How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog -21

How to Add Feedburner Subscription to Blogger Blog

 Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger
Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger

Add Feedburner Subscription to Blogger

Add Feedburner subscription to Blogger: You may have seen the subscribe button in some blogs. Do you know that this is the feedburner subscription button. In today’s post, we will discuss about this subscription button. Learn more about what is a feed burner? How to create your account on this and also how you can add it to your blogger blog.

Especially today’s post is for blogger blog in which we will discuss how to add e-mail subscribe button, but together we also need to know what is a feed burner?

Hello friends, I welcome your friend Sandeep on your own block. And our topic today is how to add feedburner’s subscription button to blogger blog. So let’s start this post today and first of all know what is a feed burner?

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What is Feedburner Subscription?

Feed burner is a type of email sharing service or platform. Which is Google’s product and is free. It is used to get information about new posts on a blog or website. Whenever a blogger publishes a new post on their blog, the information reaches the visitors through this feed burner email subscription, who have subscribed to the blog.

This is an email delivery service at Exuli. You may have seen below YouTube videos. Just below YouTube videos, there is a red color subscribe button, which subscribes get notifications of new videos from some channels. In the same way, it happens on the blog as well, here you have to create an account on the feed burner and add the link to your blog’s body and then the subscribe button on your blog comes automatically.

And when a reader subscribes to the subscription button of an e-mail through his email address, he becomes a follower of that blog. And then whenever that blog new post is published. His information reaches the subscriber.

So now you must have understood that what is Feedburner subscription?

Now let’s know how to create an account in FeedBurner.

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how to create feedburner account for blogger

It is a common matter that you will create an account of FeedBurner for your blog or website, so it is very important to have a blog or website.

Now you can create your feedburner account by following these steps.

step 1

First of all you have to come to your browser. Here you will search FeedBurner on Google. Now we will open the first site.


Here you have to select your email account. And login.


Now you will see a page like this. You have to paste the url of your blog on this box. After this you will next

How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog


On the next page too, you will next by selecting atom.


Now you have to enter the name of your blog on the feed tittle or you can keep your recordings which you want and will next.


Here you will find a page of congratulations from FeedBurner. After Next, you also have to Next page. Now some such page will appear in front of you.

How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog


Now you will click on the rss button on the top left hand side. The rss page will open in front of you. Here you will start seeing your blog posts. We will copy its link from here. And will come on blogger’s dashboard


will now come to the settings and select other options. And paste the copied url on the box with ‘post feed redirect url’.

Now you will come back to FeedBurner.


You have to click on Publicize.


Now let’s go to Email Subscriptions and click on Activate.

How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog


A code will be generated before you. You have to copy the first code. Come back to the blog dashboard.

How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog


Here you will come to the layout of your blog and open the gadget of the place where you want to put the subscription box and choose html java script.


Now two boxes will open in front of you. On the first box you can write Email Subscription. And paste the copied cod on another big box and click on save.

Now you will simply click on the save arrangement. And will refresh.

Congratulations, your feed burner subscription button has been successfully placed on Blogger.

Hopefully you have installed the feed burner subscription button on your block.


In today’s post, we have told you about applying email’s subscription button to Blogger blog. Hope you like our post How To Add Feedburner Subscription To Blogger Blog. We keep bringing posts for you on such interesting topics.

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