1 of Best Motivational Stories Short in English For Kids

Best Motivational Stories Short in English For Kids 

Motivational Stories
Motivational Stories

Best Motivational Short Stories

Motivational stories: Friends, you must have been reading “Motivational Stories” on this site. Even today, we have brought “Best motivation stories” for you. Hope you like this story. Not only this, your life should also find a new path, so definitely read this story from beginning to end. Now let’s move to today’s “Best Motivational Stories Short in English For Kids “.

Best Motivational Success Stories

The subjects of the kingdom whose king is good are always happy. They neither have any problem nor fear of anyone, you would also know very well.

The state of Vikrampur was such a happy, prosperous state in all things. Vikrampur State was a very large state. The king there was a very good-hearted person. He fought and won many battles for his power. There was an atmosphere of happiness and prosperity in every place in the state.

Because of which the people there were quite happy. But where everything is good, there is definitely some deficiency or trouble. Some of this condition was in the state of Vikrampur. Due to which the king of the place was always worried and sad.

The biggest reason for this was the absence of children in the king’s house. There are no children of the king who can be made successors after the king.

Although he was very trying for this, all his efforts proved to be a failure. They did not find anyone who could handle the reins of their state.

Gradually, over time, kings were getting old. Since the king considered his subjects like his child, his family. Therefore, in the absence of the successor of the state, he started worrying about the future of his subjects. Because the king knew one thing very well. That they do not have much time left, they feared that their kingdom would not be shattered after they left and their subjects would have to suffer.

Hence, the king wanted to choose the next heir of his won state. For this, he took the examination of all the young men of his state, but all of them failed in this examination which was a matter of great concern for the king.

Their concern was not hidden from the subjects of the state, but the people were very well aware of it. But even if they did, their subjects also wanted to get a worthy successor like the king while living. For those who move forward

One day the general minister brought two young men to the court. Both of them were very intelligent and well versed in all the disciplines. Maharaj wanted to take the examination of both those young men in turn. The young man also stood his test

Motivational Stories in English

First he called the first young man and placed two buckets in front of him. One bucket was filled with water and the other bucket was empty. The king gave him a sieve and said –

King: The water in the first filled bucket is to be filled in the second empty bucket with the help of sieve. How do you fill it?

This was a difficult task and he had less time. The young man ran out without much delay and bought a lot of wax from the market. He heated that wax and poured it on the sieve. In a short time, the wax layer settled on the upper surface of the sieve. Then he immediately started pouring the water from the first bucket into the second empty bucket through the same sieve and in a short time he was successful in his work.

Motivational Stories For Kids

The king gave a closed box filled with sand to other young men and said that

King: Can you pull out all the sand inside it without opening it?

The young man immediately took the iron rod nearby. Now thrust the rod into the bottom of the box filled with sand. This led to a small hole in the bottom of the box, and all the sand came out of that hole.

Even after this, the king took many tests to test the intelligence of both of them in which both of them were successful. Due to this, a new problem now arose before the king.

Now he had two young men for the next successor of the kingdom. But who is better than them. It was difficult to decide. Kyuki was almost identical in both her Kausal and Vidya.

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The king then took the two youths with him to a nearby temple on the advice of his ministers. There, they gave each of them gold coins and asked them to be distributed equally among the beggars sitting outside the temple, this thing was really shocking and disturbing. After all, how to share a gold coin equally among all beggars. Both young men started thinking some thoughts in their mind.

Best Motivational Success Stories

Motivational Stories
Motivational Stories

In a short time, the first young man ran towards the shops built outside the temple and quickly bought a lot of offerings from there. He first offered the prasadam to the Lord and then distributed the same prasad to those beggars equally.

The king was greatly influenced by the young man’s understanding and appointed him the next heir of his kingdom.

You must have known this story so much that the first young man took every test as a challenge and tried his best to succeed in them.

His efforts were honest and he also received the award and with a common man, he succeeded him as the next king of the state. Perhaps he would never have even dreamed that a modest common citizen living in the state would one day become the king of that state.

Even in the toughest of times, a little understanding of us can lead us to the top of success.


Opportunity always shows us the door to success. Now it is up to us whether we can recognize those opportunities or not. There are many people who do not recognize the opportunities or take too long to identify them. And that too after some time, it becomes difficult to make any effort on it. But some people recognize the opportunities that come in their lives in time but due to not being fully focused on them, they lose their precious opportunities.

Friends, there is no lack of opportunities for success, if there is a shortage, then to identify it properly, to know it and to live up to it. If we recognize the opportunities in time and try them properly, I sincerely hope that success cannot be far away from us. In today’s cut throat competition, many young people are giving up very soon and they accept their defeat before time or even before fighting the war. This is easy to do but not at all appropriate. Before fighting any battle, it is wise to accept defeat beforehand, so it is better not to recognize the opportunities around you and to show your intelligence.

Friends, in this post of today, we have told you about Best success Motivational Stories. Hope you like this story  Best Motivational Stories Short in English For Kids very much. And at the same time it may have affected you. Such interesting stories keep coming for you. Please tell us in the comment how the story looked so that we have a chance to bring more stories. See you on the next post with a new story till then leave you.

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