What is Sitemap? 15 Best Free Online Sitemap generator Tools.

 What is Sitemap? 15 Best Free Online Sitemap generator Tools.

Free Online Sitemap generator
Free Online Sitemap generator



What is Sitemap? Best Free Online Sitemap generator Tools.

 Free online sitemap generator: If you are having this question or are looking for a free online sitemap generator tool, then you have come to the right site.

You must have heard about Sitemap generater tools. If you are a blogger, today’s article is going to be very important for those who do not know about sitemap XML and are new to the blogging world. SitemapXML plays an important role for the SEO of a blogger’s blog.

Friends, let me tell you that if your blog is not submitted in Google sitemap, then your blog will never rank in Google’s search engine, whether you publish 50 posts, 100 or how many articles you write and post Google search engine I will not be able to give space to your blog. Therefore it is very important to submit your blog in google sitemap.

Hello friends, I welcome you to my blog tecindiasandeep.com. In today’s post, you will be informed about all the information related to sitemap XML. Also will explain about sitemap generater tools. With the help of which you will be able to generate a sitemap for your blog for free. So let’s start friends. Before that, let us know what is sitemap. XML.

What is Sitemap.XML?

Sitemap plays a very important role in On page SEO. But the first question that comes to mind what is sitemap.XML?

While doing search engine optimization, we tell the search engine about our blog post / pages through sitemap of our site. By doing this, the organic ranking of the website improves.

If you post our post ‘what is meta tag? If you have read how to generate meta tag for blogger, then you will understand very quickly why it is important to tell Google about our blog.

You post our ‘what is meta tag? How to generate meta tag for blogger definitely read, it will make you very easy to understand.

Talk about sitemap XML, it is an XML file which contains the list of the data of your blog.

When we submit our blog in google sitemap, all the posts posted on the blog are automatically added to the sitemap XML file. All our posts have a sitemap as a list.

Sitemaps remain the work of every page of our blog, post Google
Please tell Sitemaps do the same thing.

Sitemap creates a list of pages of your blog and sends it directly to the google search engine. Which makes your post visible on Google.

So that when search engine crawlers come to your website / blog, then they have no problem in doing research and they get to know about your blog very easily. This helps in ranking your blog.

Sitemaps are a great way to show your pages, posts on Google.

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Why is sitemapXML blog required?

If we look at search engine optimization, then Sitemap XML file is very important for every website and blog.

I do not claim that submitting a sitemap XML file to Google will increase your blog’s ranking. Your blog will start ranking in Google. But of course your post will be indexed in Google.

This proves to be very useful for new blogs and websites as they do not get much back links in new blogs, due to which the blog is not visible to Google.

This is the reason that Google crawlers are not able to find your post easily.

But the posts of websites or blogs that have become old are completely indexed. Therefore the search engine is able to crawling in it easily and as the post gets updated the search engine keeps on knowing.

And the search engine fixes the crawl rate of those websites. This increases the overall visibility of the website.

How does Google search engine find sitemap?

Search engines are very smart. They contain pings to find the Sitemap. Whenever you make a change in your blog.

Their ping informs the search engine about the updates in your blog. This lets the search engine know that a change has been made in your blog. In this way the search engine is able to find the sitemap XML file.

What are the types of sitemaps?

Generally, sitemaps are of two types –
1. HTML sitemap
2. XML sitemap

What is HTML sitemap?

Friends html is created for site map readers. With this, readers get to know about the blog pages, posts. The posts in your blog are easy to find and read pages.

HTML sitemap proves to be very useful for readers. Because it is often seen that new readers do not have much information, so that they are not able to go from one page to another.

It is because of this that readers will not be able to give much time on your blog, as well as pages from other posts of your blog will be desired. Because of which you can prove to be very harmful. Your bounce rate may be high.

The good advantage of creating an HTML sitemap is that your blog’s page views will increase. Which helps you earn more money from Google Adsense.

Do you know what is the relationship between Google Adsense and Sitemap? Google Adsense not only pays you for clicking AIDS, but also pays to see AIDS. And when you create HTML sitemap, your page views will increase as well as you will be able to earn more money too.

What is XML sitemap?

You must have understood very well about XML sitemap. Which is helpful for seo i.e. search engine optimization.

Often this question comes in the mind of a new blogger, they are very upset about the fact that their posts do not show on Google. If you have a similar problem then the solution to your problem is hidden in the XML sitemap. For this, you first submit your site to Google’s search console and then submit the XML sitemap.

As soon as you submit google webmaster tools to your blog, all your posts and pages will be indexed in Google and then you will not have to face this problem.

Let me tell you that xml sitemap is more important than html sitemap and you must make this site map to help SEO of your blog.

If this question is coming in your mind that which of the two sitemaps is more good, then I would like to tell that you should make both sitemaps.

html sitemap and xml sitemap are both important which makes the SEO and user experience of our blog and website the best.

The XML sitemap is divided into two parts.

1. Index sitemap
2. URL sitemap

Index sitemap

This shows how many url sitemap is on the website.

URL sitemap

The URL sitemap informs the final information of the url on the webpage.

It is divided into three parts-
1. Sitemap for WordPress
2. Image sitemap
3. Video sitemap

15 Best free online sitemap generator tools.

Just above, we discussed information related to Sitemaps like what is a Sitemap, why it is necessary, how many types are there and what are the benefits etc. Hopefully you understand the sitemap very well.

Now we talk about the 15 best free online sitemap generator tools with the help of which you will be able to generate a sitemap for your blog.

By the way, you will find many such websites and sitemap generator tools on the internet but we will tell about some of the best tools.

Also, you will tell a trick by which you will be able to generate direct by going to search console.

Before this there is some Sitemap Generator tool, you can also follow them.

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👉1. XML Sitemap Generator

👉2. XML-Sitemaps

👉3. Web Site Map

👉4. X Sitemap

👉5. Smallseotools

👉6. My Sitemap Generator

👉7. Website SEO Checker

👉8. Website SEO 








 blogger Free Online sitemap generator

Generating Sitemaps for Blogger is very easy but before that you have to submit the blog in Google search console. Now let’s know about the blogger sitemap generator.

First of all, you have to come to your blog Yeh Dashboard.

Step 1

Go to setting then go to search preferences.

Step 2

Click edit next to Google search console.

What is Sitemap? 15 Best Free Online Sitemap generator Tools.

Step 3

You have to click in the top three line on the left hand side.

Step 4

Now go to the sitemap. If you have added your site to the search console, your domain will automatically appear.

Step 5

You have to write sitemap.xml after (slase /) next to your domain name. Three lines will appear on the right hand side just below the submit.

Click here and select the sitemap.
And click submit. After some time your sitemap will be submitted.

Congratulations Your sitemap XML files have been submitted successfully.

Hope you have successfully completed your work.


In today’s post we asked you what is a sitemap? Blogger has explained about sitemap generator. Hope you find our post ‘What is Sitemap? 15 Best Free Online Sitemap generator Tools. ‘Would have liked.

On such interesting topics, seo keeps bringing you information related to blogging. Keep following us to stay connected with us. See you in the next post with a new topic.

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