100% Work How To Blogger SEO Setting in Blog

100% Work How To Blogger SEO Setting in Blog

Blogger SEO Setting
Blogger SEO Setting

Best Blogger SEO setting

Blogger seo setting-In today’s post you will learn about the basic setting of seo (search engine optimization) for blogger blog. Which is very important. This is especially needed for new bloggers who have recently created their free blog on Blogspot.com.

If you do not know what is a blog or how to make a blog, then you can read this post and make a blog of your own with ease.

After creating a blog, the most important task for a new blogger is to customize the block. It has some basic settings which is very important for seo (search engine optimization). In today’s post, you will get to know the basic setting of the blog closely. You can follow this post and set up your blog. Stay tuned for this till the end of this post.

Before setting up a blog, it is most important to write a description for your blog and to write a meta description, the first thing you need to do is to add both of these to your blog. Know what is description and what is meta description?

In today’s post, you will know ‘how to  basic Blogger SEO settings in blog’. So let’s start this post today

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What is Description?

The way banners are placed outside a shop, which contains information about the products of those shops. So that customers know what is in store. This is how the blog description shows about the blog. What is in the blog, what is the blog related to and what information will be seen on it. Visitors estimate this by looking at the blog description.

To enable it, you have to go to the dashbord of your blog.

Step- 1

Then go to Settings and hear the Basic setting here.

Blogger SEO Setting
Blogger SEO Setting


Here you will get the option of title and description. After clicking on the title, you will enter the title of your block by the name of which you have created your blog.


Below this, you will see the option of description, after which click on edit. Now we have to write a good description of 500 words and click on save change.

Here your description work ends.

What is meta description? Blogger SEO Setting

Tags or descriptions that are used on your block are called erase descriptions. If your blog is related to health, now you will write health related keywords on your blog. These keywords are added to the meta description, so that the search engine knows which topics are present on your block.

New bloggers do not know much about all this and they copy it from anywhere on the advice of others and paste it on their meta description. But do not do it at all because Google does not like this at all. When you copy someone’s meta description, it is already ranked in the search engine, after you use it, the search engine gets to know about it.

Because of this the search engine does not rank your blog. Due to which your hard work has a bad effect and you do not get any benefit, so think a little and prepare a good messa description, then add it.

Come to your blog’s dashboard to add meta description.

[100% Work] How To Basic Settings of SEO For Blogger Blog

Step- 1

Now go to Settings. Here you will see the option of search preferences. You have to click on it.

Step -2

You will get the option of a meta tag with the description written under it. You will see an edit option in front. You have to click here and yes.


Here here you create a nice meta description of 150 words which will contain keywords related to your blog which you are going to tell about on the blog. After this, we will change the save.

After all this you will come back to the basic blogger SEO Setting.

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What is HTTPS

Here you will see the option of HTTPS Availability and HTTPS Redirect. If you have this option, then make it yes. This facility is absolutely free for bloggers from Google, because Blogger is a product of Google and Google provides most of the free services for its visitors.

This setting proves very helpful for your block as it makes your blog secure. When you enable it, your block becomes secure. That is, your blog changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Which is secure. That is why you must enable this setting, for this you do not have to do anything, instead of No, select Yes.

Language and formatting

Now you will come to the language and formatting which you will find in the basic settings on the dashboard of your blog.

1. Language

From here you will choose your language in which language you want to blogging whether you do it in Hindi or in English, you have to choose your language in which you are comfortable.

2. Enable transliteration

If you want your content to be converted from one language to another, then this option is for you, you can enable it. If you write content in Hindi language, then your visitors can also read it by translating it into English, that too within your blog.

3. Time Zone

Here, you have to select the time John of your country. You should also set the recording time zone of your country, as it is the time zone of India (GMT + 05: 30).

If you come down to it, you will get to see the date format, you also set your recording to it.

Search preferences

This is an important part of your blog, which is very important to know about. Because of this, the main setting of your seo is successful, so you must pay attention to it.

Errors and redirections

I have told you above about the meta tag or meta description. Now it is the turn of errors and redirections, then you need it. When an error shows on your blog. Like 404 error then you have to redirect the old link with the new link. Then your problem is the solution. If you ever have such a problem, then you must comment to me, I will write a separate post related to it.

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Google Search Console

This is the main root of the seo of the ‘Google Search Console’ blog. Which leads to blog SEO. This is Google’s search console. In which you have to submit your domain. Until you submit your domain to Google’s search console, Google does not know about your blog or website and its crawlers ie Google’s bots do not crawl on your web page. With which you can guess yourself that if Google’s bots do not crawl on our web page, then how will its information reach Google and how will Google show your web page or your content on search results.

Now you must have understood how important it is to submit your domain or your blog to Google’s search console.

You can follow the steps given below to submit your blog to Google search console.

[100% Work] How To Basic Settings of SEO For Blogger Blog

Step- 1

You have to open your blog, come to the home page and from here you have to copy your blog’s home page URL ie your domain.


Now you will come back to the dashboard of your blog. Here you will go to Settings and select Search preferences.


Now you will see the option of edit in front of Google search console, you have to click here.


You’ll go directly to Google’s search console where you have to submit your domain. Here you will get the option to submit the domain and if you do not get this day, then you will see three lines upwards on the left hand side, you have to click here.

This happens only if you already have a domain registered.


Click above your register dormant, here you will get the option of Add Properties. You have to click here.


Select the option of the domain and paste your URL, remember that here you will remove the words after Https and the domain. As you will be told example.com you have to write your domain name in exactly the same way. To continue after this


Now click on Go to property and your domain will be submitted to the search console.

Custom robots.txt

Custom robots tell the txt file search engine what information you want to show on your webpage and which you don’t, you will come to the blog’s dashboard to add it.


Open your blog. From where you copy the URL, you have to click there, you will see the domain name here after your domain, ie after .com, will put flash (/) and write robots.txt. Now click on go/search.

Your robots.txt file will be ready before you. You have to copy it completely.

Step -2

Now come back to the dashboard of the blog> Go to Settings> search preference> Custom robots.txt Next you will see the option of Disable, click on the same edit.


No is to be replaced and paste the copied code here. Now change the save.

If you want to know more closely about robots.txt file, you can read our post what is robots.txt file.

Custom robots header tags

To enable it, you should follow the steps given below-


You have to come to the basic blogger SEO Setting in English blog, you have to come to the search differential, here you will be able to see the disable next to the Custom robots header tags. Now yes And follow these steps carefully.

Step- 2

all> noodp> noindex> noodp> all> noodp
The boxes given next to them have to be changed to 4 and save change. Your settings have also been completed.

Now your remaining 2 settings are left. That is Post Feed Redirect URL and Google Analytics, their processing is a bit long, so in this post I am not talking about them. I have a separate post for this, you can read that post. And enable them too.


In today’s post, I have told you about the basic Blogger seo  setting(Search engine optimization) for blog. You can set the basing of your blog’s SEO Search engine optimization). Which will make your blog appear in the search engine.

Hope you liked our post ‘how to do basic Blogger seo settings of blog‘ and learned something from it. On such interesting topics, we keep bringing you posts related to blogging. If you want to learn complete blogging, you can follow us and follow each of our posts step by step. If you want to stay connected with us, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel Tec India Sandeep I teach blogging in Hindi here.

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