Part-7 How To Change Language in Blogger Blog

 Part-7 How To Change Language in Blogger Blog

Change blog Language
Change blog Language

 Change Language in Your Blog

Change blog Language: Do you want to change the blog language of your blogger  If yes, you have come to the right post because in this post today we have told you “How to change the language of your blogger blog”.

Often new bloggers are unable to pay attention to their blog language while creating a blog. And they do not know in which language they are writing or for which country.

If you too are unaware of this information in blogging then there is no need to panic. You read this article from beginning to end, it is our responsibility to solve your problems.

Before changing the language of my blogger blog, I would like to tell you about the blog language, why do we need to change the language of our blog.

Why is it important to change the Blog language

If you are writing a post only for the country of India, then you must know that Hindi language is used in India. Hindi is the most spoken language here. So you understand that you have to write an article in Hindi language for the country of India.

If you want to rank your post in United states or United Kingdom, then you must know that English language is spoken there, then you should write articles in English language only.

Not only this, you can write posts for any country or write your blog posts by targeting any country. You should write a post in the language of the same country. So that people of that country can read your post well and understand it properly.

For this, there is an option to change the language in your blog settings. You can change the language from there. Now you must have understood that the language selected in your blog settings should be the same as the language of your post.

The biggest advantage from this is that your blog is valid for the language in the eyes of Google. With this, Google will give more importance to your blog.

Apart from this, in Google’s search console, you also have to target the same country from which you want to bring traffic. In the upcoming blogging part about this “how to target any country” information will be given. If you are following our post continuously, then you must read that post.

Let me tell you about the “how to change the language of the blog” now without spending much time. Follow the step by step information given by us.

How to Change Blog Language in Blogger

Follow these steps carefully to get information on “How to change the language in your blogger blog“.

Step: 1 Blog Menu Baar

First of all, you have to go to your blog and log in with the email account from which you created your blog.

Step: 2 Settings

Now the menu bar list will be visible in front of you. In this list, you will also see the option of a setting. You have to click on this setting.

Step: 3 Blog Language

Here you will find the option of “blog language” in the third number. You have to click in the blog language.

Now you can choose the language in which your blog is or the language in which you write articles. After you “change the blog language”, click the save button below.

Congratulations, you have successfully clouded the language of your blogger blog.

Last Word Related To Change Blog Language

In today’s blogging part-7 you learned about “how to change Blog language of blogger “. I hope this post has proved to be important for you.

If you are having trouble changing your blog language, then do comment us. We will be happy to help you. Hope you like this post “Part-7 How To Change Language in Blogger Blog“. I would like to tell you one more thing as I go and share this post with your friends.

Thank you

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