How To Upload Blogger Template? Blogger templates Full information

how to upload blogger template? Full information

how to upload blogger template?

how to upload blogger template?If you want to know how to upload blogger template then today’s article is for you people, in this article today, you will know how you can also upload theme in blogger if you want to learn how to upload theme in blogger article.

Hello friends and welcome to your blog website Tec India Today’s article is related to our blog. In this article, we will know how to upload blogger templates. How to make money online , technology on this blog stories blog.

Blog Kya hai?

Some important information about the template

Whenever you step into the world of blogger, initially you do not know anything related to blogger. Let me tell you, a blog is a platform that gives you templates for free. But this is only right for your learning if you want to earn money from a blog or take approval of Google Adsense. So for this, the look of your blog should be very good, for this you need a good template which gives a very good look to your blog website, makes it beautiful. On the Internet you will find many such websites which provide templates for blogs for free. You can download a good template from the website available in the Internet. I will tell you step by step closely about how to upload it in Blogger. If you do not know where to download the templates for Blogger, then comment me, I will tell you which templates are better for you and which templates are better for you. So let’s go to today’s topic how to upload templates in Blog? Full information 2019.

how to upload blog template? Full information.

First of all you log in to your blog from your Gmail account and come to the direct block discboard.

Step 1

Here you have to go to the themed section.

Blogger templates

Step 2

You will see the option of Backup / Ristore directly in the hand, click on it.

If you want to keep the old template, you can download it by clicking on the option of download theme. So that you can use it again when needed.

Step 3

Here you will see the option of choose file, click on it, select your downloaded template and click on the red upload box.

how to upload blogger template? Blogger templates Full information 2019 - Tec India Sandeep.

Your template will be successfully uploaded to the blog.

Hopef you have successfully uploaded your desired template in Blogger.

Hope you find our post “how upload blogger template? Full information 2019.” Would have liked and learned something from it. Such interesting posts, technology, blogs, how to earn money online and stories related to the stories keep coming for you. If you have any question related to this article, then you can ask me in the comment. Thank you for your valuable time.

In today’s article, we have told you

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