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How to Add Facebook Fan Page to Website/ Blogger Blog

Add Facebook fan Page To Website
Add Facebook Fan Page To Website

Add Facebook Fan Page To Website: How to add Facebook Fan page To Website, you will get information to read and learn in this post today. In the previous article I asked you what is Facebook page, how to create Facebook page? Told about it. And in this post today, I will tell you very closely about adding your Facebook page to Blogger blog.

If you also want to add your Facebook page inside Blogger Blog, then today’s post is going to be very special for you. Well today everyone knows about Facebook page but still if you do not know much about Facebook page then you can read our post ‘What is Facebook Page’. And stay tuned to the end of this post with us and know how you can add your add Facebook Fan page to Website or fan page inside your blogger blog.

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Add Facebook Fan Page To Website Blogger Blog


 Facebook Page for Blogger Blog


Friends, you must have always heard that every blogger has their own Facebook page which is named after their blog. Or there is also a normal Facebook page which people use for their fashion. As you know, a blogger also gives the information mentioned in his blog on his Facebook page so that his information can reach the people associated with him. All this creates a good relationship and behavior between the writer and the readers.

But do you know that you can add Facebook page inside your blogger blog as well. How to add Facebook Page in Blogger blog? In this post today, we are going to give you this information. First of all, we will talk about why we need it in the end, why should we add our Facebook page inside Blogger blog, this question may have arisen within a lot of people, so let me tell you that every blogger or other That every online worker who needs people. Anyone who works online, whether it is a blogger or on YouTube, needs to tell people about their work so that more people can connect with it.

If you are a blogger, you will do this, then you will also like that more and more people follow you and stay connected with you that your side is traffic and good and you can earn more and more money for this. Share the post on social media. In the same manner, you also need more and more followers on your Facebook page.

If you add a Facebook page in your blog, then the reader reading your articles will also follow your Facebook page if he likes the information mentioned in your blog. This will mean that more and more people will visit your Facebook page and follow your Facebook page. And whenever you share your articles on your Facebook page, you will get very good traffic from there. Therefore, it is very important to add Facebook page inside your blog blog.

So let’s know how to add Facebook page to Blogger blog?

How to Add Facebook Page in Blogger Blog


Step: 1

First of all, you have to open Google in your browser. Here you will search by typing Facebook page plugging. After searching, you have to open the site of

Step: 2

how to add Facebook page in Blogger


Now some such page will open in front of you. You should follow all the steps mentioned below.

Step 3: User Name

By the way, this automatic takes the link of your Facebook page i.e. user name. But if you have not created a username in your Facebook page, then you must create it. If your username is not coming on this page, then go to your Facebook page, copy the link from here and paste it on the Facebook page url on this website.

Step 4: tabs


Here you will also get the option of tabs, you can change your recording.

Step 5: Width and height

From here you can change the length of your Facebook page.
(Note: Width should be around 180 – 500 and your page height is about 70)

You can also choose the option given below as per your choice.

Step 5: Get Code

how to add Facebook page in Blogger
Now you have to click on the option of Simply Get Code. And the code of your Facebook page was generated before you.

From here you have to copy the earlier code and come to the dashboard of your blog. Here you will go to the section of the theme and click on Edit HTML.

Step 6: <body

Here you have to find this body. To search the body tag, you have to press ctrl f from your keyboard. After that a search box will open in which you have to type <body and search. After that you will see the Opening body tag, you have to paste that code under the Opening body tag. Now you have to click on the simple save button.

Step 7:

 Now you have to come to the Facebook developer site again and copy the code of seconds from the code you generated.

Step 8: Layout

how to add Facebook page in Blogger

 After copying that code you will come back to the dashboard of the blog. Now you have to come to the layout and wherever you want to show your Facebook page on your blog, you will click on the ad gadget.

From here you will click on the plus icon next to the HTML/JavaScript  option. After this you will get two boxes. On the first box, give your Facebook page a name to like. And paste the copied code inside the second box and click save.

Your work is done, congratulations, your Facebook page has been successfully added to your blog


So in this way you can add your Facebook page inside your blogger blog and make your Facebook page popular and get more likes. In today’s post, we have given you information about how to add Facebook page to Website , hope you have successfully added your page inside the blog. Hope you liked our post how to add facebook fan page to Website /blogger Blog   and got to learn something from it. To get such interesting posts, subscribe to our blog and get the latest post first. See you on the next post with a new information until you leave.

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