Blogger vs WordPress Which is Better For Blogging 20-21

WordPress vs Blogger Which is Better for Blogging in English

Blogger VS WordPress
Blogger VS WordPress

WordPress vs Blogger Which is Better: This platform arises in the mind of every new blogger, which platform is good for blogger vs WordPress. Perhaps this question will also arise in your mind or you may be tired of blogging in Blogger and now your mind is getting attracted like World Press, then this post today is going to be very helpful for you, so this post Follow from beginning to end.

If you are a New Blogger, then it is very important to know that which platform is better than WordPress vs Blogger for Blogging. So that you can choose the right Blogging Plateform for you, so today we will give you a close information about WordPress vs Blogger which platform is right for blogging.

Usually we use to do blogging in the beginning and it is also right because it is absolutely free and we do not know much about blogging initially and what is blogging from here? And learn how to do it.

If you do not know about blogging at all, then I will give you a small advice that you first create your blog on and first of all know and learn about blogging first and only then make a blog on WordPress.

Most bloggers first started their blogging from the Blogger plateform, but after that they shifted their blog to WordPress because you get lots of features on wordpress. What you do not get on Blogger Yes you have to spend a little bit.

Here we can tell you that WordPress provides two types of service, one is free which is and the other is Paid which is and this is known as WordPress.

Blogger VS WordPress Which is Better

WordPress vs Blogger Which is Better

Why use Blogger

Creating a blog on Blogger is as easy as maintaining Blog Maintain as it is a Google product and absolutely free for which you do not need to spend any kind of money, therefore new bloggers use it the most. . And why not because no one believes in online work so easily. Or the situation is such that they do not have so much money to spend.

Let us tell you that many successful bloggers started their first blog on this, you can easily create and run a blog using your Gmail account without any technical knowledge.

Because for this neither you need to buy any domain name nor you need to take hosting in it, both of you get it free because it belongs to Google, then it is completely safe.

Now you must have understood how blogger platform can be for new bloggers. Now it depends on you whether you want to choose Blogger or not. If you do blogging for your hobby or you are fond of writing, then you should listen to the blogger because it is free, now you have your choice.

Why use wordpress

If you want to make a career in this field, then you should choose WordPress because this is the professional way of blogging. You will get lots of free good templates here as well as plugging.

There are often misconceptions inside the new blogger that WordPress will cost a lot or whether we will be able to withdraw our money after spending money. If you think something like this, then you should know about WordPress.

And this is often because you have to spend money for domain and hosting here.

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Benefits of Blogger

1. Blogger is absolutely free so there is no need to buy Domain and Hosting. You can create a free blog

2. It is very easy to use because its design is very simple and easy.

3. On Blogger you can create a lot of unlimited free blogs without spending money.

Benefits of  WordPress

1. You can change it into a website along with creating a Professional Blog.

2. It is not a difficult task to use, when you use it regularly, you will gradually become aware of all its features.

3. In this you get hundreds of templet and plugin that too for free. Which you do not find in Blogger.

4. WordPress is better than SEO. Your post easily ranks on Google. That is, it helps a lot to do seo.

What is the Difference Between WordPress vs Blogger

1. Blogger is a free platform, while it costs money to create a blog on WordPress.

2. Seo in Blogger is a bit difficult task, compared to SEO optimization is very easy in WordPress.

3. You get By Defalut HTTPS Security in Blogger which is also very important for the safety of your blog, whereas you have to setup HTTPS on WordPress.

4. On WordPress you can change Blog Theme with one click but on Blogger you cannot do it here you have to download the custom themes from another site and upload it on Blogger and you have to customize it properly.

5. On the WordPress platform you get hundreds of templates as well as plugins. But it is not found on Blogger. Here you have to use the pad theme. If you use it for free, then it does not have so many features.

6. To bring a feature in WordPress, you only have to install a Plugin while on Blogger you have to do the coding. In which your time is wasted or you have to consult the coding expert.

7. Using WordPress, you can get out of the fire from your competitor while you cannot do this in Blogger.

8. Blogger vs WordPress Both of these, WordPress is very fast.

9. WordPress is completely under your control, you can customize it according to your wish whenever you want, while on Blogger you can make limited changes.

10. There is a Free Theme and Plugin Store for WordPress, while this feature is not available for Blogger.

11. WordPress is more SEO and Mobile friendly than Blogger. Whereas Blogger has little problem.

WordPress vs Blogger Which is better for Blogging

We have given you complete information about the advantages of  Blogger vs WordPress above and what is the difference between  Blogger vs WordPress which will help you to choose the right platform for you.

But which of the two platforms, WordPress vs Blogger, is for good blogging and we should choose who so that we too can become Sueccessful Blogger and earn money by making a blog.

According to us, if there is a new blogger who has already found out what is blogging and how to do it and he also wants to work on it by creating a blog, then he should choose Blogger Plateform and first his knowledge about Blogging Should be increased. Unless blogging information is good, one should not create a blog on WordPress.

If you have spent a lot of time or knowledge while doing blogging and still want to continue blogging, then you should start thinking about using WordPress today.

Here I would like to tell you that when you shift your blog from Blogger to WordPress, it may be that the traffic of your blog will be reduced but if you do it properly then you can get a lot of benefit from it.


So friends, I hope that now you have understood which platform is the best wordpress for blogging. And which one of WordPress vs Blogger would be right for you.

We have tried to give you as much information as possible about both WordPress vs Blogger, now it is up to you whether you want to become a professional blogger or blogging for your hobby.

If you like this post, then please comment below it and tell if this post Blogger vs WordPress Which is Better For Blogging has been helpful for you or not.

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