Best American Horror Story in English 2021.

Best American Horror Story in English 2020.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story

Best American Horror Story in English 2020. All the horror ghost stories in this post “American Horror Story” are enough to make you stand out. The mystery of this story will be enough to scare away the experienced thriller. This story will terrify the reader as well as entertain him and if you go to the end of this story, then hopefully you will also feel a fair amount of enjoyment.

So let’s start with the best, scary and creepy horror ghost story today. Enjoy “Best American Horror Story in English 2020”.

Horror American Story in English

Horror American Story True Incident – Save Mohammed! Muhammad save!

It is about 40-50 years ago that there is a village called Biwi Ban Katwa in the western district of a state, in that village Shri Dattatreya Shukla ji was an eminent person. Dattatreya Shukla was very kind and sincere and he helped many people. Due to this, he became very popular.

Not only this, V was also a teacher. At that time he was also working as the Principal of Government High School. This was his profession. He used to go to school bicycles everyday from his village.

The distance between their home and school. In the meantime, a large canal and very large fields were read by Khalian. They had to reach school by crossing many rivers, rivulets, ponds, big bushes in between. On the way, after crossing a canal, there was a drain. Shukla ji had a chef, he also had a Muslim disciple named Muhammad.

A few days ago, Maharaj Ji ordered his disciple Muhammad to dig a field near that pond and went down to the pond to bathe himself.

Maharaj ji did not know how to swim, so he always bathed while sitting on the banks of the pond or river.

In that pond lived a Budva (ghost living in water) who had been searching for his prey for many days. He was hungry for a long time.

He thought that I will not leave it today. He grabbed the foot of Maharaj ji from inside the water and slowly started to pull it deep into the water. Maharaj ji realized that the ghost had caught his foot and he shouted to his disciple for help.

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English American Horror Story

‘Save Muhammad! Save Muhammad! But Muhammad kept on watching the spectacle, if he had also called the people of the village, then Maharaj ji’s life could have been saved but Maharaj ji only gave voice to Muhammad. Muhammad Bachao, the voice of Muhammad Bachao kept echoing but Muhammad did not help his master and in the end Muhammad Bachalo, Muhammad Bachalo had to say Shukla Ji Maharaj had to die.

When the villagers came to know about this, they came running. But no one dared to search Maharaji’s body in the water.

When Shukla ji got this news in his school, he hurriedly ran towards the pond.

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Pepper American Horror Story Cult

By the time Shukla ji arrives, there is a crowd there. Once Shukla ji dares, many people once again start searching for Guruji’s body in the pond. That’s when they find the body of Maharaji in the middle of the pond sunken in the ground.

The ghost had twisted his neck into the mud and drank all his blood himself. The body was taken out and cremated.

A few days later, as soon as night happened in the adjacent village adjacent to the pond, a frightening screaming sound made the people of that village frightened.
All the people of the village were very scared. Everyone used to get imprisoned as soon as the sun set in their homes for fear of that voice.

As soon as midnight, the sound of shouting started coming once again. After listening carefully, it was found that the voice of Maharaj ji and he is shouting as he was screaming while dying; ‘Muhammad Bachao- Muhammad Bachalo.

Horror Story in American

There was an atmosphere of fear in the entire village. Now even in the day time, he did not go to the banks of that pond. People severely restricted children from coming out of their homes, the grounds were all empty.

Now things like this had started happening in the village, some would say that Maharaj Ji’s body has been destroyed, but his soul is imprisoned in the same pond. So some would say that Maharaj’s soul still shouts like it was screaming when he died. The entire village was in a tizzy and people had stopped going towards the pond. The road which passed by the pond, people stopped stopping there and used to cross the pond quickly.

Shuklaji had also come to know about this and he started doing the purpose to solve it.

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Returning from school today, Shukla ji was very late. Teacher Shukla ji also married his daughter in Mehuda village (where he used to go to teach), and that was delayed by him. It was night on the way to reach Shukla ji. Ghost stories in american.

Shukla ji was walking slowly on a deserted path walking. The darkness was very pouring. There was no name of light in that night, there was darkness all around. Mastrji also forgot to bring a flashlight in it.

With experience and guess, they were moving along the path of reconnaissance. Now he started climbing the canal. On descending from the canal, it used to be a pond in which Maharaji of Masterji had died and even today there are scary noises.

American Horror Story 1984 Cast

American Horror Story.

More than the darkness, Shukla ji now forced that pond and its stories to be choked and scared. Then the sound of burst came and Masterji’s cycle was punctured.

Suddenly, the bicycle was punctured just before the pond was enough to shock Shukla. Because they already had fear in their mind. Now the sun-blowing wind had started scaring them. When Shukla ji once looked around him, he could see nothing but dark black night.

In this environment, the shouting of jackal living in the fields was giving more boost to Shukla’s fear. Was working not only to promote but also to increase. A wise and brave man like Shukla was really scared today. After some courage Shukla ji started walking with the bicycle.

American Horror Story Seasons

As he was approaching the pond, his throat was getting dry and blood started drying up in his body. Today the wind also started scaring in a different horror. The paths that used to be companions everyday, today they also started to look strange and terrible.

Now seeing Shukla ji near death, nothing was sensing, his beating started moving fast. Suddenly in that deserted and dark night, a person made a voice from behind – ‘Kaa master? How are you? Are you going home, do I have to go to the next village too?

Hearing the sudden voice, the already scared Master’s life was about to die, the sweetness of the dialect and the words of asking the well, made Master’s life alive. Master ji was surprised and surprised and asked that person to introduce him.

That person just said that my relatives live in the next village, I am going to them. Have you met Khaini on the way? Master ji got suspicious of that person, yet he came forward courageously by coming with him and easily crossed the pond without any fear.

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After that, after going some distance further, Mastrji’s village came and went the same way to another village.

The man said to Master-ji, “Okay then Master ji, you go to your house and I am going to that village too.”

Master immediately went ahead and started hiding that he was being called? He kept looking and the person suddenly disappeared as soon as he came before Mastrji’s eyes.

Master ji understood the whole thing that seeing me afraid, a good soul helped me and helped me to cross that pond. Shukla ji thanked God and His Majesty. After listening to all the stories of Maharaj Ji’s family, along with Maharaj Ji’s children, he performed Yagna, Havan and Puja etc. for the peace of his soul.

The soul of Maharaj Ji found peace and now the people of that village became fear-free.

Now no one gets a sound from the pond. All villagers start living happily.


Friends, this was a little Best American Horror Story in which you will have fun. A true human being should not worry about being alone, because when a lonely and true man is alone and very scared, then nature also plays with him. Friends, hope you liked this post of today “Best American Horror Story in English 2020”.

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