Ghost Horror Story in English Writing For Kids

 Ghost Horror Story in English Writing For Kids

Horror Story in English


Horror Story in English Writing

Horror Story in English:Today I am going to tell you that it is based on a true incident. There is a peepal tree 2 km from a village which is quite huge. The branches of this tree are very long and spread all around. It is a very dense tree.

If I tell you the truth, you will not trust me. The branches of that tree are spread in about half a bigha. I do not know whether you believe or not, but I believe that there are ghosts, birds, souls etc.

horror story in english

There are such evil spirits in every street, at every intersection! We don’t even see them unless they don’t want to see us. Whenever these souls appear, there is a reason, like when someone’s zodiac meets that soul.

I am going to tell you the story of such a reality which whenever I remember my cries stand up. Now I am telling you about the incident that happened with us.

One day I and my friends went to play on that peepal tree. When we started playing there, we started swinging like a swing on the branches of that tree!horror story in english writing,

 The shade of that tree was so dense that all the birds used to sit on it and we used to swing on it in the summer and it was very fun! They always used to say about that tree that ghosts live on that tree! But where do we children believe in someone. Just used to walk to play everyday.


Once upon a time it was noon, we were three friends, and two of my friends left early that day, it was 12:00 pm and we reached there and we made a plan that we would go up and hide. And if those people come, then we will scare them as ghosts and we climbed on top of some stones in our respective pent.

Horror stories in English

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 Friends, let me tell you that there was a well two fields away from the tree on which no one lived but except a rope and bucket, when we were tired of playing sports, we used to go and drink water! It was about 1:00 pm, when we were tired of waiting, those people did not come, so one of us said, let’s come to drink water, and I told them that I am not thirsty you guys go away. .

 Friends, those people got down and went to drink water. It was midday, the sun was on austerity with its full heat. Loo was going on loudly and the wind was going round and round, blowing dust! You will know that in the village these air spheres are called (dandura)!

ghost horror story in english for child

I saw a similar wind ball coming towards Peepal, blowing large dust and he came and all the leaves of the Peepals started sounding, and some of the breaks started falling, because of that my eyes closed! All the birds flew away.ghost horror story in english for child

 When I opened my eyes all of a sudden, what would I see, a black-haired, big-haired man, and such a creepy person sitting on the front of my face, I got rid of my fear and I fell down as soon as I fell down I fell unconscious! When my eyes opened, I saw that my friends have returned after drinking water, after picking me up, they made me sit down, the peepal leaves were gathered enough, so I did not feel much, just a little blood came out of my leg! When my friend asked – what happened?


So I told them that I have seen a ghost on this tree right now! All the friends were understanding that Ajay is trying to scare us. He said – Looks like you are thirsty and you have fallen from above because they said you drink water Till then we are here!

Because of their stubbornness, I had to go to drink water, I was scared anyway and my hands were shaking my feet, I was thinking in my mind that just today I go out from here, tomorrow I will not come here.

 I picked up the bucket and put the well in. As soon as the well reached the bucket, the voice came out suddenly and that sound seemed like I was jumping again and again…


 I was even more afraid when the rope I held it comfortably, how was this sound ….?


 When I looked at the well, I saw the same face in the water of the well, I suddenly stepped back and bumped into someone behind me that my senses flew away and in fear, the rope fell from my hand to the well. As soon as I looked back, the man with the same terrible face was standing, my voice stopped, his big teeth, long hair, teeth like his brother had never burnt his life, his skin was burnt , As if a burnt person looked so scary that I had just opened my eyes, there was no life in the body.


horror story in english for kids

 I just fainted, my friends were wondering why it had not come yet. After 5 minutes, when I opened my eyes, I saw that I was lying under the peepal tree, and I was scared how I came here friend. Had brought me up, as soon as I saw standing, my friends were standing and saying that your health is not good, you should have told me earlier that we would have brought water, if I had fallen well, our family members would have also Used to kill


 I told them that my health is not bad, I have really seen the ghost. Those people were not convinced that Ajay, who ever spoke about ghosts, used to say that there are no ghosts, but what has happened to it today.horror story in english for kids,

Who has got ghosts on everything! Brothers it was past 2:00! It was time for our friends to come! My friend said let’s go upstairs now and scare those people! I was afraid but I sat down with friends and not just up high.

When those people came, we started throwing stones and by then what happened was a loud (winding) wind blow and he shook all the people, we felt as if someone was trying to uproot him, my Friends understood that there is a ghost on this tree and all those people ran away in fear and we were very happy that today we had scared them but what did we know that the pakka (ghost) is also watching all this and he He shook the tree loudly, as soon as I saw my friends, it started descending quickly, now that his eyes were red, teeth ran out of lips, I ran away from there, I jumped to catch my friend from whom he hung. The cast broke and fell down suddenly.

 I did not even pick him up, I ran from there and my friend also followed. We did not even turn back. We came home and we saw that our friend Neeraj is not seen, so we saw him lying down from there, he was coming in comfort. But when he came, we were surprised to see him.


 His eyes were red, and the mood seemed to have changed somewhat, we asked him what happened Neeraj, he did not say anything, just by looking at us with similar eyes, he went and went straight to his platform.


His voice changed and the voice also became heavier. When everyone in the house saw him, he said – Where did you go…?

Then my friend Suresh told the whole thing.

Our uncle said – I always refuse not to go to these people, but where do these people believe. Now see what has happened to it, now go and call Bhagat ji and bring us a Baba in our village, Shiyaram who lives in the temple of Hanuman ji. Apart from worshiping the priest, he also specializes in things like tantra mantra.

That is why people call them in the name of Bhagat ji, then I went and called Bhagat ji from the temple. Bhagat ji told me to first rinse and go and bring the ash (from the ashram) to the temple of Hunman, then I took the ashes till then Bhagat Ji rinsed and picked up his kamandal (near the sadhus who used to drink water) and left. Now I followed them Bhagat ji and reached there and everyone understood.

Priest: Brother, what have you come here to say, he was silent, he did not say anything, then Bhagat ji understood that you will not tell like this, then Bhagat ji touched the feet of the earth and asked me for ashes, I gave him ashes, then he said some mantras. He threw the ashes on him and splashed the water with some kamandal till he caught his ear and said, why did you keep this boy and who are you from and where he came from, then he told me to stay on the nearby peepal tree I am a ghost

 These people did not let me sleep in the afternoon, so I scared them and caught it Bhagat ji said you leave Peepal and go somewhere far into the forest. The people are for the children to play.


Ghost: But where do I go …?

 Bhagat Ji: Said that you will go away like this or I will remove my barge and Bhagat Ji’s eyes turned red.


 Then the ghost said you are mine

If you leave your ear then I will go see how good a child is, I quickly understood that Neeraj shook and he became normal.

 As if I have just woken up to sleep, then Bhagat Ji said, “Now the ghost of Peepal has run away, now you can go and play on that tree anytime!” Yes friends, I forgot to tell you one thing, Bhagat ji, the eyes that shone in me were Hanuman ji and he said that I should beat you with fire.


 So speak with love, Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji jai, since then we have started believing in ghosts and do not feel afraid of them whenever you are afraid to speak


Jai Bajrang Bali

Final words

It is okay to be afraid of ghosts but it is not right to be afraid of too much. Because when we are scared too much, our body gets the right of the enemy standing in front of us, not us, and then we have to be like them even without wanting to. I am talking not just of a ghost but of all the troubles and difficulties that come in our life.

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