Part-3 How Do I Find The Best Niches For Blogging in 2020

Part-3 How Do I Find The Best Niches For Blogging in 2020

Best Niches For Blogging in 2020
Best Niches For Blogging 2020

Best Niche For Blogging 2020

Best Niches For Blogging 2020: Every new blogger has this question “Part-3 How Do I Find The Best Niches For Blogging 2020?” Definitely arises. And this is because often new bloggers do not know much about blogging.

If you too have come to this post thinking something like this, then in this post you will definitely get your favorite information because in which post today we have tried to explain you very closely that you can use the “Best Niches For Blogging for Your Blog Website. in 2020 “.

This question must be raised in the mind of every new blogger and why should it also arise because we are going to do a responsible and big job. If you do not think about what you will write before creating a blog, then there is no use of creating your blog, so before choosing a blog, definitely choose your favorite subject. If you are not able to do all this then there is nothing to worry and worry. After reading this post today, you will not have to go anywhere to choose your topic on the Internet.

Let me tell you, all the big bloggers today, who are the owners of the website, when they started their blogging world, first of all they had chosen a topic on which they had good knowledge, they had good knowledge on that subject. I am not saying this to you that the way the big bloggers have worked on a topic, so do you. Rather I am saying that you can write for more days. I mean to say that you should work on one such topic on which you have a good interest and you have a good knowledge of that subject only then you will be able to stay ahead in blogging.

One thing you should understand very well if you have accepted blogging as your world or if you do not want to do anything other than blogging in life, then it is very important to make the right choice of the topic for blogging. And at the same time you have to think very deeply while choosing the subject. Choosing a topic is not a big deal, it is very easy to choose a Best niche for blogging.

But in blogging, writing a lot of content on the same subject is a bit difficult and difficult task. That is why whenever you choose a best niche for blogging, then take time for it so that when you choose the topic for blogging, then you have complete freedom of time and have a full opportunity to think. You should not make haste at all in this work, otherwise you can also choose any wrong subject which may prove to be a loss for you in the future.

If you have not started blogging yet and start thinking that I will start blogging today and will earn a lot of money in two to four months, then you are doing blogging just for money. If this is the case then you do not start blogging then it is good because when you start blogging thinking about money, then your focus will be completely on money and you will not be able to blogging for long.

Friends, in this post today, we will tell you such a technique, through which you will not only be able to choose the topic for your blog, but you will also be able to work on that subject for a long time, so stay with us till the end of this post. Learn more How to choose Prefect Blog Best Niche For Blogging Blog 2020.

What is Best Niche For Blogging?

In the language of blogging, it is said that writing a blog post for a long time on the same topic or topic is called Blog Niche or Micro Niche Blog.

Why is Best Niche for Blogging necessary in 2020?

When a blogger creates a new blog, he creates a micro niche blog for blogging. And writing articles on any one subject, but as time goes by, there are many ups and downs in his blogging world, such as occasional traffic on blogs, not getting good money, or the topic. But his blog has no information related to it. When such a situation occurs with the blogger, he deviates from his path. And would start writing articles on some other subject but doing it in the micro niche blog for blogging in 2020 is absolutely wrong. This should not be done at all. This may cause their readers to lose their trust in the blog and those who used to trust your blog may stop coming back to your blog after a few days. It is your only loss.

If the blog is not a micro-niche, then Google also remains confused on what subject this blog is. Due to which Google is unable to show the right advertisement on your post. It is absolutely wrong for a blogger to see this, it will get low CPC ads in his blog and his income can also be reduced.

Benefits of Best Niche For Blogging in 2020

  1. Any reader can easily trust the micro niche blog. He has complete confidence in your blog, whenever he has any problem in blogging, he opens your blog and finds a solution to his problem.
  2. A who do advertisements related to that blog on the micro niche blog will give more priority to your blog or website only on a low budget, this will increase your income, you will see more profit.
  3. Branding of your blog will be made. Slowly your blog will no longer be a blog and will become a brand of force and people will trust it easily.

How to choose a Best Niche for Blogging blog in India USA 2020

Whether you are reading this article in India or in USA. If you are choosing the theme of the blog, then you must adopt 3 steps. This will also help you a lot.

  1. Knowledge: How much is your knowledge on the topic on which you are making a blog. Only when you have knowledge related to that niche, then you will be able to do research on it and write further.
  2. Passion: If the topic of your Niche is something that you enjoy talking about, enjoy it, then you will never be bored while writing it. Nor will it be a big deal for you to get his information. You will always be interested to know or read more and more about him.
  3. Profits: While choosing Niche, it is also important to pay attention to whether people would like to read or know about this subject. Is the subject you are writing beneficial for people, are people interested in it? Because when there will be good traffic in your blog, then there will be income. Therefore, it is important to be an attractor of Niche Traffic.

How To Find Perfect Best Niche For Blogging 2020

First of all take a pen and notebook and write 5 to 10 topics on which you have a good interest. Keep in mind that you have to think about these topics one by one, you have to focus fully on these subjects and know how much and good information you have on the subject. Not only this, if you try writing 1-1 posts on these subjects, it is better. This will tell you how well you are able to write more on the subject.

In the end, when you see the result of your article or psychology, then you will understand yourself which subject you should choose. By the way, I am giving you a list of some topics below, which will help you in choosing the topic of the blog and you will be able to choose easily.

100+ Best Niche For Blogging in India 2020

‘Art released’ Best niche For Blogging

If there is any artistic achievement in you and you feel that this achievement can be of use to others, they can benefit from your art, then you can see the nuances of Niche and your experience, style through the blog in front of them Can express By creating a successful blog, you can increase your knowledge and earn a lot of money.

You can choose from these which are something like this.

Prominent Art Niche are as –

  • Dancing,
  • Drawing,
  • Knitting,
  • Videography,
  • Wood Work,
  • Painting: Water Painting / Oil Painting
  • Photography,
  • Sewing,
  • Singing,
  • Toy Making,
  • Hand-Writing Building / Calligraphy,
  •  Iron Work,

Business niche for Your Blogger Blog

If you do any business? Or you have studied about business and have experience of making decisions related to business in a company. Or if you have any experience in business, then you can spread it in the blog.

So you can start your business by creating a micro niche blog related to business, or you can give better business tips to such users who are doing business.

Specialization of Business Blog can be something like this. like –

  • Business Ideas,
  • Business Tips,
  • Entrepreneur Startup,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Production Management,
  • Promotion and Advertisement,
  • Project Management,
  • Sales Management,

Blogging Niche Blogger Blog 2020

Under this, Tips related to Blogging and Blogging Support are made available online. If you want, you can teach blogging only through your blog by learning full blogging. Under this, your topic can be something like this –

  • Supported blog related to “How to make a blog?”, “How to do blogging for free?”.

Coding niche Blog

If you are good in Programming and Coding Skill. If you know coding well then you can create a blog related to it and can teach coding in your blog. like –

  • Coding Tutorials: C, C ++, Java,
  • Web Designing Tutorials: HTML, Java Script, PHP,
  • Graphics Designing Tutorials,

Career blog Best Niche for Blogging

In this, you can give good tips & tricks related to Career to your visitors. So that they can get a right direction to move forward in their life. Today’s youngsters seem very upset with their lives. If you have a good way of explaining them, then you can motivate them. Some of the topics related to it are like this. like –

  • Career Tips,
  • Job Tips,
  • Coaching New Program and Skills,

Entertainment Blog Best niche for Blogging

Today’s world is the most popular film. Everyone is interested in the film world. Everyone is involved with entertainment. Such as movies, songs, videis, shows, actress, etc.

If you have a good interest in movies, songs, video‚Äôs and TV Shows etc. then the topic can be very beneficial for you. But you should have a good knowledge of their TRP, Casting, Actors, Actress etc. Even if you do not have much knowledge of it, you will still get information about all these easily. So you can write a blog on Entertainment Niche. These can be as follows. like –

  • Comedy Show
  • Magic show
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports show
  • Theater
  • TV Serials
  • Tv shows
  • Videos
  • Actress biography,

Education Best Niches for Blogging 2020

If you are involved in the field of education. Or keep good knowledge on a course or subject. So it would be great for you to work on Education Niche. You should write an education blog. Some of its topics can be as follows. like –

  • Biology Tutorials,
  • Chemistry Turotials,
  • Physics tutorials,
  • Exam Prepation
  • Learning Motivation Tips
  • Mathematics Tutorials
  • English learning,
  • Hindi learning,
  • Hindi English grammar,
  • Current Affairs GK,
  • Compilation examination questions,

You will find many more topics related to education. Which can be helpful for you.

Food Blog Best niche for Blogging

If you are fond of food i.e. you are fond of cooking, are housewives or have a good interest in different types of cuisine. So you can write well in Food Niche. In this, you do not have to wander much to write content. You will get the information of the content easily. You can choose one of these.

  • Baking and Cakes,
  • Beverages and Wines,
  • Continental Foods,
  • Deserts,
  • Home Made Foods,
  • Healthy Foods,
  • Food Culture,
  • Non Vegetarian Food,
  • Kitchen Decoration and Equippments,
  • Recipes Making,
  • Vegetarian Foods,

Finance Blog Best Niche for Blogging 2020

This can be a very good topic for you, if you have a good knowledge of financial related topics, then you can get a very good CPC on such a blog. You will be able to earn good money from here. If you like any of the below topics, then you can write a nice blog on Finance Niche. like –

  • Stock Market and Mutual Funds Reviews,
  • Banking and Insurance Products Reviews,
  • Personal Budget Management,
  • Saving and Investment,

Fitness and Sports Niche Blog

If you are interested in sports or fitness or you are a Trainer or a player related to it. Then you should work in Fitness or Sports Niche only. You can write articles related to fitness in your blog. like –

  • Gym Training,
  • Jogging and Running,
  • Sports Training: Cricket,
  • Football and other sports,
  • Weight Loss Tips,
  • Yoga Training,

Games (Computer & Devices) Niche

Nowadays the trend of Computer and Play Station Games is growing very fast. On games like PUBG and many other online games, children as well as older people are also interested. If you have a good knowledge of such Gaming, then writing a gaming blog can prove to be good for you. like –

  • Gaming Tutorials and Tips,
  • New Games Promotions,
  • Gaming Cheat Codes,

2020 Best Niche for Blogging (Health Blog)

Internet In this world, if people face any health related problem, then most people search for a solution in Google. If you too are always aware of health and can share articles related to living a healthy life to your readers. So you should make your blog on health niche. like –

  • Healthy Diets,
  • Meditation Tutorials,
  • Mental Health,
  • Natural / Herbal Remedies,
  • Nutrition and Supplements,
  • Self Discipline,

Hobbies / Profession Niche

If you consider your hobbies an achievement or if you consider your Profession as Hobby. And you can share the related problems and achievements with your readers, so Hobby Niche’s blog is right for you. You can feel free to make your own hobby blog. like –

  • Agriculture,
  • Astronomy / Horoscope or Palmistry,
  • Beauty Parlor,
  • Boating,
  • Driving,
  • Fashion Designing,
  • Fishing,
  • Gardening,
  • Horse Riding,
  • Interior Decoration,
  • Life Hacks,
  • Motivational Speaking: Personality, Development, Leadership,
  • Photography,
  • Swimming,
  • Traveling,
  • Writing (Books, Novel, Poetry, Quotes),

Home and Family Blog Best Niche For Blogging in 2020

If you are interested in giving more importance to your home and family than normal people. And you feel that your tips can strengthen people’s family relationships, the beauty of their home can increase further. So you can write a blog on this such Niche as well. like –

  • Dating Tips,
  • Home Care,
  • Newly Married Life,
  • Old Parents Care,
  • Parenting / Childcare,
  • Pets Care,
  • Pregnancy Guides,
  • Relationship Management,

News Blog Best niche For Blogging

If you are interested in News and Current Affairs or are associated with Media Profession. Maybe you have a great interest in reading information about fresh news, then you can write a blog on any news Niche, here you can write any kind of article on your blog. like –

  • Business
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Science and technology

Final Words of 2020 Best Niche For Blogging

So in this way you can choose a blogging niche for your blog. I have tried to explain you quite well in this post. Not only this, I have spread my experience here. I may have omitted some topics in this post, but the topics I have told you now are enough for you.

I hope this post “How do I find the best niche for blogging in 2020” will be helpful for you. If you still have any question in your mind, you can ask us in the comments. We will be happy to he

Thank you

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