Know The 1 Right Way To Google Analytics Add Website Blog

Know The 1 Right Way To Google Analytics Add Website Blogger Blog

Google Analytics Add Website
Google Analytics Add Website

 Google analytics add website: If you are a new blogger then you must submit your new blog on Google Analytics. Creating an account on Google Analytics or submitting your blog on Google Analytics in Actually. Returns to the basic setting of the blog’s seo. If you have not yet done the basic setting of SEO for your blog, you can read our post ‘How to do basic settings of SEO for Blogger Blog’ We have told about the basic setting of seo on this post.

On this post today, I have told all the information related to Google Analytics. In this, you will get to know what is Google Analytics, how to create an account on it, as well as how you can submit your blog to Google Analytics, to get all these information, you should carefully follow this post from beginning to end. Have to follow.

So stay tuned to the end of this post with us and know what is Google Analytics and how to Google Analytics Add Website/Blogger Blog?

What is Google Analytics add Website?

Google Analytics is also free and premium, so it is also known as Freemium Web Analytics. And this is because it provides both services through Google. How much Tropic is coming to your blog, where it is coming from, what device is being viewed, how old people look and what posts are read. All this information keeps tracking Google Analytics. Submitting a blog on Google Analytics will give you information about all these things.

Not only this, you can also see the number of live visitors of your blog or website on Google Analytics. You also get to know the location of where visitors are looking from. For all this, you have to create an account on Google Analytics and from there you will get a code, you have to add that code to your blogger blog. Now your work is finished. Your blog will be to Google Analytics add Website.

If you want, you can install its app from the Play Store or you can do this work by going to Google. You can create an account at the place where you feel comfortable. You will get this service at both places.


Benefits of Google Analytics add Website/Blogger Blog

Whether we work online or offline. Before working, we do think about its benefits. As we have created a blog. Now we are talking about analytics, so the question will definitely arise in your mind that what is the benefit of adding your blog on Google Analytics and what are our readers where we are reading, what do we have to do with all this? So first, let us talk about this topic. What are the benefits of Google Analytics in sports –

Google analytics Add Website
Google analytics Add Website

Real time visitors

With Google Analytics, you get information about real time visitors. Google Analytics tells you the exact time at which time your visitors read your blog. Which makes it easier for you to understand at what time we should publish the content. When you publish content at the right time, more people will come. The more people who read your block, the higher the ranking will be. And when your blog gets ranked once. So there is no need to tell you about the benefits of this because you yourself are sensible.

Visit country

With the help of Google Analytics, you get to know about the visitors’ country. In which country your blog is being read, you get information through Google Analytics hands-on. This makes it very easy for you to understand which language you should target which has brought more and more people to your blog.

used devise

Google Analytics will give you information about which device your blog uses. Now, whether your blog is being viewed on mobile, I am viewing it on tablet, or on PC or laptop. You will get information about this very easily.

Reading post

Which of your posts are proving helpful for visitors, Google Analytics also gives you the information very easily, which shows you which of your content is helpful for visitors. On which people trust more. This will give you a clue as to what type of content people like to write.

Traffic source

Along with all this, you also get to know the source of traffic and where the traffic is coming from on your blog. Whether coma came from Google, came from Bing, came from Yahoo, came from social media or from any other side. Google Analytics gives you all these information easily. Which makes it easy for you to understand how deep you are on water. Whether or not you have seo your content properly. How much is his on-page seo, you can guess from this.

So these were some of the benefits of Google Analytics, which I just told you. Not only this, but there are many other benefits of Google Analytics. What I did not tell you about, here I have told you about the benefits of the main men topic.

how to create google analytics account

To create an account on Google Analytics, you can follow the steps given below. It is very easy to create a Google Analytics account, just keep following these steps.

First of all, you have to open your browser. After opening the browser, you will open Google and type in Google, create a Google Analytics account and search.

The first site to appear after ads is why Google Analytics should be open. Now you have to login with some Gmail account, which has created your blog on your blogger.

The page of Welcome Google Analytics will open in front of you and you will see the start measuring button just below it. You have to click this button. And direct Google Analytics account form will open in front of you. You have to fill this form.

Account details

Here a box will open in front of you where you have to enter the account name. You can enter the name of your blog on My New Account Name. As I will put the name of my blog, tec India is Sandeep and Next.

What do you want to measure?

Here you have to listen to your category, for whom you are creating a Google Analytics account. I will choose the website as I am creating for my blog. If you are creating an account for a website or blog, you can select the web. Now, click on the Next button.

Property setup

Some such interface will open in front of you.

Google Analytics Add Website
Google Analytics Add Website

website name: Here you will enter the name of your blog or website.

Website URL: Here you have to copy and paste the URL of your website. Next to URL is to select https.

(Note: if you already have https or http before your URL, delete it)

Industry Category: From here you have to select the category of your blog. You have to select the category for which your blog or website belongs.

Reporting Time Zone: And here you will select your country of which country you are resident. After this, we will click on Create.

Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement

Now Google Analytics terms and policy will come in front of you. Read this policy of Google Analytics and select both the coaches. You will once again select your country. Now click on I accept.

Congratulations, your Google Analytics account has been successfully created. Now you can connect to your blog by copying your tracking ID from here. To connect to the blog, you must follow the steps given below.

how to google analytics Add Website/ Blogger blog

Google analytics is a simple technique to link blogger blog by following which you can easily connect your blog with Google Analytics. For this, follow the steps given below.

step 1

Go to the dashboard of your Google Analytics account, you have to copy the tracking ID from here.

Submit Blogger to Google Analytics


You have to come to your blog display, go to settings.


Now you will go to other section. Here you will see an option of Google Analytics at the bottom. Where a box will be found in front of the Analytics Web Property ID.

Know The Right Way To Submit Blogger Blog to Google Analytics

You have to paste the copied tracking code on a box. Now click on Save Settings. Just got your job done. Now you have connected your blog to Google Analytics. Now you will know how to use someone. Let’s discuss a little information about it.

how to use google analytics add website for blogger

Using Google Analytics is beneficial for every user who blogs or has a website. Google analytics is used only to track blog / website activity.

But the biggest thing is why should you use Google Analytics?

This is a question that every website owner (owner) or admin (founder) of a blog should know. Which posts on your website, how much traffic comes from, where they come from, what cities and countries are coming from, what hours or days of the day and night are coming more or less, as well as which keywords (words) It is best to use Google Analytics (Google Analytics) to find out what is coming up and also whether the incoming traffic is increasing or decreasing as the day progresses.

Because across the Internet, Google Analytics is the only platform from which you will get the information of your blog or web accurately and easily, that too for free.

Poor-performing pages can be identified with techniques such as Google Analytics Analysis Funnel Visualization, which can be very useful in analyzing the pages of your website.

how to track blog traffic i google analytics add website

Perhaps now you must be thinking that we have created our account on Google Analytics and also linked it with Blogger. But let us tell you that you should also know about Google Analytics.
In Google Analytics, analytics plays a very important role in tracking your blogger blog or tracking its traffic. In analytics, in order to check your website / blog analytics tracking of track web site visitors, you should know some terms below. So that you can find out that after all. What happens in this analytics. And its components are part. Which we should understand.
First of all you have to go through the overview in the audience in reporting your google analytics. Or you can also call it the dashboard of Google Analytics.
You can easily understand by looking at the image below.
Submit Blogger Blog to Google Analytics


Here you are counted the number of visitors. That is, how many times your blog has been opened in the last days. If 20 users come to your blog, open and read your post, then your entire 20 sessions will be counted. But yes, if the same user visits your blog more often in the same day at different times, then the number of your sessions will decrease.
 For example, if 20 users come to your blog and 5 of these users open your site at different times, then in such a situation your users will be 20 but your session will be counted as 15. And this will happen because your users are 20 but some of them are themselves who are coming to your site.


Readers who visit your blog or website are called users. On the option of users, you get the number of visitors coming. It is known that how many users come to your blog during the day, the user means that the person who opens your website or say that they have seen it by opening it. If a user comes to your blog at different times 6 times a day and opens your website, then he is the same user but session is 6. So there is always a difference between session or user and sessions are always more than user.

Page views

Talking about page view, it shows the number of people visiting your website / blog. That is, how many times your blog is being viewed. If a user comes once, there will be a page view, later that same user reads your second post or clicks on it, then it will be another page view. In this way, if he sees your 50 blog post, then total will be 50 page view. And these will belong to the same user.

Pages / Sessions

In this divide the pages by sessions and these analytics come, you get to know how many sessions your page view is.

Avg. Time duration

This shows how long an average user stays on your website.

Bounce rate

 Bounce rate means that someone opens your website immediately. If more users do this, then your bounce rate will be higher. It hurts you. Generally our website is in Hindi, then visitors who come from USA or any other country, who do not know Hindi, go out of our website immediately. If someone goes out on your website for less than 30 seconds or less than 1 minute, then the Bounce rate of your website will be higher, which is wrong for your website.

New session

Here you get new session% means that if 100 users will come. Out of that, if new user has come to your website only 75% will be 75 means that the remaining 25 have come again to see your website, so they are old user.


In Demographics, you get to know which language USER has come to your WEBSITE, then which country you come from and from which city, you know which country has more traffic on my website.


In the system, you know whether the users who have come to your website have come from Google chrome or from Mozilla. The desktop window or MAC is or is known.


In mobile, you get to know about the mobile user, that is, how many users came from desktop on your website and how many came from mobile, it is known in detail.
Now you see the screen shot below which has details of demographics.
How to check Acquisition in Google analytics
Now you have to click in the overview in Acquisition. In it, you know that the visitors who came to your website came from where they came from, meaning they came from social media, or from Organic, or from Direct, or from Referral. You can see the screen shot below.
Blog to Google Analytics


That means if you share the link of your blog article on Facebook (Facebook group, Facebook pages), Twitter, Google Plus and other social media, if someone clicks on it and sees your website, then that All the details will come here, that is, how much traffic your website will get from social media, plus you get more clicks from Facebook, or from Twitter or Google Plus, then you know more Traff of your website can increase ic.


Whoever opens your website by putting the name of your website in your browser, he comes in the Direct Visitor, meaning that he does not search in Google, he directly directs the name of your website or your blog title. Opens your own website by typing in the browser,
Secondly, whatever email marketing you do, if someone clicks your website link and sees your website, then it also comes in Direct.

Organic Search

This is very simple, whatever comes from Google search in your website, it is organic search, meaning that someone is searching for something by putting any keyword in Google and it is listed on your website and clicking on it will come in organic search. .


Referral means that you put your website back link in a comment in the site of others, and from there someone clicks on your website, then that visitor comes in referral, another if you are in a blog community (community) or forum If you put a website link and someone sees your website link by clicking on it, then that too comes in referral, and if you have applied your website to monetize your website and if that too your website If you see that too comes in eferral,
How to check Behavior in Google analytics
First you have to go to Behavior’s overview
So you will know here how many page views of your blog article you have written, that means if you have written an article, how to do blogging, then its total page view is known here, so here you are on the page of your blog article view blog article wise.
Know The Right Way To Submit Blogger Blog to Google Analytics
People who have more page view of the blog article are very much liked and people who have less page view are probably not seeing it. So you know how to write a blog article and on which topic.
From Behavior, you also get to know the speed of the site.
Now if you have a Google adsense account, then you can go into behavior and go to Publisher and see your revenue income details.


friends, how to read google analytics If you know the above terms, then you have come to check Google Analytics add Website. With the above terms of Google Analytics, how much traffic comes to our website and where does that traffic come from. It shows in detail, that if your traffic comes from social media and not from organic then you will know from Google analytics, then after searching for the best Keyword and creating a blog article you will post it, then your Organic visitor Can increase.
In today’s post, we have told you how to Google Analytics add website/Blogger Blog. Hope you liked our post ‘Know the Right Way to Google Analytics add website/Blogger Blog. We keep bringing posts for you on such interesting topics.

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