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Horror Stories || American Horror Story Witches and Soldier

Horror Stories

Horror Stories American

Horror Stories: Today Horror Stories are presented in front of you. Which is enough to make you scared. If you are interested in American Horror Story Witches and Soldier, then read this story from beginning to end as it is going to be a lot of fun in today’s story. And yes, if you are scared of ghosts and witches, then today your rate will be over.

American Horror Stories Witches and Soldier

You must have heard the name of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, if you are a Hindu, then the story between one such witch and soldier is presented before you. In which you will see the importance of Gita.

Speaking of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita ji, it is a boon for human life, whose study and hearing only reduces the sufferings of our life. Not only this, but it gives us ultimate bliss and peace. Let us now move on to our story.

Horror Stories || American Horror Story Witches and Soldier

There used to be a soldier in a village. One day he was returning home from somewhere in the evening that it was night on the way. Where he was coming from, he had to pass through the forest in the middle.

The forest looked lovely with that moonlight moonlight. The moon’s moonlight was also there to help her along the way. Suddenly the soldier saw a beautiful woman under a tree and he stopped there. Actually she was not a beautiful woman but a witch, a witch.

Before he could say anything, the woman started talking to him. Now that

The woman said: Should I come there to you?

Soldier: Why not! Come on.

The beautiful woman came to him after listening to the soldier. Both of them started talking, slowly they became friends and both came closer.

Now the soldier started visiting him everyday. Sleeps with her, night passes and the witch goes away as soon as dawn. All these things continued between them for many days. In this way the V witch was exploiting the soldier, the soldier was bleeding. Due to this the power of the witch was increasing day by day and the strength of the soldier was becoming less, that is, he started getting weaker.

The soldier was still unaware of all these things, he had no idea that he was being exploited. Horror Stories in English

Now the people of the village also started telling him that what is the matter, nowadays you are getting thinner day by day. She ignores his words because what she knew is that every day her power is decreasing and she is being exploited badly by a witch.

One day when both of them were sleeping at night. That day the soldier forgot to extinguish the light, then he said to the woman –

Soldier: Turn off the light, nor did I forget to put out the light today.

Witch: The witch lengthened her hand as she took it and extinguished the light.

The soldier was nervous after seeing all this, his sixes were missed, and he was sweating on the forehead. The soldier was horrified.

When it was the turn of the night to make a connection between the two, the soldier refused to have a relationship because he fully understood everything that it has been on the blood every day in the witch. American Horror Stories Witches and Soldier

Witch: Why are you celebrating today?

Soldier: Because you’re a witch, you’re a witch, and I’m a human. You kept me in deception for so many days and kept exploiting me. But now all this will not work, I will tell everyone about you.

Witch: The witch threatens the soldier. That if you say anything to someone about this, then I will kill you.

The soldier told nothing to anyone out of fear that the witch would kill him. Horror Stories For Kids

Now the soldier was very upset because now the witch started harassing him even more and used to call and threaten him everyday.

The soldier thought in his mind that even if I tell someone about it, I will still kill. Even if I do not tell anyone, I will one day be weak and die. It is better that I can tell someone, maybe I can find a way to save my life.

He goes to a Pandit and hears all his accounts.

Pandit ji gives them a bundi, saying that in any case, at any cost, do not take it out of your pocket nor give it to anyone, always keep it with you.

The soldier keeps the doll in his pocket.

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When it is evening, the witch comes there to harass her like daily. But something else happens this time. As soon as she comes to the soldier suddenly a spark arises and burns the witch.

The witch gets very angry she tries to get close to the soldier again but is unsuccessful. When she is unable to touch the soldier even after repeated attempts, she asks the soldier to throw the pudding in his pocket but how the soldier would listen to him.

When the witch gets very upset, she herself leaves the soldier and leaves.

After the witch is gone, when the soldier opens the doll and sees a shloka of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Because of which that witch could not even touch her.

The conclusion

The problem is found in trying to move forward and thinking differently. Now you must have known about the power of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, that only a witch can keep your hair out of keeping one verse.

In today’s post, we have told you about horror stories short. Hope you find this Story Horror Stories || American Horror Story Witches and Soldier would have liked. Friends, Srimad Bhagavad Gita has contributed a lot to human life. Therefore, you too must join this and introduce your children to the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

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