1 Man Biography of Nelson Mandela will be shocked to know

Biography of nelson mandela will be shocked to know

Biography of Nelson Mandela
Biography of Nelson Mandela

Biography of nelson mandela 

Biography of nelson mandela will be shocked to know if you do not know about biography of nelson mandela.

Nelson Mandela, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa, was born on 18 July 1918 in Muezzo, Eastern Cape, in the Union of South Africa. Gadela Henry Mphakeniswa, nelson mandela’s father, was a tribal chieftain of the town of Muwejo.

Born in the womb of Henry’s third wife, Nekufi Noskeni, Nelson Mandela was the third of Henry’s 13th children. All of them at home were called Mandela.

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Hello friends I welcome you to my blog tecindiasandeep.com. Today we talk about biography of nelson mandela will be shocked to know. What happened to Nelson Mandela in his lifetime? And what problems did they face. Also you will be able to know about his political life, how he became famous. Stay tuned to know all these things till the end. Let’s start biography of nelson mandela-

Nelson Mandela was a great nation hero. He handled the social, cultural and political changes of South Africa in a very good way.

In this century of monarchy, colonialism and democracy, holding this country, this politician wrote the world history with his own hands.

In the history of human civilization, the government of South Africa had enacted a law to torture humans on the basis of ‘skin color’ and race.

Nelson Mandela’s government was the only government in the world that had written laws based on caste segregation and apartheid.

Nelson Mandela also liberated South Africa at the last turn of the twentieth century by suffering a life of exile as a driver, concierge and a slave, living in exile as a driver, concierge and a slave.

Early life of nelson mandela

Mandela’s father called him by the name ‘Rollihla’, which means ‘miscreant’. His mother was a Methodist. Mandela completed his primary education at Clarkberry Missionary School.

His subsequent schooling was from the Methodist Missionary School. His father died when Mandela was 12 years old.

After this, all the responsibility of the house fell on him. He took care of his family by working as a clerk in a law firm.

political life of nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela moved to Johannesburg in 1941, seeing the state of the country. Here he met Walter Sisulu and Walter Elbertine.

Due to which, he stepped into politics to remove discrimination on the basis of color occurring in the country.

He gradually moved forward in politics during the fight for the country. The African National Congress Party joined in 1944. Who was agitating against apartheid.

After establishing the African National Congress Youth League, he was made the secretary of that league. In 1961, Mandela and some of his friends were tried for treason but in that they were considered innocent.

After being arrested on 5 August 1962, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the 1964 famous ‘Rivonia’ trial. Even imprisonment of seven and a half years could not imprison his lofty intentions and resolve.

Rather, his spirit melted the iron bars. As Mandela grew older within the prison bars. His intentions and the independence movement of South Africa became young.

After spending 27 years in prison, Madela was finally released on 11 February 1990. After the release, he created a new South Africa in 1990 only after an agreement with the white government.

He became a symbol of opposing apartheid in South Africa and all over the world.United Nations decided to celebrate his birthday as Nelson Mandela International Day. In the same year, India honored him with the country’s highest award Bharatharatna.

married life of nelson mandela

After joining the African National Congress in 1944, he married his sister and colleague Walter Sisulu’s sister, Avalis Maes. Nelson Mandela had three marriages. In 1958, after divorcing his first wife, he married Nomjamo Winnie Medikizala in 1961.

Who played an important role in getting Mandela released from jail on charges of treason. In 1998, on his 80th birthday, he married Grace Meckle. Mandela received 6 children from all three wives. He was survived by 17 grandchildren.

 Death of nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, died on 5 December 2013 at his home in Haughton, Johannesburg, due to a lung infection. His death was first announced by President Jacob Zuma.

Nelson mandela Awards

Nelson Mandela was seen as the “first founder of democracy”, “national liberator and savior”. People of South Africa, like Mahatma Gandhi, also gave him the status of “Father of the Nation”.

In 2004, the statue of Mandela was installed at the Sandton Square Shopping Center in Johannesburg, after which the center was renamed Nelson Mandela Square. In South Africa, he was often called Madiba, which is an honorific word for the elderly.


In today’s post, we have told you about the biography of nelson mandela. Hope you have liked our post ‘biography of nelson mandela will be shocked to know’ and have learned something from it. On such interesting topics, we keep bringing posts related to biography. Follow us to stay connected with us. See you in the next post with new information on a new topic till then say goodbye to you.

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