.

step 1

You have to come directly to your blogger’s dashboard. Now you will go to Settings.

How To Submit Blogger Blog To New Google Search Console

Step 2

On Settings, you will see an option to search search preferences. You have to come to this search preference.

Step 3

Here you will see the option of a Google search console. You will click on the edit button next to it.

Step 4

Now Google search console page will open in front of you. You will see which is the first box, here you have to enter your domain name. If you have a subdomain, you insert it here.

How To Submit Blogger Blog To New Google Search Console

step 5

And this is the second box, here you will copy and paste the link to your blog or website. As you can see by understanding the image. And after that you will click on Continue.

You can choose either of these two.

Now you are done. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your blogger blog to Google search console Add Website I hope you have followed these steps and submitted the blog to the new version Google Search Console Add Website.


In today’s post I asked you what is Google search console Add Website ? And has told about submitting his blogger blog on Google search console Add Website. Hopefully you have successfully submitted your blog to the search console.

Hope you have liked our post ‘How To Submit Blogger Blog To New Google Search Console Add Website’ and learned something from it. Thank you for staying connected with us till the end, till then you bid farewell to the new post.

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