Google Analytics Property Tracking ID Add For Blogger Blog

 Part-8 Google Analytics Property Tracking ID Add For Blogger Blog

Google Analytics Property

Google Analytics Property

What is Google Analytics Property ID Add For Blogger Blog

Google Analytics Property: What is Google Analytics  ID?, How to create Google Analytics  ID for Blogger Blog?” And “How to add Google Analytics  Tracking ID to Blogger?” Do you have this question in your mind or do you not know about “Google Analytics  ID”, then this post will prove to be very important for you. If you are a new blogger, you will get the “What is Google Analytics  ID?” Must know about it. So let’s start today’s post of “Part-8 Google Analytics Tracking ID Add For Blogger.”



 What is Google Analytics ID?

Google Analytics  is a kind of tool created by Google itself. This tool proves to be very beneficial for bloggers. With the help of this tool, the blogger can easily see the response in his blog or website.


It is a free tool, you do not have to pay any money to use it. By the way, you must know that any free things do not have much value, they are not very reliable. But there is nothing like this in Google Analytics . You must all know Google very well. It is a tool of Google itself, so you can feel free to trust it.


  • Now let me give you a little information about it. Google Analytics tracks your blog or website and gives you all the information about your blog for free. The Google Analytics  gives you information about how much traffic comes to your blog or website every day, where it comes from, and how many percent. For this, you have to create ID here. We found you below “How to create Google Analytics  id for Blogger Blog?” Has given information about. Follow the steps given below closely.

How to create Google Analytics ID for Blogger Blog and add Tracking ID?


You may have already learned that “What is Google Analytics  id?” Let’s now know “How to create and add Google Analytics  tracking id for Blogger blog?” You have to login with your blog Gmail account first.


step 1

You have to search on Google by writing “Google Analytics”. And open its official website.


Step: 2 start measuring

Here you will see the start measuring button. Click on it.


Step: 3 Account setup

Set up your account here. Below you will have the option of account name. Enter your blog or website name here. With this, tick all four boxes and click on Next.

Step: 4 Property setup

Here also you have to enter the name of your blog.


  • Property name: Blog Name
  • Reporting time zone: country & time zone
  • Currency: the currency of your country

Now next.


Step: 5 About your business


  • Industry category: Here you have to choose the topic of your blog.
  • Business size: Select the number of people who work in your blog from here.

Below you will see the Create button. Click on it


Step: 6 Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement


Now you will get to see an interface. Choose your country at the top here.


Below this, you will see two boxes to accept their policy. Tick ​​both and click on the button “I Accept”.

Step: 7 My email communications

Click on save button here. Now your Google Analytics ID has been created here.


Step: 8 home page

You have to come directly to the home page of Google Analytics. Now you have to go to “all accounts” on the top side.


Step: 9 properties & apps

When you go to “Properties & Apps”, you will get the ID of your Google Analytics . You copy it and add it to your blog.


You will get information about how to submit it in the blog by following the steps below.


I hope that you have successfully made the journey to this place. Now take the next journey by following the steps given below.



How to add Google Analytics Tracking ID to Blogger Blog?


When you Add Google Analytics ID to your blog then Google Analytics becomes associated with your blog. You will know how to do it by following these steps.


Steps: 1 Copy Google Analytics Property ID

First you will copy the Google Analytics ID.


Step: 2 Blog Dashboard

Now you have to come to the dashboard of your blogger blog. Here you click in the three lines of the menubar above.


Step: 3 Settings

You will see the option of settings below. You have to go to the setting.


Step: 4 Google Analytics Property ID

Here you will see the option of Google Analytics ID. Click on it


Now the option you are getting. Paste the Google  Property ID copied here. Now save it.


(Note: If UA-has not come before your code, then do add it and after the code you must also put -1.)


Conclusion for Google Analytics Property ID


So you have seen how you can create Google Analytics  ID and connect with your blog. I hope you have done all that I have told you easily. Hope this post “Part-8 How To Add Google Analytics Property Tracking ID Add For Blogger?” Must have proved important to you and liked it. Stay connected with us to learn similar blogging. If you have any question related to this post, then you can ask me in the comment.


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