1 Best Ways Blogging how to start? Blogging in English

1 Best Way Blogging how to start? Blogging in English

Blogging how to start
Blogging how to start
Blogging how to start? Blogging in English Yes friends, today I have brought you the information related to the blog. If you are thinking of making a blog, you are thinking about blogging, then this post is for you in this post today, I will tell you [Best trick] Blogging how to start? Blogging in English

You are making a blog, but you must be thinking about it, you must be thinking that where should we make a blog, what should be its name, which topic, make a blog. Today’s post will clear all these doubts. And you will be able to make a nice blog.

Hello friends I welcome your friend Sandeep Bhorse to my blog www.tecindiasandeep.com. Today’s topic is[Best trick] Blogging how to start? Blogging in English So let’s start guys …..

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blogging how to start ?

blogging how to start? You do not need to spend any money to start blogging and no it is hard work to start blogging. You can start blogging very easily. You can start blogging today and now. But for that, it is very important to have information with you.
The easier it is to blogging, the more patience will also be required. If you do not have patience then there is no use of starting your blogging. Because here you have to follow many techniques.

I will tell you step by step what you should do to start a blog.

1: ideas for blog name

First of all, you choose the name for your blog. You must choose a name before making a blog. It is very important that by which name you are making your blog.
It should never happen that we tell in our blog about health and food and the blog is named related to technology. So it should never happen.
You should name your blog related to the one you want to blog about. If you do not know what to name a blog, then you can also use the Internet for this.

Many such websites will be found in the internet which will help you a lot in choosing the name of the blog.

2: blogging niche ideas

You can do blogging in any topic. So you have to select which niche you will select.

And if you have confues, then you ask yourself which topic do you have interest in? What do you like to do? And what do you search more on the Internet?
You know more about what you can tell a lot about. Any art or skill inside you that you can explain well. You have to ask these questions to yourself.

When you ask yourself these questions, you will get a topic in their answer. You can select the same topic as your blog topic.

And if you want to make blogging to earn money, then you should choose a topic like micro niche, amazon affiliate, earn money From internet, blogging, SEO, technology.
But there is no shortcut to earn money in it. So listen to your heart and the niche in which you have more interest, choose the same topic for your blog.
I will suggest you that you have a good knowledge, about which you can tell a lot, you should make your blog on the same topic.

If you make a blog on any topic without thinking and you do not know much about it, then you will stop blogging after a few days.  Your blogging will end in interest.  Because you will not have any topic to write.  So choose a topic and work on it.

You may be aware that there are thousands of such blogs on the internet but not all are popular because only a few of them have a topic.

3: logo

The logo plays an important role for Branding. You can design logo for your blog on Logomakr or online logo maker. Or you can also hire someone on fiverr to get the logo designed for your blog.

The biggest benefit of the logo is that your visitors will identify your blog by seeing your logo, whose blog it belongs to.
Once they like your content, they do not need to think much when they get your notification, but they will open your blog without thinking. This keeps your traffic up.

And the color code of your blog should also be simple. There are some important tips for blog color code and design,

Simple design

Ratina Friendly Color

And do not add more than 3 colors to your blog, it would be better if you use only 2 colors in blog design. I will suggest you that if you keep black and white, you are likely to get Adsense Approval soon.

4: domain name

Just as the name and place or address of the shop is necessary for every shopper’s shop, in the same way domain name and hosting is necessary for every blog or website.
The domain name shows your website or blog.  No one can name it like this.  It becomes yours permanently.

If you want to earn money from Adsense after creating a blog, then you must take domain name.  This gives Adsense approval to your blog soon.
The domain name requires some money.  Many websites will be found on the internet which will give you the domain name.
Among them, go dady is being used for most domain names.  Here you will get some low prices.  I would suggeste if you take the domain name from go daddy, it is good.

And yes one thing and your domain name should be short.  This will make your visitors remember your site name easily.  Just this way you can start your blogging.

blogging where to start? Blogging how to start?

We have chosen the name of the blog to start blogging, have prepared the logo, and have also decided on which niche to do, now it is also necessary that I do not blogging?
Because there are many sites on the internet to do blogging.  For this you need to know which blogging site is more comfortable.

Let me tell you that the two most popular sites for blogging are blogger and wordpress.  You can choose one of these two for blogging.

1: blogger

‘blogger’.  If you want to do blogging for free, then blogspot.com is best for you.  Here you do not need to spend any money.  You can start blogging for free.  For this, only one email account has to be created.

If you want to learn blogging, then I would suggest you to use blogspot.com only.  In blogspot.com you can learn blogging very easily and for free.

2: wordpress

Now let’s talk about wordpresswordpress is an online open website creation tool.  It is written in the PHP programming language.
If we talk today in the blogging world then wordpress is the most powerful tool for blogging.  In which you will find themes and plugins to use for free which manage your website / blog.  But it is a pad tool.  For this you will have to spend some money.

wordpress vs blogger

[Best trick] Blogging how to start? Blogging in English
wordpress vs blogger. I have just told you about both blogger and wordpress, so you must have understood that what is more good for you is blogger vs wordPress.
I am again telling you that if you are thinking about learning blogging, then you should first create your blog in blogger.  And if you want to make money from blogging or blogging in a professional way, then create your blog on wordpress.

And if you want to learn blogging, want to make money from it and do not want to spend money, then blogger is right for you.  Create your own blog in blogger.
But you will need a lot of patience in this.  Since blogspot is free, it does not get AdSense approval quickly.  And could not even be found.  For this you must take a domain name.


In today’s post, we have given you Blogging how to start? Blogging in English Hope you find our post Blogging how to start? Blogging in English.
Would have liked and learned something from it.  Such interesting posts are brought for you.  To stay connected with us, keep following us.  See you till then with a new topic.
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